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  1. christinerubel

    Week 2 Summary

    I worked very hard on this weeks assignments and I believe I did well on them. The GIFs gave me a lot of trouble because I have never done a GIF before. There was a lot of downloading, editing, frustration, and so on; but I finally finished them. I enjoyed the Design Assignments the most […]
  2. christinerubel

    AnimatedGIF Assignment: Highlight Reel

    “Create an animated GIF of a sports moment to be played over and over again. It doesn’t matter what sport, but make sure its a cool moment in that sport, which would belong on a highlight reel.” This is one of the five moments that the USA Woman’s Soccer team scored in the World Cup […]
  3. christinerubel

    Design Assignments: Dog It Out

    “Take a picture of your Dog, or any animal that you have. Then upload the picture to a any desired editor. Edit the picture to make it something unique and interesting.” I chose a picture of my parent’s cat! Her name is Sasha and she’s a little brat. I drew her holding a lollipop hoping […]
  4. christinerubel

    Design Assignments: Tattoos 4Life

    “Create a tattoo that can represent your personality type. Tell us about your tattooo, and what does it means to you. Each Color is unique, and can depict different mood. Use different effects and colors to represent the mood of your tattoo.” This tattoo is my favorite one that I’ve come up with. My tattoo […]
  5. christinerubel

    Design Assignment: This Assignment is Suspect!

    THE CASE OF THE MISSING BANANA! Suspect Board:  It all when down during lunch. Kevin just sat down to eat with Bob when they forgot to get drinks. Kevin and Bob turned around to grab their juice boxes out of their lunch boxes but when they turned back around, THE BANANA WAS GONE! In a panic they […]
  6. christinerubel

    Daily Create

    “What odds and ends give you pleasure? Make an ink drawing.” Some “odds and ends” that I like are furniture and wood! My fiance and I love doing DIY (do it yourself) projects and we are always looking for new things to create. The photo below is an ink (pen) drawing of a couch, chair, […]
  7. christinerubel


    Go USA!!! Working on #ds106 while watching the #WWCFinal! USA kicking butt with 4-0 in the first 24 minutes! — Christine Rubel (@ChristineRubel) July 5, 2015
  8. christinerubel

    The Vignelli Canon

    “As he says, “Creativity needs the support of knowledge to be able to perform at its best.”Vignelli did most of his work in the pre-Internet era, when graphic design meant ink on paper, so some of the information is not so relevant to our online environment, but the principles still stand” ( Massimo Vignelli definitely […]
  9. christinerubel

    DesignBlitz Reflection

    The CPSC106 class did a project called DesignBlitz. We had to take photos of four concepts and post them on our blog. My four concepts were typography, balance, proportion, and dominance. The following are my pictures and descriptions of their concepts. (My initial post link: )  This picture represents typography. If you notice the letters, they are […]
  10. christinerubel


    For our Design Blitz challenge, we had to carry our camera with us this week and take photos of objects, ads, signs, etc. that illustrate at least four concepts listed (one photo per concept). For my four concepts, I chose typography, balance, proportion, and dominance. The following is a link to my Flickr Design Blitz album: […]
  11. christinerubel

    My Very Own Spubble

    “… Grab a picture of yourself in which your body language, actions, gestures, etc. suggest one thing and then play off that using a speech bubble. Ideally the result would make people laugh…” I chose a picture of my engagement! (P.S.: I actually didn’t really even look at the ring until after I said yes […]
  12. christinerubel

    Week 1 Summery

    The first week of CPSC106 I made my first blog, Twitter, Flickr, and SoundCloud! I think I’m doing alright so far with all we have to do. There is a LOT of stuff to do in this class and I’m having trouble keeping up. I wish there was a clear outline/syllabus calendar on what we […]
  13. christinerubel

    Photo Safari Reflection

    My Photo Safari was a fun assignment. I took my photos in a Panera in Maryland. Since I don’t have Wifi in my new apartment this week, I decided to do it at Panera because they have free Wifi. The experience was fun but quick. The photos that worked for me best were the non-complicated […]
  14. christinerubel

    Photo Safari!

    For CPSC106, we had to do a Photo Safari. I chose to do it in Panera (because I don’t have Wifi in my new apartment yet). It was fun (although I got a couple weird looks) and I believe I got most pictures! I forgot to take the starting time picture because I was so […]
  15. christinerubel

    Daily Create

    Embed history of art in the everyday. In the spirit of Alexey Kondakov. Embed a famous painting in an everyday setting. @patlockley I have embed the painting Girl With A Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer ( into a picture I took of the beach and boardwalk in Virginia Beach, VA.
  16. christinerubel

    Daily Create

    Your favorite day with your best friend. Draw an image of the best place or thing to do with your best friend! My best friend would have to be my fiance Ryan! We love the outdoors so I drew a picture of us at the beach!
  17. christinerubel

    Daily Create

    A bad photo made better: Pick a terrible photo and draw it instead. For today’s Daily Create, I have chosen a picture of a butterfly! I shall recreate the bad picture and make it better.
  18. christinerubel

    Photo Visuals of Storytelling

    I love taking pictures. I want to capture all of life’s big events and small quirks. Recently I’ve been trying to limit my photo taking because I’ve taken hundreds of photos and I have no idea what to do with them. Using SnapChat is so much fun for me. I take pictures of everything, I’m […]
  19. christinerubel

    Daily Create!

    Today’s Daily Create assignment is “Silence is…” and to write a poem:   Haiku: Silence is a joy  Being able to take in  The sounds of nature.  Hear the birds chirping  The wind running through your hair  It is wondrous.  Appreciating  Sounds other than us people  Silence is splendid. 
  20. christinerubel

    Today’s Daily Create Assignment

    Today’s Daily Create Assignment is “Pick an Opening Line.”     I think I’ll choose a line under the topic Romantic (#17). #ds106 “She often stared out the window at the wide open land, wondering how she could fulfill that burning desire to explore the world outside of her comfort zone.”

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