1. Claire

    Week 5 Summary!!!


    Holy Toledo!

    I can’t believe I’m posting my summary for my last week in the DS106 zone.  It definitely feels like it has been a lot longer than 5 weeks! I’ve done so much and I’ve come so far.  This class was sooooo much different than the other online class …

  2. Claire

    Would my Mailman Entertain This?


    So I’m going to the beach so I need to finish my daily creates for the week and today’s assignment was to: draw an enevelope that would make your mailman raise an eyebrow……ermmmm the only thing that makes me think of is innapropriate for the DS106 zone so I kind …

  3. Claire

    Jokes On You


    So I had to do one more star of remix assignments, but since finding a one star remix assignment is impossible I just decided to do one I thought would be fun.  I made sure not to work too hard so that it would only be equivalent to 1 star …

  4. Claire

    Me With Facial Hair


    So, for this week I used the ds106 remix machine for the first time, which basically takes an assignment and uses a remix card to make it a little bit different.

    I used the remix machine and came up with “Cartoon You [remix]: Stache it”  So basically what I had …

  5. Claire

    DS106 Final Audio Assignment!


    So this is my final audio assignment for DS106.  Since this is part of our final and a reflection on the class I left out the optional background track because I just wanted to focus on my thoughts on the class and I didn’t really think some silly instrumental would …

  6. Claire

    Sweet Dreams Without Me


    So to finish up this weeks mash up assignments I only needed 1/2 a star…and obviously there aren’t 1/2 star assignments. So instead I did the “youtube duet” assignment.  I really liked the example assignment and I wanted to get two songs that would really go together.

    I ultimately decided …

  7. Claire

    The Evolution of Shane Botwin


    So this week we had to do 5 stars worth of mashup assignments and I chose to do “A Changing Character” which shows the evolution of a character over time in a show.  I chose Shane Botwin from, Weeds, an 8 season Showtime show.

    He grows up a lot over …

  8. Claire

    Food Truckers


    So I need 1/2 a star of video for this week to complete my video stars and I also needed to create one last assignment for the DS106 zone….so I brainstormed and it hit me, why not make a video that I make all the time! A Vine!

    If you …

  9. Claire

    Survivor – DS106


    So for this assignment we were supposed to create a ‘survival’ video for someone.  So I decided to create a survival video for anyone who thinks they are tough enough to take the 5-week DS106 course along with having a real life! Here are some helpful (and slightly humorous) tips …

  10. Claire

    Week 4 Summary – Part 2


    So it’s the end of week 4 in the DS106 zone!  I really liked this week a lot and I really enjoyed doing the assignments for the video week.   I feel like I got a lot accomplished, but because of the way the week was structured I felt like I …

  11. Claire

    My High School Slide Show


    So for this assignment we were supposed to “relive high school” by creating a video with pictures/audio. I couldn’t find any videos or audio clips from high school, so I went through my old pictures and tried to find the ones that best describe what high school was like for …

  12. Claire

    Friday Night in 1 Second


    So for this assignment we were supposed to tell as much of a story as we could in 1 second! This is the story of my friday night in 1 second, can you figure out the rest of my night?

    The video this assignment was based off of showed amazing, …

  13. Claire

    Movie Scenes


    To this day my favorite films are the ones that I liked as a kid especially “Matilda,” “Harriet the Spy,” and “The Little Princess” (no surprise that these were also all books as well.)  I chose 3 scenes from these movies that really demonstrate why they are my favorite and …

  14. Claire

    Summary of Week 4 – Part 1


    So this week we had to summarize what we did from Sunday – Thursday (now).  Basically this week so far has been all blogging and the only real video assignment we produced ourselves was a montage of Twilight Zone episode clips representing what genre we thought a clip was.

    So …

  15. Claire

    The Golden Hour


    Today’s dailycreate was to take a picture during the golden hour aka the first hour past sunrise or sunset.  This picture was taken as the sun was rising on Rehoboth beach! 

  16. Claire



    Our final assignment for the first half of week 4 in the DS106 zone was to detail the pre-production of 2 more challenging video assignments.  For this we were supposed to have everything needed for production but for these assignments I wanted to use my friends, family, and personal camera …

  17. Claire

    The Genres of YouTube


    So this week we were supposed to check out the google doc for DS106 “The Genres of YouTube” and either add examples to an exsisting genre or create our own.  I was pleasently surprised at how funny/creative the genres were on the document especially: “Kids with Accents,” “Pranks,” and “Everyday …

  18. Claire

    Week 3 Summary


    There was a lot less due this week in DS106 because of our huge group project: create a half hour radio show.  This took up a tremendous amount of time and I appreciate Jim going easy on the other stuff.  I already wrote up a blog post about what I …

  19. Claire

    Da Radio Show


    Ya so this week was really challenging and in my opinion the most challenging week for me thus far in the DS106 zone.  That was because we had to make this half hour radio show…..which turned out to be a 20 minute radio show – ugh.

    I am taking this …

  20. Claire

    The Lowblow Lodown



    Jimothy Groom warned anyone who did a fake 911 call audio assignment to not listen to his LoDown 018. Hmph. He’s basically saying “definitely listen to this I’m talking shiiiii about you.” So ya, I obviously did.

    He started out the show with praise for all of the …

  21. Claire

    Ich Bin ein Berliner


    So this assignment was called “Make em Laugh” basically we were supposed to tell a joke in another language, lay a soundtrack, and add a laugh track.

    My parents lived in Germany so I had them help me pronounce this joke which translates to: “What do you call a pissed …

  22. Claire

    Claire Patrick 2013-06-09 18:45:50


    So, for this assignment we were supposed to read a poem and make it a story…. I found this short poem excerpt online dedicated to Rod Serling and his heart-throbiness and made a recording of it as part of my thoughts on his babe-ness. Difficulty: 1 1/2 stars, but I’m …

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