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  1. cifax

    Final Project Summary / DS106 Wrap-Up

    In my final project I used 4 different forms of media combining Audio, Video, Web, and Visual Assignments. Of my 6 assignments, 4 were assignments found in the assignment bank. They include Storytelling Within the Web (3.5 Stars), Wanted Poster (2.5 Stars), Sound Effects Story (3.5 Stars), and Movie Trailer Mashup (5 Stars). In addition, […]
  2. cifax

    The Bitter Taste of Honey (Final Project)

    In the luscious lands of the Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh has spent the past few years enjoying retirement after his many adventures and stay in the limelight. He has devoted his time to inspiring children in the gift of reading and creative writing. However, he has also been a longtime supporter of his […]
  3. cifax

    Part 6: Coming Full Circle

    For the final piece in my storyline, Winnie and The Bees showdown in an epic finale which tests the resolve of both parties stuck in their stubborn ways. Well…maybe not. Personally, I like to leave things a little open ended and let the reader do some interpretation. Therefore, this assignment gives a few visual clues […]
  4. cifax

    Part 5: Rounding the Troops

    In the second to last installment of Winnie’s great adventure we see him visiting some old friends before his final confrontation with the bees. For this assignment, I re-completed a project that I had done earlier this semester in the form of audio. Many may remember the Sound Effects Story which was a personal favorite […]
  5. cifax

    Part 4: Wanted

    In Part 4 of the saga, we edge ever closer to the climax and confrontation that has been looming. For this one, I ended up going with a Visual Assignment which I had not completed before in the WANTED poster assignment. With the tension building between Winnie and the bees over the honey crisis, things […]
  6. cifax

    Part 3: Making A Statement

    For part 3 of Winnie’s saga we see a more political and media savvy version of the pooh bear. I searched for quite a while to find an assignment that would fit the bill but in the end I decided to create something new. This was another jump into design assignments with my photo edited […]
  7. cifax

    Part 2: The Crisis

    The second part of Winnie’s journey involves a very serious crisis in the form of a web assignment. For this, I revisited Storytelling Within the Web and made a few edits to the front page of CNN. As you can tell, there this a worldwide honey crisis which has been brought on by the bees […]
  8. cifax

    Part One: The Endorser

    This is the first part of my final project! To begin my tale on Winnie the Pooh, I decided to be creative and make my own assignment to represent the narrative. For this design assignment, I came up with an Advertisement Using a Cartoon Character. Since the overall theme of my project follows Winnie the […]
  9. cifax

    Week 13 and 14 Summary

    As I’ve come to expect, the content from each week grows increasingly more difficult. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed some of the assignments this week through the use of remixing. It can be a very thin line in the world of remixes. While it is important to give the […]
  10. cifax

    Alan Goes On Vacation Remix

    This assignment was one of the most difficult I’ve done in quite a while. The Mash-up Assignment which is called “Where Should Alan Go on Vacation?” is completed using the web browser program Mozilla Popcorn. Having never used it before, there was a bit of a learning curve in completing this assignment. I started off […]
  11. cifax

    Creep on a movie scene [Remixed]: DS106-ersizing

    I started off on this assignment not knowing what to expect but eventually found it to be somewhat of a fun and interesting experience. I enjoyed taking a piece of content and making something completely random out of it. The Remix generator itself produces its fair share of great matches and equally dismal matches. In […]
  12. cifax

    Video Game Cover Mashup

    This week I created a mashup assignment called Video Game Cover Mashup. As a big fan of video games, I’ve always appreciated the artistic styling and designs that go into creating these games. I thought it would be a cool idea to mashup a few of the most iconic video game covers and create something […]
  13. cifax

    Will Smith Transformation

      For my final Mashup Assignment, I decided to venture into video after making the other two using photoshop. I went with an assignment called Actor Transformation which showed the transition of actors from earlier in their careers to the present day. I went with Will Smith who has been a Hollywood staple now for […]
  14. cifax

    Rocky Fight Club

    For my second mashup assignment, I decided to jump into the world of photoshop and complete a Movie Mashup in the form of a poster. I thought for quite a while on this one and made a mashup using Fight Club and the movie Rocky. While the plots of the two movies aren’t the same […]
  15. cifax

    Sports Bird Mashup

    For one of my Mashup Assignments, I chose to do Your Favorite Teams Mashup. Being a big sports fan this one was right up my alley, so I knew what I wanted to go with ahead of time. I decided to mashup my two favorite football teams, with one being the Philadelphia Eagles and the […]
  16. cifax

    Week 11 and 12 Summary

    These past two have definitely been a new and challenging experience. As with a lot of  computer related mediums I am a novice to video so I really had to learn from the ground up. I have used Windows Movie Maker in the past for a couple projects and assignments but that was using simple […]
  17. cifax

    Having a Conversation With Myself

    I’ll start off by saying that this was a very challenging assignment. I knew I could probably try and go with a webcam style conversation but I liked the idea of doing the split screen. The problem was I had literally no idea where to start.
  18. cifax

    Oh Officer Barbrady…

      In the TV show South Park there is a bit character called Officer Barbrady. He is officially the police chief in the town of South Park and is known as a bit of a ditz. While he has his moments of triumph he is better known for his stupidity. In looking at the assignment […]
  19. cifax

    Playing Through the Pain Mashup

      For this Sports Mashup, I wanted to go with something a little different than normal highlights with cool moves and awesome catches. I made a mashup involving some of the gutsiest performances in sports history. One of the worst things about sports is the terrible injuries which can occur. Sometimes their stingers which simply […]
  20. cifax

    My Daily Creates

    1) Sounds of Construction A tale of sounds around me, most of which are very unpleasant. For every bird singing and cricket chirping there is the sound of cement being made and saws slicing through steel. 2) No Flag, No Country For the flag of my country I went with a traditional and well known […]
  21. cifax


    I’ve never been one to really attach myself to a specific number but I do have an affinity for the number 5. Maybe it was the result of my middle school basketball number or taking too many AP courses in high school. Anyways, I decided it would fit well in the assignment Movies by Numbers. […]
  22. cifax

    Those Bleeping Idiots!

      The task of this assignment was to do your best FCC impression by censoring a movie scene/clip. I searched for quite a while on what movie to do because it had to have a few great scenes with a lot of cursing. I ended up settling on the movie Pineapple Express which I saw […]

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