1. Christina Hendricks

    Number 2 as anvil


    In the episode of The Prisoner called “Hammer into Anvil,” Number 2 pretty much loses it by the end. One part that really intrigued me was when he was shown towards the end stroking the penny farthing. I’ve seen some suggestions online about what the penny farthing is all about …

  2. Christina Hendricks

    Pennyfarthing Drive


    When I was out doing my design blitz in the Village the other day I discovered that there is a street called Pennyfarthing Drive in the Village. Well, of course there is.


    Alternate version

    I also did a red version. I’m not sure which I like better.


  3. Christina Hendricks

    #prisoner106 Week 3 summary


    It’s an hour before our week 3 summary is due, I’m tired, and I didn’t do everything I was supposed to do this week. I wonder if they’ll turn off the electricity to my bungalow? Only allow me as much food as my meager credit units for this week can …

  4. Christina Hendricks

    How I came to the Village


    A belated video introduction to the Village philosopher for #prisoner106.

    The process

    This was a new one for me–it’s very simple, but I had never done a video that had both still images and moving video footage in it. Video is the one thing in #ds106 that I feel …

  5. Christina Hendricks

    Bob’s My Uncle!???


    Bernie (given name Bernice) has discovered she is a Burgeron.

    Bernie is of Dutch heritage. Her mother passed away shortly after childbirth. Her father found himself not able to care for her or her older brother and sister and left Holland for the United States with the children. Her father …

  6. Christina Hendricks

    Noir106 photo safari


    I’m participating as much as I have time to in #noir106, the ds106 iteration for this term, focused on noir writing, radio, film, etc. For week 3 (yeah, a couple of weeks ago…I’m behind) we were asked to do a noir photo safari:


    I kept meaning to do …

  7. Christina Hendricks

    Week 7: We Make Movies!



    Little Boo sailing boats in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris.

    Mama Boo here, back from many travels over the past few weeks. Little Boo and I spent three weeks in Europe, and then I went to the U.S. for another short trip. We’re finally all back, and it’s time for …

  8. Christina Hendricks

    Doggy Boo / updated


    We think we have found a photo of the Boos pet: Doggie-Boo

    Have you seen him? Can you find the source of this photo? Was it taken by our investigative reporter? or Aunty Sappy? Or Mama Boo herself?

    Reggy Burgeron hasn’t found the original owner of the photo of Doggie-Boo …

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