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    Sharing Is Caring

    Design Blitz Findings

    For this week’s workload I decided to do this assignment last to allow myself more time to ponder what concepts I wanted to use and where I wanted to take my pictures. The concepts I chose were color, typography, balance, and proportion. For the color concept I …

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    I Hate…GIMP?

    GIF #2

    Google. The most popular search engine in the world. The question is, what do people Google on everyday basis? For this assignment I had to type in the phrase, “I hate…” followed by a letter of the alphabet. Some of the results were very strange. For example, in …

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    What Are the Chances

    GIF #1

    For our first GIF assignment I decided to base it off one of my favorite musicians, Chance the Rapper. The video I used is from the music video, May I Have This Dance by Francis and the Lights featuring Chance. I chose this video because most of Francis …

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    Who Done It?

    Design Assignment #5

    If you haven’t seen the TV show Riverdale and plan to, stop reading this post! Spoilers ahead!

    This assignment is based on designing your own suspect board. Coincidentally, this week I started watching the show Rivendale, which I used for my project. This show is about a …

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    Memory Lane

    Daily Create #4

    You know the feeling when you meet someone and you both just ‘click’? After that moment you know that the two of you are going to be good friends. Well that’s what happened to me and my friend, Jenna. Our story began when we were six years …

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    Stolen GIFs

    Design Assignment #3

    Around the Christmas season we all like to bake cookies, buy presents for one another, watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music. But what about Christmas books (other than The Night Before Christmas)? My childhood involved my family reading Dr. Suess’s classic, How the Grinch Stole …

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    Sorry Mom…

    Design Assignment #1

    Sorry mom, but I designed my first tattoo! I chose this assignment because I love tattoos in general and I’ve always wanted to design my own, but I’m not an artsy person. I also think that tattoos are a great way to express yourself and it’s a …

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    Vignelli Reflection

    I thought that The Vignelli Canon had insightful information. I learned new things such as, the three main principles of design, appropriateness, grids, and that the U.S. has 28 different paper sizes! What I enjoyed about this reading was that I could apply it to the layout of …

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    That’s All Folks (Part 1)

    Weekly Summary #1

    For me, the best word that describes my experiences this week would be, bittersweet. It started off as overwhelmingly stressful, just because at a glance there was a plethora of tasks that we had to accomplish.  The hardest part for me was setting up the blog itself. …

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    End of Bootcamp?

    Visual Storytelling Reflection

    For week 1 I did a total of 5 different visual storytelling assignments. These assignments included Shadow of Doubt (2.5 stars), Create GoT House (3 stars), Room Tour (3 stars), Bucket List (3.5 stars), and Spubble (1.5 stars).  Each assignment challenged me in different ways. For example, …

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    First Timer

    Commentary on Social Media & Blog

    There’s a first time for everything! This week I tested the waters with setting up all of the social media required and setting up my own domain. The social medias I had never used prior to this week were SoundCloud and Flickr. Once I …

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    Cherry On Top


    At the beginning of the week my friend and I went to a diner. While waiting for our fries I decided to play around with my phone camera. To my surprise it had a selective focus feature, so I tested it out and took a picture of our milkshakes.

    Little …

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    Tricks of the Trade

    Week 1 Tips

    This week we were required to have visuals for most of the required assignments. Throughout this time span I used many different websites such as, Aviary, BeFunky, Flickr, etc. All of these websites required these visuals. For each picture I tried to test the tips and tricks …

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    Visual Assignment #5

    The first year of college was quite the experience. It was such a different type of environment that my friends and I were open to almost any idea. It was around the time of our first college midterms, my friends and I were starting to feel the …

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    Dream List

    Visual Assignment #4

    Summer is the best season to fulfill bucket lists because many individuals travel and have more free time on their hands. My bucket list is extremely long, but here are a few of the things I want to do throughout my life…

    Go zorbing in New Zealand–Zorbing…
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    Room Raiders

    Visual Assignment #3

    A bedroom can tell a lot about a person and since this is introduction week I thought this would be a great assignment to do.  Below is a collage of my room, but since most of the pictures are small I’ll point out key items that I …

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    GoT Android?

    Visual Assignment #2

    Game of Thrones is a show loved by many, including myself. With Game of Thrones season 7 coming out soon what better way to prepare myself than doing this assignment and creating my own house.  The house I made was House Android. I decided to go with …

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    Shady Shadows

    Visual Assignment #1

    In all honesty when I take a picture (regardless of what it is) I always try to not incorporate shadows because for me, it can sometimes ruin a picture. Because of that particular reason I thought that the Shadow of Doubt assignment would be an interesting task …

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    Photo Scavanger Hunt


    The picture scavenger hunt took place in my beloved room. The reason I chose this as my scenery was because I have a plethora of objects in it. So I figured I was bound to have something that qualified to each photo description.

    I thought this experience was exciting, but …

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    Greetings to All!


    Welcome to PLUR! My blog PLUR, was created for the Digital Storytelling course, but since there are several people taking it I would just like to say hello!

    Saying hello to everyone that's part of #ds106 I hope everyone is having a great summer Can't wait to see what this …

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