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    Final Summary.


    When reading that we had to tell a story using all of the elements we learned about in this class for our final, I immediately knew that I wanted to do mine on my Euro Trip with my sister from when I was 16. That trip still brings me so …

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    Memories and Moments.


    I thought I’d share my favorite memories and moments of my Euro trip through a casual sit down video, along with some terrible iPhone 4 quality pictures! Although the video is long, the stories are fun and entertaining, as that whole trip was so memorable.

    I made this video with …

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    Cliff Jumping in Dubrovnik, Croatia


    Last week, when I made the video about myself, I told you all the story of the time I went cliff jumping in Dubrovnik in Croatia. Well, I wanted to re-incorporate that in this story of my Euro Trip with my sister, since this was my proudest moment of the …

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    Don’t Forget to Send a Postcard!


    When traveling, it is always important to send your family and friends a postcard. It shows that you care about them, and are taking the time to write them a little something about your trip so far.

    Here are two postcards that are sendable (with some personal photos from my …

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    Euro Trip: Where Are We Going?


    I’m sixteen again, and getting ready to go to Europe for a month. My sister and I are going to see seven countries in a little over thirty days. What do I pack? How much stuff is to much! I’m just so excited I can’t contain myself. I’ve always wanted …

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    Summary for Week Four


    This week, we became familiar with video media. We learned about film making, and even got to make a few videos ourself. This week was the most enjoyable for me, as I got to put a lot of personal thought and detail into the videos.

    I focused on a four …

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    The Three Little Pigs.


    Earlier this week, I revised the nursery rhyme, The Three Little Pigs. I revised it so everyone has a happy ending, and that the story gives more of a hidden message to children. The pigs just assume that wolf is big and bad, and that he wants to eat them; …

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    Let’s Go Eagles!


    One skill that I have learned and exceeded in since entering college is cheerleading. I joined the club sports team my freshman year, and learned how to main base fairly quick. Since then, I have been on the competitive team for three years, and have competed three times in a …

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    Daisy, The Golden Retriever


    My dog, Daisy, is a four year old Golden Retriever. She is the sweetest, happiest, and most energetic pup I know. Although she is no longer a puppy, she will always be eight weeks old to me. She has many nicknames, from “pup”, to “buddy”, to “Daisy May”! She will …

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    Reflection on Film Making Videos


    The videos I focused on for film making were the “Kubrick// One-Point Perspective”, “Examples of Editing Techniques”, “Camera Angles and Techniques”, and “Hitchcock Loves Bikinis”.

    “Kubrick// One-Point Perspective” was a really cool montage of all of these famous shots and clips from different films, like the hallway scenes from The …

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    Summary of the End of Week 3


    It’s crazy to think that we are more than half way through this class now. Time is flying by! This week, we learned about sound, and how important it is in the world of media. I got to use my imagination in a whole new perspective with the assignments this …

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    Marilyn Monroe’s Story


    It is August 6, 1962. Marilyn is laying in a hospital bed, attached to a heart monitor that is finally beeping at a steady pace. She wakes up and is confused as to where she is. What happened last night? How is she alive right now?

    Will Marilyn live her …

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    Do You Want to go to the Dog Park?


    One of my favorite things to do when I’m home is spending time with my dog, Daisy. One of her favorite things to do is go to the dog park in our neighborhood. So using only sounds effects, I created a short audio of what it sounds like when taking …

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    The suspense of “Moon Graffiti”


    “Moon Graffiti” keeps you intrigued throughout the whole audio recording. I am not the biggest fan of audio recordings, unless it is music. I don’t even like audiobooks that much, because I would much rather read a book myself and imagine my own voices for the characters, and give the …

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    Summary of Midweek 3


    This week, we began learning about Audio Recordings. We looked at two clips by Jad Abumrad, a audio resources page that explained the editing and use of audio devices, listened to an audio story recording called “Moon Graffiti”, and created two daily creates.

    In my reflection post, you can read …

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    Audio Reflection


    I always knew music required a lot of audio work, however I never would have guessed a regular audio recording required the same amounts of work. When listening to audio recordings, I always just assumed they talked into a microphone and called it a day.

    As Jad Abumrad stated in …

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    Blast it with Pesticides!


    I was browsing the web for the perfect image for the contradiction creation assignment, when I came across the beautiful lavender field. I then started to think of something that would contradict this gorgeous image. I thought of this quote as pesticides are the main reason why flowers are disappearing …

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    Adopt, Don’t Shop


    The SPCA is a no kill animal rescue organization, that takes in all animals, helps nourish them back to health, and puts them up for adoption. There are so many animals without a home in the world, and I think it is important to help them in their time of …

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    Burgers and Workouts


    Being someone who works crazy hours every week, I am an advocate of eating unhealthy fast food, as I simply don’t have enough energy or time to cook my own meal. I am one who loves working out, however, this unhealthy diet doesn’t help. I thought of a funny phrase …

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    Week 2 Summary


    This week, we became familiar with design, and the use of Canva (as well as many other photo editing apps). We had to bring our question of the week to the design board, and create a book cover for the topic, as well as an alternative history photo as well. …

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    The Four Design Assignments


    For the four design assignments, I used canvas and the editor device on my macbook for all of the assignments, as for the assignments I chose, those seemed like the most beneficial to use.

    For the first assignment, I did the PSA poster assignment where we had to make a …

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    The “White Bombshell”


    Marilyn Monroe was iconically known as a “blonde bombshell” in her movie rolls, and always portrayed that name very well in the films. If she were to live her whole life out, I’m sure it would have eventually become the “white bombshell”, as she would have aged very gracefully, like …

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    Historical Fiction Novel of the Year!


    Many of those remember Marilyn Monroe as an iconic “sex symbol” of her generation (and still considered one today), but what if this triple-threat star hadn’t had her life taken from her at such a young age? What if she had lived out her days at a “blonde bombshell”? This …

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