1. cloehr

    Week 11


    Another week down. Here’s the wrap-up:

    Make our agency present on the web:
    Headline Crime is officially in business. http://headlinecrime.christineloehr.org/Agency/
    Creating the subdomain was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. However, Scott and I are still working out the kinks of our website and advancing …

  2. cloehr

    Umbrella Photo


    Today’s Daily Create was to take a photo with an umbrella. I used an interesting angle and utilized natural lighting to make this photo look kind of abstract. Here it is:

  3. cloehr

    Greetings From Scotland


    The assignment guidelines can be found here. This design assignment is worth 2 and 1/2 stars.

    The postcard I made is from a place that I want to be right now. My family lives in Scotland and I haven’t seen them in so long! I would love to go visit …

  4. cloehr

    A Video Show This Week?


    Bet you guys didn’t expect to see one of these this week. Thanks to the graciousness and understanding of head agents Groom, Bond, Black and Burtis, my team was given an extension on our video show. Jota, Johnny, and I didn’t have schedules that worked well together last week and …

  5. cloehr



    An assignment I decided to do this week was to create a hybrid animal. I decided to mix Scott’s favorite animal, a dog, my favorite animal, an elephant, and another animal that I think portrays the mixing of Scott and I’s very different personalities, a zebra. The zebra’s black and …

  6. cloehr

    Dream Vacation: Brazil


    I decided to complete this assignment because I love to travel and I love Pinterest! This assignment is called “Create Your Dream Vacation On Pinterest!” and it’s worth 3 stars. The details of the assignment can be found here.

    This was easy for me to do since I am so …

  7. cloehr

    The Beginning of “Headline Crime”


    This assignment was completed to give you guys a little background about how Scott and I formed this agency. You can find the guidelines for this assignment here. This assignment is worth 2 stars and is a web assignment.

    Using the Storify program was very easy! I was surprised that …

  8. cloehr



    Today’s Daily Create was to save Noddy from the dumpster. After saving him, he hungout with his Stepbrothers.

  9. cloehr

    Final Unit Decision


    For the Final Unit of DS106, I decided to work in a group. I’ll be working with Scott Brinkmann! Scott and I have gotten to know each other pretty well over the past few weeks and I’m excited to do some work with him.

    Although we haven’t been given a …

  10. cloehr



    One of the big assignments this week was to do an interview with the four agents of Noir 106. Since they are so busy, we had to do this all online. I randomly selected questions and put my responses with them. Here’s my interview with Bond, Burtis, Black, and Groom. …

  11. cloehr

    Week 2 Video Show


    Week 2 on our video and we encountered a small problem. We were supposed to shoot the video this week but none of us could meet up this week to finish the task. Weddings, work, internships, classes, and varsity sports practices all got in our way this week. Luckily for …

  12. cloehr

    I made art


    Today’s Daily Create was really fun! The task was to make a piece of art (dammit) with our fingerprint. I immediately thought of my childhood and how we would always do little things with our thumbprints. So, I colored my thumbs with markers and then made a caterpillar out of …

  13. cloehr

    Motivational Poster


    Today’s Daily Create was to make a motivational poster. However, the words that accompanied the picture needed to be our own words. I took a picture of my team after a big win last season and added some encouraging words. There will never be an “I” in “team” and a …

  14. cloehr

    15 (30) Second Batman


    Today’s Daily Create was to create a drawing of Batman in 15 seconds…this was really hard. I’m a terrible drawer. This took me longer than 15 seconds (sorry I cheated).

  15. cloehr

    Video Essay


    This week, our first video assignment was to make a video essay analyzing a scene from the movie we watched this week. I did my essay on a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Notorious.”

    After reading “How To Read A Movie,” I watched 3 videos explaining some more in-depth things. The …

  16. cloehr

    Video Show Plan


    For this week and next week, Landon Epperly, Jack Eaton, and I chose to do option 2 and make a video show with our characters. We will be continuing the story that we started with our radio show. (if you haven’t listened to it, you really should…just sayin’). Here’s our …

  17. cloehr

    Radio Show Listen & Tweet Along


    This week I listened to the radio shows that aired Thursday night. They were “Dinner Party At 6″ and “The Noir Buzz.”

    “Dinner Party At 6″
    This show was based off of the idea of the game and the movie “Clue.” As soon as I figured out that it was, …

  18. cloehr

    Radio Show Final Reflection


    Wow is it already over? It seems like so much work was squished into so little time!

    I loved doing the radio show. My group was fun, focused, and wanted to make it really good. I think it was really beneficial for us to create our group early and start …

  19. cloehr

    Arty Blur Photo


    Today’s Daily Create was to create an “Arty Blur Photo.” This was a pretty simple task, but I wasn’t sure what would look good as a blurry photo (bc pictures aren’t supposed to be blurry). I began by thinking about lighting. The lighting in a photo can determine a lot …

  20. cloehr

    Mail Art


    Today’s Daily Create was to make a piece of art out of mail. Although mine is simple, I liked the meaning I had behind it. I had these thank you cards from different friends hung up in my room. A lot of the time, it’s really easy for me to …

  21. cloehr

    Final Inspiration



    I really liked Brian’s post because of how much he focused on simplicity. He designed one simple image to go along with all of his assignments for the week. I like how he plans to bring everything together through one …

  22. cloehr

    Another Inspiration


    Here is the inspiration post!

    I really loved this post because it made me think about the differences between digital and non-digital art. I’ve gotten very wrapped up in making everything digital and haven’t been paying attention to the things that I can physically touch and see around me. I …

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