1. cherishamari

    My spiral staircase


    “We are not going in circles, we are going upwards. The path is a spiral; we have already climbed many steps.”

    Hermann Hesse

    In some important ways, my life has unexpectedly taken a path that leaves me with a sensation that I’ve traveled full circle. I don’t view this as …

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    Hi, I’m Jessa, certified organizer, interior designer, & the founder of Serentopia!

    Deep inhale…& deep exhale. Attempting to create & maintain your ideal home environment can sometimes feel lonely & stressful. With the demands of modern day life, it’s highly unlikely that you have hour upon free hour to devote …

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    This website is intended to be a safe place. Please feel free to utilize this space to provide advice, support, personal antidotes, words of affirmation, as well as compassion for fellow users. Positive Vibes Only, is intended to be used to empower not just those searching for words of affirmation …

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    Week 8


    Thankfully this week is over, and luckily it wasn’t too horrible. Just finally glad we got the radio show done and out the way. I don’t have much to say this week, its been a tiresome one at the least. Untill next time. 10 more comments this week Radio show …

  5. cherishamari

    Horrible hosts (radio show)


    Here is our finished product the “Horrible Hosts” presents…. our theme was horror movies, everyone had to describe their perfect scary movie. For me it was a little hard seeing I hate scary movies. But it got done needless to say.…

  6. cherishamari

    This weeks daily creates


    This week we were asked to do at least 3 daily creates, below I have a short explanation of my daily creates. Daily create 1: We were asked to make a video telling a short story of something that is good for us. I chose listening to music while driving, …

  7. cherishamari

    Radio show progress part 2


    We finally got to the one assignment I’ve been dreading creating a radio show. At this point were just editing and combining everybodys piece together. Thankfully Michael took on that task, because it would be terrible if I did it. For us it was a little hard since none of …

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    More comments


    This week we were still asked to comment on at least 10 posts, and link those comments like last week. Assilemarim – “Radio show week 2” Gabbing Gabbi – “Weekly Summary Week 7” Almost a square -” A day in the life of a luckier version than me” Insane clown …

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    Week 7


    Hello guys, I think it is safe to say, I am doing slightly better if you’ve been following along. Thanks to everyone and their encouraging words, as of now I am convinced I’ll stick it out the rest of the semester. After all I’ve finished more than half of my …

  10. cherishamari

    Radio Show Promo


    We were asked to start desiging ideas for radio show promos, such as logos, posters, etc. Here was my first idea for a potential poster, I wanted to keeep it simple, I found a picture that looked like a creey “dead” town so to say, and used paint to add …

  11. cherishamari

    Comment, comment, comment


    I seriously need to be better at commenting on other’s work. I honestly forget to do it most of the time, and the couple of times we did I had no idea we were supposed to copy the link for it. So I guess technically, I’ll be starting over in …

  12. cherishamari

    Slow down turned disaster


    Music producer Nick Pittsinger slowed Bieber’s “U Smile” down 800% and the result was ethereal magic. Find a song to experiment with and slow it down to the point where it becomes an amazing piece of ambient music. If doing this with Audacity or any other non-linear digital editor, you’ll …

  13. cherishamari

    Possible Radio Bumper


    Now that we have a #ds106 radio up and running creating a 15 to 30 second bumper for the station. What is a bumper? It is a short recording that identifies the radio station with signature music or an expression that makes sure the listeners know what they are tuned …

  14. cherishamari

    Intruder Alert


    Most people don’t get to call 911, and you never get to call 911 unless it’s a true emergency. Well here’s your chance to “Call 911” and have some fun! Create a recording of how you think a 911 call would play out. It doesn’t have to be a real …

  15. cherishamari

    Radio show progress


    Well its safe to say, me and my fellow radio show hosts are playing twitter tag, along with email tag. I know regardless it will get done one way or another. We’re the “Horrible Hosts” thanks to Audrea we have a pretty cool logo. Hopefully soon we’ll get the ball …

  16. cherishamari

    Week 6


      Where to begin, if you haven’t noticed this weekly post is late. I ran into some problems with the blog site that just got resolved Monday morning thankfully. But just like week 5, week 6 was no better. I honestly seriously considered withdrawing from UMW and giving myself a …

  17. cherishamari

    Analyzing design through film


    I chose to watch Mario Bava’s Planet of the Vampires, which would never be my pick to personally watch; however it is required. Since this movie is from 1965 I can’t really compare it in aspect to the design of movies today. About a minute and 40 seconds into the …

  18. cherishamari

    Fresh start with graphic design


    This week we were asked to read and review “The Vignelli Canon” a booklet by Massimo Vignelli. I thought the little booklet offered great insight to graphic design, with me someone who knows little about. I really liked how he stated, “It is not the formula that prevents good design …

  19. cherishamari

    Week five or lack there of


    This week is definitely the worst to date. It is safe to say even the strongest people have breaking points. I a 20 year old junior in college working 45 hours a week on top of having a full time course load of classes. In the beginning of the semester …

  20. cherishamari

    Moon Graffiti


    Listening to “Moon Graffiti” allowed me to actually hear and understand the importance of audio. I really liked the combination of the different sounds in the beginning it sounded extremely realistic. The tone of their voices along with the background noise truly set the scene. As Johnathan began talking the …

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    We were asked to basically plan ahead and start brainstorming of ideas for our radioshow. Which seems easy enough right? Only catch you have to tailor it towards the theme and then tailor it to your blog. Seeing the main central theme is horror, its safe to say it needs …

  22. cherishamari

    The purpose of audio


    Audio in storytelling is what defines the audiences perspective so to say. It is how they can take something an interpret it into something else. The same with the audio in film/video especially audio in horror films. I really liked how they talked about the spacing in terms of audio …

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