1. cifax

    Week 4 Summary


    This week was quite a challenge. After starting off by watching the videos on audio storytelling by Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad, I started to grasp what this week would be about and some of the things that would be in store. I thought listening to the radio stories was …

  2. cifax

    DS106 SFX Storytelling


    This was a pretty fun task. After getting to know Audacity in trying to make the radio bumper the storytelling assignment was a lot easier. I did have trouble thinking of a story to tell but I ended up doing a simple tale on fishing. The task of starting the …

  3. cifax

    DS106 Radio Bumper


    This was a tricky one. After downloading Audacity and getting down to business I encountered more than a few difficulties in splicing and overlaying words with music. However, with a little bit of work I figured it out. I wanted to go with something pretty chill so I chose a …

  4. cifax

    Listening to Stories


    Listen to Stories was probably the most fun I had working on this week’s assignment. I decided to listen to a collection of stories titled “Getting Away With It” in Episode 477 of This American Life. I figured this series would be intriguing from the prologue because of the absurd …

  5. cifax

    Listening to ds106radio


    So…for the past hour or so I’ve had ds106radio on in the background and it has been quite an interesting experience. It started off with a generic selection of music some of which was modern pop music and a few bits of techno. However, it soon transitioned to storytelling based …

  6. cifax

    Thoughts on About Audio Storytelling


    I found the discussion by Ira Glass to be extremely helpful regarding the concepts of storytelling and conveying them orally. He has not only a great penchant for storytelling but for teaching as well. The way in which he expressed some of the inner workings of storytelling and provided motivation …

  7. cifax

    Week 3 Summary


    Week 3 was fairly interesting task and one that was certainly anything but boring. I must say I did not really know what digital storytelling entailed before jumping into this week’s work. I have begun to realize the possibilities of such a unique brand of storytelling.

    Overall, I think this …

  8. cifax

    Empire Strikes Back – The Shape of Stories


    As I was thinking about the video by Kurt Vonnegut, a ton of movies came to mind that fit the standard narratives of start out happy, get in trouble, get out of trouble. This formula can be applied to a ton of blockbuster movies over the years. However, such a …

  9. cifax

    Story in 5 Photos



    When thinking about what I wanted to covey in my 5 Photo Story, I originally thought about doing something with a deep meaning such as a once busy factory transforming into an abandoned wasteland. However, I eventually decided to do something a little more simple and upbeat. The five …

  10. cifax

    Best of DS106


    In looking through some of the old DS106 storytelling posts I came across an animated movie poster by Michael Smith. The bright colors and picture of Cary Grant on the cover immediately caught my attention. The poster is of an Alfred Hitchcock film North by Northwest, which I happen to …

  11. cifax

    What is Storytelling?


    Storytelling can mean a million different things to a million different people. Its perhaps the most evocative and personal form of communication we have. Whether it be the history of the world, landmark novels, or an old family tale, storytelling is what binds us to what we experience in life. …

  12. cifax

    Daily Create Poem


    Zig and zag in the african sun
    Zebras go on a morning run
    Spring has finally gotten here
    Zip and Zap, mosquitos are near
    Sitting in a tree the leopards wait
    Zeal and cleverness determine their fate…

  13. cifax

    Daily Create Pythagorean Theorem





    My mathematical expression is the oldie but goodie, Pythagorean theorem which states that  on a right triangle




  14. cifax

    Weekly Summary #2



    Rachel: http://www.missbehavior.org/uncategorized/73/#comment-20

    Justin: http://www.justinhempe.com/blog/uncategorized/say-it-like-the-peanut-butter/#comment-17

    Amanda: http://www.amandamotley.com/uncategorized/gif/#comment-11

    This week was pretty big rise in terms of workload especially listening to the lectures by Wesch and Campbell. However, it was equally informative and help focus my blog a lot.

    My first challenge was coming up with an idea and putting it …

  15. cifax

    Thoughts on becoming Knowledgeable and Knowledge-able


    Professor Wesch brought up a list of very important and under appreciated points in his review on internet culture. First, I think he did a great job in utilizing media in trying to show how media can be used.

    Regarding the actual content of his speech, he summarized the power …

  16. cifax

    Thoughts on Cyberinfrastructure and Digital Facelifts


    To say the least, the short article by Campbell and his conference presentation were informative and thought-provoking. He makes a great case in his belief that educational institutions have not properly adapted and made use of the substantial increase in cyberinfrastructure and traffic. As college students we are preparing to …

  17. cifax

    The LoDown on the ds106zone LoDown 001


    In the podcast by Scott Lockman, I think he brought up some great points in regards to a daily radio segment and how to incorporate it in the the ds106 course. I think one of the major questions he brought up is how to create content and implement it in …

  18. cifax

    Say It Like The Peanut Butter



    The gif I created is from the movie Napoleon Dynamite which is a treasure trove of funny scenes and one liners. This scene in particular is from when Napoleon and Kip visit the local martial arts academy and are left fairly unimpressed. Napoleon Dynamite is the kind of movie …

  19. cifax

    Blog Update 8/31


    When choosing to redesign my blog I knew I wanted something rather minimalist to keep things as simple for me as it would for a reader. I went with the Editor theme which keeps things simple yet also provides bold lettering, allowing each post to pop out. I downloaded a …

  20. cifax

    New Accounts


    Here are a list of my social media accounts…

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/cifax434

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/fasertthanaslug1/

    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/cifax434

    Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/people/[email protected]/…

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