1. cifax

    Chipmunks of the Dead


    After going through a few of the video assignments and weighing the difficulty levels and my inexperience, I decided it would be best to ease into these assignments. So, I started off by recreating a funny movie scene in the style of chipmunks. I personally can not stand the …

  2. cifax

    Week 10 Summary


    This week was a mixture of new and old with the introduction of video content. I have used Windows Movie Maker in the past to upload a few videos to Youtube so this medium isn’t completely foreign but it has been a while and I certainly needed a few pointers. …

  3. cifax

    300 (Behind the Scenes)


    After analyzing the camera and sound work on the movie 300, I did a little bit of research into how the film was shot and developed. I found a few interesting tidbits from the trivia link on the Imdb page. One of the most notable was the amount of cuts …

  4. cifax

    Staying A Step Ahead


    I like the idea of choosing a few assignments ahead of time and laying out the groundwork, especially when jumping into a new medium. Although I’ve had a little bit of experience with video making before, it has been a while and to plan ahead should be a great benefit.…

  5. cifax

    Castaway Zeugma


    My boat sank along with my dreams

    I washed up on shore and my body

    I then fished for cod and for ideas

    My only hop was to start a fire

    On the beach and in my heart.…

  6. cifax

    How-to Youtube Genres


    Having been a long time Youtube fan, I have come to notice that there are indeed many genres in this medium. It can be quite interesting because they are not immediately identifiable such as movie genres. One genre in particular that I have come to appreciate is how-to videos. These …

  7. cifax

    Radio Show Evaluations


    Listening to Mary Hauntington:

    I was very impressed with the radio show submission Mary Hauntington by the digieagles and thought they did a great job with their theme and content. The show as a whole had the feel of a legitimate radio show with seemless transition from story to story …

  8. cifax

    The Curse of Cursive


    My signature style has always been a mix between ongoing interpretation and straight up ineptitude. The first signatures I ever really took notice of were my parents’. My dad with a barely legible squiggle and my mom with relatively perfect print. I ended up choosing somewhere in between. A mixture …

  9. cifax

    Analyzing 300



    1. Camera Work

    In analyzing the camera work in this scene I watched it a few times both with and without audio. I must agree that without sound you gain a greater sense of movement both with the characters and the scene as a whole. I was then able …

  10. cifax

    Week 9 Summary


    Assignment Summary

    This week was great in learning and creating unique design principles. After getting through the audio assignments the past two weeks, I was glad to jump into design which is one of my favorite mediums. Although I don’t have photoshop, I have gained a great deal of comfort …

  11. cifax

    My Daily Creates


    1. Autumn Thirty Circles Challenge

    For this daily create, I went with an autumn theme that incorporates all the things we think about regarding the season. Whether they be the changing leaves, apple picking, birds flying south, or pumpkins we all have our own feelings on the change of seasons.…

  12. cifax

    Radio Commercial Tutorial


    For my tutorial, I decided to go back a week an discuss how to make a radio commercial. The first time I ever tried it I was a bit stumped but soon figured it out. Here’s a brief tutorial which may speed up the learning curve.

    1. Decided what content …

  13. cifax

    Honest Video Game Covers – Create An Assignment


    Do you think some video games are a bit untruthful in what they advertise? Redesign an existing video game cover that by changing the text/image can tell the honest truth about a video game.

       ***** This assignment is worth 3 Stars *****


  14. cifax

    Storytelling Within the Web – NYT Edition


    New Webpage

    When I first looked over this assignment and noticed the option to code I was a bit worried about how hard this would really be. However, after following the simple instructions on the Mozilla page, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of changing a web page. I …

  15. cifax

    Pinterest Dream Vacation



    My dream trip is to the islands of Indonesia. During my freshman year I took a class called Modern Indonesian History and loved the class and professor. Since then I have grown a fondness for the country and would be my dream vacation.

    Realistically, I think this trip could …

  16. cifax

    Week 7 and 8 Summary


    Assignment Summary

    This was a challenging two weeks in terms of audio assignments and group projects. I must admit that audio is not my favorite medium by it has grown on me. When, I first started using Audacity I was without a clue but since then I’ve grown fairly comfortable …

  17. cifax

    My Daily Creates


    1) Letterhead

    For this daily create, I used my skills from week 6 in typography to create a fairly good looking letterhead for a paper. Since this is a digital class, I wanted something that was fairly modern-esque and sleek and I like the end result.

    2) Evil Guinea Pig

  18. cifax

    Foley Sounds – Charlie Chaplin (1:30 – 2:00)



    When I first started off on this assignment, I was a bit nervous on how I would create sounds and properly match them with the film scene. However, I found it not to be that bad. After watching the video a few times, I identified 7 instances that could …

  19. cifax

    Picante Radio Commercial


    For my radio commercial, I decided to do an advert for the radio show itself. I came up with a few quips on why you should listen to the station and used a text-to-voice converter called Yakitome! in and English accent. In the background, I added a classic theme song …

  20. cifax

    Picante Radio Bumper



    For my contribution to the group’s radio bumper, I decided to go with a latin flair that accompanies our group name of Picante Radio. I followed most of the same steps as last time when I made the bumper for DS106 Radio. I found a song called Return of

  21. cifax

    Delicious Product Placement Ad


    For this assignment I was a bit unsure about what clip I should use because nothing came to mind at first. However, there is a show called Hawaii 5-0 that I used to watch and I remembered the often shameless product placement they would have on occasion. For the ad …

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