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    Twas Grooms Doom


    The case in Bonnieville, Ky

    This week No Stain No Problem got called out to another small town called Bonnieville, KY, pop 257. Going to all of these small towns is starting to get annoying. I still miss the big city. All of the lights and noises can not be …

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    Why does this cat keep showing up- week 12


    The case in Harrison

    Getting all of these calls that could be possible cases for me to solve is kind of a bummer. I see a whole bunch of evidence that I could use to find the killers at these murders, but I signed up for this job and boy …

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    Week 11 Daily Creates


    My first daily create this week was a happy birthday wish to Maggie Black. I created this using a template from word and added a noir cat to make this more ds106.

    My second daily create was to take a photo of umbrella art. I got the idea that umbrellas …

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    No Stain No Problem todo


    So do you want to know what goes on at the No Stain No Problem? Well here is one days todo list in which is a pretty normal day. Although I can not say legally that any of this actually happened but let me say that we will not be …

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    Buy Blood Be Gone


    Watch out! If you purchase blood stain remover from any other company except for No Stain No Problem your eyes will fall out, your toes will shrivel into your body, then your head will explode into a million pieces. So I will leave it up to you, either buy an …

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    Which Character Are You In Noir Not The Father


    For this web assignment I created a quiz on uquiz.com. This quiz is all about finding out who you are most related to on the show I was apart of on Noir Not the Father. The coolest person to get would be Micheal Bretton but there are a couple other …

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    My Resume


    For my first assignment this week I made my resume for three stars. I used Microsoft word and I got to tell you it is damn hard to make a resume when you have been working for the same organization for over 30 years. The only experience I have is …

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    Agency Decision


    I have come in contact with Blair Morgan, Stella Vaughn, Billy Steel, and Jack Sadler and we have decided to become and agency.…

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    Burtis Interviewing Ol Mick


    First off my video uploaded to my normal account not the one I use for ds106 so make sure you don’t try to go to my you tube account cause you wont be able to find the video and secondly I used a movie editor app that didn’t tell me …

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    Week 10 Daily Creates


    My first daily create  was to create a drawing of Batman. As you can see I am not the most artistic person in the world but I think you can at least tell it is Batman. I uploaded it to flickr and you can see the finished product below.

    My …

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    Noir Not the Father: The Reunion (2nd week progress)


    This week my friends from the radio show Noir Not the Father got together to shoot our video show of Noir Not the Father: The Reunion. Making this video was definitely an experience. We got together in the DKC studio and filmed our show in front of a green screen. …

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    Not A Video Essay


    I must apologize for this but I could not get my computer to work for the video essay, it kept freezing and restarted it twice when I tried to download 4k video downloader. so I am going to have to rely on this post for my applying new knowledge video …

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    Wrapping Up Week 9


    My review of the radio show Get A Clue


    My final reflection on Noir not the father


    My daily creates


    My video essay (I apologize for the poor work)


    Week one planning of Noir Not the Father: The Reunion


    link to my character category


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    Week 1 of Noir Not the Father: The Reunion


    This week I met with the same group of people that I did my radio show with. We decided to make a video show of the same concept as Noir Not the Father. After discussing for a little bit we decided to make a show about our characters getting back …

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    Final Noir Not the Father Reflection


    Listening to Noir Not the Father live on ds106radio was an awesome experience! I enjoyed it because my group put in so much effort and it was nice hearing our finished product. I also liked being on twitter when our show was being aired and seeing everyone’s thoughts on what …

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    Week 9 Daily Creates


    My first daily create this week I had to make and record an audio of a poem about how I feel about rain. I did not have a chance the day before to make the poem so I had to do both for this daily create. I recorded directly to …

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    Get A Clue Review


    This was a very well put together radio show.  Every characters dialogue was amazing. They each told there stories so well and the background music for each person made it much more interesting to listen too. I really like how this show brought me in and made me think about …

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    Wrapping Up Week 8


    Radio Show Review


    My four inspires





    11 stars worth of assignments





    Micheal “Ol Mick” Bretton’s gmail and twitter

    [email protected]


    My ten comments











    My daily creates


    This week of work …

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    Ol Mick’s Trip to see Ava Harlowe- 1 1/2 stars


    Ava Harlowe and Ol Mick Bretton have been good friends since they were kids. Mick decides to surprise Ava in Los Angeles. His trip starts in Atlanta and Mick hits a few road bumps along the way.

    Mick arrives in Houston, TX after about 11 hours of driving. He gets …

  20. cmattes2

    Valentines Day Card from Ol Mick to Blair- 3 stars


    For this assignment I had to create a funny valentines day card. I recalled that during my radio show mine and  Mia Boleis’s characters flirted. So I came up with the idea of Micheal Bretton asking out Blair. This scenario works because Ol Mick is a detective and Blair is …

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    Warning Poster Assignment- 3 stars


    For this assignment Brian Burns and I got together and worked on a visual assignment. This assignment was to create a warning poster for something dangerous. Burns character is Billy Steel who is a vigilante and my character (Micheal Bretton) is a detective. We discussed what we could do for …

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    Week 8 Daily Creates


    My first daily create for this week was to make a collage of pictures for different sides of me. The picture on the top left is me jumping on my bed which is what I do sometimes when I am bored. The one on the bottom left is me at …

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    maNOIRpulators Review


    On Wednesday night I listened to maNOIRpulators. This was a great show and I was blown away by how good the sound effects were the entire show. The rainstorm and windshield wipers that opened up the show made for a great entrance and drew me in. The footprints were also …

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