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    The way I made the commercial is the same way I made the bumper. I started by recording the speaking part of the commercial.

    I then added the sound clip that I got from this website. I shifted the voice audio to the middle of the sound clip which allowed …

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    Radio Show Reflection


    How did your group go about choosing a theme and organizing itself?

    Our group used Canvas discussions to share ideas and organize our show. The theme, Wacky History, was chosen after everyone agreed that it would be a fun and interesting theme.

    What was the easiest/hardest part of working as…
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    Show Bumper


    This is the bumper I made for our radio show. I used Audacity to make and edit the bumper.

    I first recorded the audio of myself talking.

    Next, I found the sound effect clip I wanted to use. I found it on this website. I imported the sound clip to …

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    Daily Creates


    Tuesday, October 13: One Word

    “Find a favorite quote or poem. Pull one word out of it. Create a new poem with just that word”

    The quote I used for inspiration is this one and the word I pulled out of it was flaws.


    @ds106dc #tdc1374 One …

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    Help Make Me Famous!


    This assignment worth 2 stars was one of the most fun assignments I’ve done so far. I first had to find a Craigslist ad that would be the basis of my audio recording. Browsing through the different ads posted on Craigslist was a very interesting process.  The ad I chose …

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    Guess The Backwards Track



    1: TV Show theme song

    2: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross

    3: Central Perk


    For this audio assignment, worth 3 stars, we had to reverse the music for an audio file. I started by finding the audio clip on YouTube and downloading it. I then uploaded …

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    The Vignelli Canon Reflection


    Reading The Vignelli Canon gave me new insight and knowledge into the world of design and the essential elements to it. He starts by talking about the three most important design aspects to him which are semantics, syntactic and pragmatic. He goes through and explains why each one of these …

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    Design Blitz



    Apart from the sticker on the cover, the colors catch your attention. There are a lot of colors but they all go together and the title of the book, “Macroeconomics” is written in a thin black font to stand out from the other colors on the cover.


    This …

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    Love At First Shot


    March 19, 2012

    We were celebrating 4 years of being together. He planned an extravagant cruise ship  getaway for  just the two of us. After lunch we walked out onto the bow of the ship where there was no one else around so we could be alone. He held my …

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    Radio Show


    This week’s group work on our radio show consisted of us creating a logo for our show. The name we chose was Wacky History and Rachel created a logo.

    The kind of show we decided to do was to each have a separate segment talking about a specific item.…

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    Let’s Duel


    Having to design a movie trading card (4 stars) I decided to use inspiration from one of my favorite movies, Forrest Gump.

    I started by gathering my images from Google. First I got a template of a blank Pokemon card and found the picture from the movie that I wanted …

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    Admit it, you did it


    For this digital assignment, we had to make a suspect board(3.5 stars). 

    To create my suspect board I used Pixlr.com because it is very similar to photoshop. All of the images used were found on Google(except for the photo of my mom and I) and I added them each …

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    Call When Needed


    Although I do not have any services to offer at the moment, I have created a business card (2 stars)  for the time when I do need one.

    The original assignment says to use Photoshop but I don’t have access to that so I used Pixlr.com which is essentially the …

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    Always on the Move!


    For my second digital assignment, I designed my own license plate(2 stars). The license plate I created reads ‘Ready to Go’ but I wrote it in the style you’d usually see a phrase written on a license plate.


    I went to Google to find a website that would …

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    DS106 Post Secret


    As a lover and avid reader of PostSecret.com I was excited to see this as one of the design assignments.

    The assignment, worth 2 stars tells us to create a DS106 Post Secret card. Knowing the typical style of Post Secret cards, I started with two separate photos and …

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    Daily Creates


    September 29, 2015

    Draw Something You Bought Today

    Having been battling a cold for the past few days the only thing I bought today was some medicine. The photo I drew was inspired by my box of DayQuil and  I used Microsoft Paint to create this image.

    @ds106dc #tdc1360 #ds106

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    Weekly Summary 5


    This week’s photography assignments were fun. Starting with the 3 visual assignments I did, I chose Apophenia9 Lives, and Bucket List. Those were all very interesting to do.

    The daily creates for this week were interesting and mine can be found here.

    I just recently …

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    Just a Little Imagination


    For the assignment Apophenia(3.5 stars) we were instructed to imagine different versions of everyday item. Being that I did this assignment at my desk, the first thing I found was a pen.

    This is the original photo I used before letting my imagination transform something so boring into something …

  19. cmoton18

    Like A Cat


    This assignment was such a fun trip down memory lane. The prompt, called 9 Lives(2 stars) instructed, “Find nine photos of yourself in different stages of your life. Turn them into a little collage, showing how many changes you’ve gone through over the years. Change is good, so have fun …

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    This assignment was a lot of fun! I chose to do this in my room because there is such a variety of objects in there that I thought it wouldn’t be too hard trying to find things to take photos of for each different thing. The time limit made it …

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    This Week’s Daily Creates


    Monday, September 21, “Print All Over Me!”

    For this daily create we had to make an idiom into a print so I chose the idiom of “wearing my heart on my sleeve”. That idiom was very simple to visually portray so I simply added a heart to my sleeve in …

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    Weekly Summary 4


    Summarize the key points you learned about audio storytelling from the Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad videos.

    The first part of this weeks assignments included learning about audio storytelling from the perspective of Ira Glass ad Jad Abumrad. Ira Glass starts off by saying it’s important to notice the building …

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    Message For The Village


    For this assignment I created a good morning message. I used audacity to record the audio and edited it through there. I played around with some of the features and decided to change the pitch to give it a different sound.

    After getting it to sound the way I …

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    Ds106 Radio Bumper


    For the first audio assignment I created my own ds106 radio bumper.

    The process was fairly simple. I downloaded Audacity onto my computer and through that I made my sound clip. I first recorded what I wanted to say for this short assignment then I went back through and edited …

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    Daily Create



    This is one of my favorite daily creates because it allowed me to make a story based on random pictures and it was really fun to see what I could come up with just using these pictures that had no connection in any way.…

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    Weekly Summary 3


    This weeks assignments were very interesting and I
    enjoyed them all. It started off with my interpretation of what storytelling is. That can be found here.

    The one I liked the most was the story told in five frames because it allowed me to describe an event entirely through pictures …

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