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  1. christinerubel

    Hello DS106

    Hello everyone! I am excited to be apart of the #ds106 community! My name is Christine and, to be honest, technology hates me so this is going to be an interesting class. For making my accounts, YouTube was easy because I previously had a YouTube account with my personal email. For Twitter, Flickr, and SoundCloud … Continue reading Hello DS106
  2. christinerubel

    SoundCloud Intro

    My fiance and I love to listen to country and pop music normally. We like to mix it up a bit though, and when I came across this song, I had to show him. We think this song is a fun mix to T-Swift’s song Blank Space.
  3. christinerubel

    Flickr Intro

    by Christine here again! I made a Flickr account and added a couple random pictures! This is a picture of my fiance Ryan and I on our one year anniversary (back when we were dating)! He took me to ...
  4. christinerubel

    YouTube Intro

    Hello there! Christine here posting a YouTube video of my sister and I going on one of those crazy bungy sling rides down near Virginia Beach’s ocean front! Our Dad told us it would be fun … and it so was! If you ever get a chance to go on one, DO IT!
  5. christinerubel

    Twitter Intro

    Hey everyone! My name is Christine and this is my first time making a Twitter account! I hope I don’t get too addicted to it … I'm now taking CPSC106 and creating all sorts of accounts and learning a bunch already. #ds106 — Christine Rubel (@ChristineRubel) June 24, 2015

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