1. @ChianeseCecilia

    Radio Show Week 2


    This week my group split up our segments of the show and recorded them on our own. When we finished our recording individual segments, my other two group members emailed me them along with their bumpers and commercials from the previous week. Once I had all the different parts I …

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    Week 7 Summary


    This week we started working our on radio show. To organize all of the radio show work I made a new page on my website labeled “midterm”. This is were I will upload all of my work related to the radio show.

    For my first assignment this week I …

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    Radio Show Week 1


    To start this week my group members and I started emailing each other to introduce ourselves and give some ideas we had for our radio show. We agreed upon a topic and then made a group chat using text as our way to communicate!


    On Monday we finalized …

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    bumper #1


    This week I made a bumper for my groups radio show. As mentioned we are doing our show on college advice so I made sure to add that in when I was recording. I used audacity to record myself and I got the background music from the free music archive

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    Gaining Publicity


    For our radio show, my group is talking about college advice. To promote our show I created a ds106 radio logo for our show. The topic is pretty laid back & its intended audience is young adults so I wanted the logo to reflect that. I used canva to design …

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    Week 6 Summary


    This week was all about design! (spoiler alert: this was definitely my favorite week so far!)

    Assignment Bank:

    To start off the week I completed 3 design assignments from the assignment bank. The first assignment I chose was to make a poster for a charity, real or fake, to make …

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    Design Blitz


    For my design blitz this week I took photos of items I see everyday. Before this assignment I had never given any thought to how they were designed or what their design meant.

    Photo 1: Color

    Color is said to create moods. This is a photo I have hanging in …

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    St. Olaf Runaway


    Assignment #2

    For my second assignment I decided to make a missing persons poster for a fictional tv/movie character. In my previous assignments I have said that my favorite tv show at the moment is Golden Girls, so to carry on that theme I made a missing persons poster for …

  9. @ChianeseCecilia

    Giving Back


    Assignment #1

    For this assignment I chose to make a poster for a charity, real or made up, to inform the public. I chose the charity “Fairy Godmother Project”, which is a real charity based in Fredericksburg. I wanted to make a poster for a real charity that was close …

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    Week 5 Summary


    This week we focused on audio. I have never worked with audio or audio making before so this week took a lot of learning. I wasn’t the biggest fan in the beginning of the week but by the end I had an appreciation for this form of story telling.

    To …

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    The Birds


    I tuned into the ds106 radio show on Wednesday night, were we listened and analyzed the movie The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. I had actually just watched this movie with my family over winter break so it was interesting for me to have a prior visual representation of the sounds …

  12. @ChianeseCecilia

    Just Thinking


    Some ideas I have for the radio show:

    Advice on college life for incoming freshman (how to stay positive) Talking about things in life that make us the happiest include ideas/activities others can try…
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    Guess the Song


    Audio Assignment #2

    For this assignment we had to choose one song that has been stuck in our head and hum it. I didn’t have any songs stuck in my head at the moment so I choose a pretty well know children’s song and hummed that instead! Can you guess …

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    All In This Together


    Audio Assignment #1

    For this assignment I had to take a soundtrack from a movie/musical and put the songs in a different order to see if they can create a new story. I chose the songs from High School Musical 1 and strung them together above. I am not really …

  15. @ChianeseCecilia

    Moon Graffiti


    When listening to a podcast or an audio story I think it is really important to use as much description as possible. The description used however can be in the form of background sounds, mood music, or someone physically desiring something using words. It helps the listener get a better …

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    Week 4 Summary


    This week was all about visually expressing yourself! The projects ranged from reading about photography to making our own photos through computer apps and programs.

    The first blog post I did this week was on my previous experience with photography. I was able to reflect on how I have grown …

  17. @ChianeseCecilia



    My photoblitz list is as follows:

    Take a photo showing the wide open space, the great outdoors. Make a photo containing stone, water and clouds. A shadow in a way that makes it difficult to identify the object A perfect line. Make a photo of interesting vertical, horizontal, or diagonal…
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    Daily Creates wk. 4


    2.1.22 My Yelp Review

    Living Room In My Family Home:
    slightly cold, the room could benefit from a higher heat setting. Food service is excellent, the chefs bring you any type of food or drink you want whenever you want. The other guests were in high school and were quite …

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    Flower Power


    ** two stars

    For this assignment we had to take a photo that was not as nice as it could be and make it nicer with some flowers. I chose to fix up this old haunted house and make it feel more homey with some landscaping! It doesn’t look so …

  20. @ChianeseCecilia

    Snow Pup


    *** two and a half stars

    For this assignment I had to take a dog doing something funny and turn it into a GIF. I found a video of a dog playing in the snow because of all snow we have been getting this season! …

  21. @ChianeseCecilia

    The Perfect Day


    *** three stars

    Setting: Spring – Early Summer

    9:00 am – wake up 9:15 am – get ready for the day 10:30 am – make coffee & organize my day 11:30 am – go out to lunch with my boyfriend 12:30 pm – go for a walk through town 2:00…

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