1. cloehr

    Data Of The Dead (As Lena Meyers)


    This is the writing assignment “Data of the Dead” written from the position of my noir character of the week, Lena Meyers.

    I’d like to think that I would be remembered well. I hope to be remembered by my family, friends, classmates, young kids I work with, and running …

  2. cloehr

    Remember that time I was in a textbook?


    Christine Loehr graduated from Grassfield High School in Chesapeake, Virginia in June 2013. She was set to attend the University of Mary Washington in the upcoming fall. Christine attended Mary Washington for four years while playing field hockey for the school and studying biology. After her graduation in the spring …

  3. cloehr

    Haiku Recipe


    This is a haiku about my favorite timeless sandwich. How to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly:

    Who doesn’t love it?
    You know, a PB and J
    So simple and good

    Use your bread of choice
    Take out two of the slices
    Put them on a plate

    Then comes the …

  4. cloehr

    How does that ending go?


    This is an alternate ending I wrote for the the story “The Pig Farmer’s Burden” by Darren Guest. The full story can be read at this link: http://shenandoahliterary.org/641/2014/08/15/the-pig-farmers-burden/

    I pick up just towards the end of the story. Enjoy!


    “Lloyd backed up and stood in front of his screen …

  5. cloehr

    Now Introducing… Lena


    My character for the week is named Alena Klara Meyers (aka, Lena). She was born on December 7th, 1991 in Windsor, NY. She is currently a veterinarian student studying at Cornell University. Although originally born one hour away from Cornell in Windsor, NY, her parents have since moved to Scotland …

  6. cloehr

    The Daily Create


    Here is the link to The Daily Create I did today (Jan. 23, 2015):

    I’m also putting on here the video that is the idea behind today’s Daily Create so it’s easy to access:

    You never think about how much your eye is really used for in day-to-day life. I …

  7. cloehr

    The Daily Create


    Well this post was supposed to happen yesterday but there was an issue with my Sound Cloud account and I couldn’t add my recording to the group. I’ll still do three other Daily Creates just in case this isn’t acceptable. But hey, I made this so why not post it …

  8. cloehr

    Week One of DS106


    Well it’s Sunday, so the first week of DS106 is officially coming to an end!

    This week I learned about what noir actually is. I had always known about what characteristics classified something as “noir” but I just didn’t know it. I never knew that the specific features actually came …

  9. cloehr

    Noir Example: Carmen Jones


    After thinking long and hard about what example of Noir I could use, I kept coming back to just one idea. I had the thought of the early 2000s computer game “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” stuck in my head. So, naturally, I turn to Google to see …

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