1. claraduparc

    Assertiveness & Leonard Nimoy


    I dreamt that the late Leonard Nimoy had got us the best seats at an amazing sports game somewhere which looked a bit like Las Vegas last night. I was with my son and husband and could see two enormous, Ghostbusters-era, CG, electrical-mega-tornado storms coming up in the distance behind …

  2. claraduparc

    Ten Myths About Writing for Kids



    There are a lot of misconceptions about writing for children, some amusing and some surprising. In order to create appealing works for both young readers and editors, writers need to be able to separate truth from fiction. Here’s a top ten list of some of the most prevalent …

  3. claraduparc

    Critique Terror


    The ‘critique group’ stage of writing stories is terrifying. Is my skin thick enough to survive this or will I end up feeling disappointed and panicky, in a crumpled heap of tears and aloe-infused tissues? Probably both.…

  4. claraduparc

    Running with the wind


    This was the windiest of all the windy days.

    He could no longer resist, his senses were overpowered and he took off, running with the wind. He rushed from the house, dashed across the road and tore through the hedge. He heard the brown paper rustling of the leaves in …

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