1. chronicwndrlst

    Final Project Summary


    For the past seven weeks, I’ve struggled with a topic to storify for my final project. My ideas have ranged from randomly simple (Gorillapod) to bewildering (DMV) to complex (Medicaid). Still, when I’ve tried to flush each of these out, nothing was sticking. During weeks …

  2. chronicwndrlst

    From Soil to Sand: A Sangria Recipe Story


    This is the journey of Strauss Behre, from soil to sand:

    Strauss Behre

    Strauss Behre grew up on a farm, surrounded by other berries just like him. In their early years,  after the flower stage, they were all green , but as they matured, they turned red. Strauss enjoyed being …

  3. chronicwndrlst

    Week 6 and 7 Summary


     I’m glad we had two weeks to complete the video assignments, because I need that time (and  more) to not only make sure I had all the necessary tools but that I also knew (or remembered) how to use them.  I did not realize until last week that I never …

  4. chronicwndrlst

    Sounds Like an Adventure


    The story I created is from the point of view of my loyal travel companion, Becki the backpack (see photos). Becki and I have been traveling together for a decade. This story is a forty-five second snapshot of a day in the life of Becki.

    …I sit patiently, and empty, …

  5. chronicwndrlst

    On SoundCloud Nine!


    I successfully created a new account on SoundCloud today. I also personalized my settings, using the same username (chronicwnderlst) and avatar that I have on this WordPress blog, so that they are connected. Prior to this DS106 class, I had not heard of SoundCloud. The only previous experience I had …

  6. chronicwndrlst

    Week 4 Summary


    I am a photo hoarder. I love to travel and I take lots of photos. An average day would yield over a hundred  new photos. After observing me snap photos of seemingly mundane things, someone once asked me, “Will you ever look at these photos again?” The answer to that …

  7. chronicwndrlst

    Beavers and Blossoms: A Design Safari


    Cherry blossoms sunrise photo trek by the Tidal Basin (April 1, 2010)

    This is my favorite time of the year in the D.C. area and I took the opportunity during this morning’s sunrise photo trek at the Tidal Basin to also complete the design safari assignment. One of the first …

  8. chronicwndrlst

    Week 3 Summary


    If only this week came with 14 days, I would have been better able to space out four incredible digital storytelling assignments with coast-to-coast client travel and managing a parent’s medical care. But I managed to complete the assignments while enjoying them too.

    I was in California most of the …

  9. chronicwndrlst

    Storify this: Gorillapod


    Across the Jefferson Memorial, on its first outing, for a sunrise cherry blossom photo trek (April 3, 2007)


    My first one came by mail quite unexpectedly, crossing the Atlantic in one of those foam envelopes. There was no special occasion to warrant it. Rather it was one of those …

  10. chronicwndrlst

    How did I get so lucky…


    …to work on a class assignment while at one of my favorite places in the world? Here’s me jumping for joy when I visited Joshua Tree National Park this week, for the first time in over a decade.

    Jumping for joy at Joshua Tree National Park

    I consider myself a …

  11. chronicwndrlst

    Week 2 Summary


    My blog is tumbling headlong into a history- and travel-themed rabbit hole! I love learning about history and cultures , two things that will always be incorporated into any travel I do. This week was busy as I was trying to catch up with assignments and familiarize myself with WordPress …

  12. chronicwndrlst

    got Aayuun Buh?


    This commercial still keeps me laughing five years after it originally aired.  The commercial follows a story approach as the character is depicted to be a subject matter expert on Alexander Hamilton through the use of visual elements. Audio elements, such the sound of a full mouth talking and the …

  13. chronicwndrlst

    Week 1 Summary


    What a (long!) week and part of it is my doing, given that I’m turning in my Week 1 assignments late. I’ve been in Twentynine Palms, CA all week, on business so my posts are 3 hours behind Eastern time.  Here’s a photo of a detour I took to see …

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