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    August & September Update


    August: Bronchitis in Bolivia

    Oh August, thank you for welcoming me into this month with a nice dose of Bronchitis. What I thought was just a small cough and sore throat at the start of the month quickly developed into what I later found out was some intense bronchitis. Although …

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    Copacabana and Lake Titicaca


    Bolivia has a lot of different holidays that we usually get work off for. One of these such holidays was on the 17th of July and had the day off. Because of this, my gringa coworkers thought it would be fun to take all of Sunday the 16th to visit …

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    July Update


    This month has been an amazing and exciting time of learning, adjusting, and exploring. I’ve felt so cared for by my new coworkers and fast friends I’ve made here already. I’m still in shock that this gets to be my life; living and working in a new and exciting country …

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    My Go Fund Me!


    My fundraising profile is now up and ready to view! I will have it linked below and there is more information there about what the money will be used for and what I will be doing for my job in Bolivia. Please leave comments or contact me via email or …

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    What is this blog?


    Hello and welcome to the beginning of my adventure of blogging about my life for the next year! As many of you may know (since you are most likely family and friends wanting to follow my journey), in July I will be moving to La Paz, Bolivia to become the …

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    Week 4 Summary


    This week was really fun! I really love photography and exploring new was of creating stories with my photos. I found the tips in the different readings we had to do this week really to the point and helpful and I think I learned a lot this week!

    Reflecting on …

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    My Daily Essentials


    This photo of my purse shows all the most important items I carry around with me each day. The biggest item is my wallet which carries almost all the most important stuff like my license, my school ID, my debit card and any cash I’m carrying around. The next biggest …

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    Favorite Vacation Destination


    My all time favorite place to go is Half Moon Bay, California. It is one of the cutest towns and most beautiful chilly beaches you will ever go to. To create this collage I just grabbed a few images off of google and used the pic stitch app to put …

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    Color Changer


    I took this picture today with my girlfriend at the river by our school and I thought it would be really fun to mess with the colors. I used an app called afterlight and messed with the color hues until I liked how it looked.

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    My Favorite Animal


    For this assignment I decided to make a collage of my favorite animal: the Fennec Fox. I just took four pictures off of google images and used the app called pic stitch to put all the images together in a collage. Hope you enjoy these adorable little animals!!

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    Sometimes at Night…


    Sometimes at night…when I’m really tired…and can’t sleep…my feelings change…and…my face changes. I can’t really explain it, but I just become abnormally happy. All the stress of the day seems to disappear. The only problem is…all I remember of the night…is that calm feeling…but sometimes…I wake up in the morning…and …

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    Visuals of Storytelling


    As a high school student I took two different photography classes and I’ve always been interested in photography as a kind of hobby. My senior year of high school our building was very old and we still had a dark room in the art department. That set off my enjoyment …

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    “The Ring”


    Last night, in a show of great friendship and support, my group of friends decided to join me in a movie night to watch “The Ring”. I was not excited at all to watch this movie and was very  vocal about it, but as soon as my friends brought the …

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    Week 3 Summary


    I felt a lot more relaxed about the course this week. I think I have almost found my bearings online and have a better handle on my time and the assignments.

    I started out in this course as not a big fan of horror, and I can still say that …

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    Vonnegut on the Shape of Stories


    I really enjoyed this video and thought Vonnegut was hilarious! I think it’s really interesting to connect his ideas about stories to “The Lottery” story that we had to read this week. That story seems to defy all of Vonnegut’s shapes of stories. It starts out a little above average …

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    Reading and Viewing Horror: My Struggle


    This week’s content assignments were new and interesting to me. I started out by doing the readings (I read the Poe story myself along with viewing the video). I found these readings fascinating, not only for their content, but also because of how they sharply contrasted each other.

    I had …

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    Hello World


    Daddy never loved me. He told me I killed mama when I was born. Every day he told me he missed her, and he’d never loved me. “You were a mistake anyways,” he’d say. It made me sad. One day daddy kicked me so hard I bled too. I thought …

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    Famous Last Words


    I like this assignment, but instead of doing my last words I would like to tell the story of my great aunt Maggie’s last words.

    My aunt Maggie passed away this past year from complications with cancer. My family was unable to be there with her at the end because …

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    A Loss Suffered Through Technology


    When I was a little kid, I didn’t have much technology around me. I mean it was the late 90’s/early 2000’s so there wasn’t much technology around yet, but the crowning jewel of my home at the age of five was our television. I would sit in front of that …

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    Week 2 Summary


    This week was a little less stressful and a little more fun for me! I think having a lot of choices in what I was able to create really helped me in succeeding in doing some of these assignments.

    Watch and Respond: I was really upset at first about having …

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    An Almost Tragic Kerffufle



    Once there was a girl, minding her own business, just walking. She was determined to reach her destination. She only looked forward. All of a …

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    After viewing the three short episodes all about possessed dolls I was highly disturbed for a verity of reasons. First of all, inanimate objects having a life of their own is already creepy but for some reason dolls just make it ten times worse. “Living Doll” from Twilight Zone was …

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    Bucket List Collage


    These are a few of the most important things on my bucket list. I have always wanted to visit Ireland and I am so excited because I will be studying abroad there in the spring!! I also have been to almost all fifty states except for Hawaii and Alaska so …

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    Haiku about Haikus


    My dad loves to write.

    Feelings flow out easily.

    Haiku form of choice.


    First child goes to school.

    Haiku soothes parental wound.

    His mark is left here:


    “Bards apology

    He has more feeling than skill

    Haiku is blunt tool”…

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    Weekly Summary


    This week has been interesting. Aside from the fact that it is the first real week of school trying to get through this ds106 boot camp has been a challenge! I would not say that I am one who is very gifted with technology and on top of that I …

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    Welcome to Ms Clara Hope! I hope you enjoy my web creations. Here’s an intro into my quirky (and sometimes scary) college life!!

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