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    Classroom Metaphor


    I created a metaphor about how I see myself as a teacher to preschool students. I feel that my experience as a dancer has helped me embrace the idea that we are all very unique. We all have different talents and abilities that deserve to be recognized and celebrated. I …

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    Outsider Looking in



    This week I was asked to keep an “attention journal” when ever I was online. This exercise was set up to help me become more aware of how “my mind-in combination with the Web-works”. Even though there was no wrong or right way to this exercise it was awkward …

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    More Daily Creates!




    Today I am taking advantage of being connected to the online world! It has been several days with very little internet access. Here are some more of my daily creates to share with you!

    You are going to be in BIG trouble mister. You hear me, No body …

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    Daily Creates Continued…


    I have to admit that I had the worst attitude about doing the daily creates. In a previous blog I referred to DS 106 as my nemesis. I have to admit my initial reaction to the daily creates could not have been more worng. In fact I have learned to …

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    Boating 101 coming to an end…



    If you followed my blog last week then you will know that I did not have the opportunity to do any Boat learning but….

    I am pleased to share that I did get some quality boating time in last night. After a week of fair and all day Saturday …

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    Am I Digitally Mindful???



    Am I digitally mindful?

    Being digitally mindful is something that I have been conscious about for a while now. I feel that technology plays a role in my life but I no longer let it control or consume me. I am very comfortable unplugging from my device and being …

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    Digital Activism


    Before this weeks assignment I had never heard the term “digital activism”. I really wasn’t sure what it meant at all. Which lead me to google it. Out of all the websites I scanned I felt like this site  gave me the best summary of what Digital Activism is and …

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    Headed to the County Fair!


    Are any of you wondering why I am starting off my Blog with this quote? Especially  since my Blog title is about heading to the County fair.. Please allow me to explain….

    This week I have put in ZERO hours towards my Independent Learning Project. YIKES! All my good intentions …

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    Daily Creates Week 2


    Here are a few of my daily creates this week:

    YoungMeNowMe #tdc1640

    What was your defining Moment? #tdc1639

    Becoming a mom…

    Draw the House You Grew up in #tdc#1630

    Into the sun #tdc 1629

    Create a hip Acroname for your neighborhood #1636


    Oh…Yeah… #tdc1641

    Have you heard ‘Audio Recording’ …

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    My first Youtube Video



    Last week I could not have imagined that I would have success in creating. I was very frustrated by the ds106 website and to be honest I was 100% confused about how it all worked. The problem wasn’t the site (even though I blamed it for being too confusing) …

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    Boat maintance…


    This week was pretty uneventful as far as driving the boat goes. We traveled for the Holiday weekend to Ogallala and spent some quality time with good friends on Lake McConahay. Lake McConahay was so busy, I am talking hundreds of boats operating at the same time. It was crazy! …

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    Digital Footprints


    The Challenges of Raising a Digital Native | Devorah Heitner, Ph.D. | TEDxNaperville



    I am starting off my blog post about digital citizenship with a TEDTalk. I feel like this is a very powerful talk that has helped give my some perspective on technology today and how kids …

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    What Does Google say about me?


    I have to admit that I have never “googled” myself before… So doing so tonight made me a little nervous. When I googled just my name two of my images showed up amongst a bunch of random strangers. My current Twitter profile picture popped up and an old Facebook profile …

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    Learning to Drive the Boat Take #3


    I am literally laughing right now, I just read over my blog post for week #2 and in that blog I made a comment that learning to pull a water skier would be easier then a tube… Well, I stand to be corrected. Pulling a skier is a little more …

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    ds106… My nemesis



    I have really struggled with understanding ds106 and the daily creates. For me I felt like the ds106 had too much information for an excited beginner. I was expecting the site to be different from what it is. I spent a lot of time scurrying the site for how …

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    Digital Stories and Podcasts


    Today I have been focusing on a word that ironically, I heard from a funeral I attended yesterday . The word is inspire. As I am looking at our assignment sheet and trying to collect my thoughts for what to blog about concerning digital storytelling and podcasts the word inspire …

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    Learning to drive the boat take #2


    This week was amazing! We had cabin full of friends,  family and a bunch of kids hanging out. (the photo above shows some of our visitors shoes)suppers at 10:00pm, smores around the campfire and lots of laughs. It is was fun to officially welcome summer while playing on the water.  …

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    I have to admit when I read over the assignments for the week I was a little intimidated by the abbreviation PLN and finding out what it meant. I slumped down in my comfy office chair and googled the term. The first sentence I read was “If you’ve never heard

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    What is the work you can’t not do?


    Scott Dinsmore: How to find work you love

    <iframe src=”https://embed-ssl.ted.com/talks/scott_dinsmore_how_to_find_work_you_love.html&#8221; width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen>

    During the TEDTALK Scott Dinsmore ends his talk with posing the question, “What is the work you can’t not do?”Hearing Scott’s message solidified for me that the choice I am making …

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    Learning to Drive a Boat!


    My husband and I have always had a dream of owning a cabin and a boat. Literally for years we have been purchasing items for a boat that didn’t exist. We would hit a Cabalas sale and make a purchase for the “someday” boat. Every once in a while I …

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    “Hack Schooling”


    As a current preschool teacher I feel that my job currently embraces the idea of hack schooling. I am always looking for fun, hands-on activities that I can use in my classroom that will keep my young learners engaged and learning. I personally feel that providing my students with real …

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    Digital Literacy


    After researching the topic of digital literacy, I realized that I didn’t have an appreciation or an understanding on what Digital Literacy means to me as a user of technology… My life is fully mobile. I literally have access to technology 24/7. I have to admit I don’t typically stop …

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    Life’s a dance you learn as you go….


    Life’s a dance you learn as you go…
    As I started brainstorming of what to write for this assignment I came to the realization that even though I am in my thirties I am still constantly learning. There are times life can be incredibly rewarding, full of happiness and laughter. …

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