1. cmoton18

    Five Frames Reflection


    The story I decided to tell through photos was of my most recent adventure with one of my favorite people, my dad.  I thought about creating a new story but I thought my skydiving pictures were descriptive enough to tell the whole story of that day. This is the most …

  2. cmoton18

    Appreciating A Past Story


    The story I chose to focus on was the final project about the broke college student by Omar Aminzay. I like this story because even though its very short it uses multiple digital platforms to help tell the story. The title is what drew me in because I can relate …

  3. cmoton18

    The Shape of Stories: A Modern Twist on a Classic Story


    When watching Kurt Vonnegut explain the shape of stories, I began thinking about movies I really enjoyed that had a “shape” I could easily explain and visually describe. The movie I decided to focus on was Annie. Not the Broadway musical or the first film that was released in 1982. …

  4. cmoton18

    What does ‘storytelling’ mean to me?


    When I think of the word storytelling, many things come to mind. I think of telling a story using very descriptive words and captivating imagery to keep the audience engaged the entire time. I think of it as a more detailed way of telling something as opposed to strict repetition …

  5. cmoton18

    The Ocean in my Backyard


    As soon as the bus stopped at the corner of my street I ran home. I quickly ran upstairs to my room to put away all my things from that day at school. I put on my swimsuit under the clothes I was already wearing so my mom wouldn’t know …

  6. cmoton18

    Weekly Summary 2


    This week was very exciting! I enjoyed all the things we had to do this week and the difficulties I came across helped me learn more about blogging and other online applications.

     I had trouble when completing the storytelling assignment but it was also the assignment I enjoyed most. Before …

  7. cmoton18

    Weekly Summary


    After having completed the assignments for the first week I realized hoe challenging this course can be but if i give myself enough tome to complete assignments then it will not be too overwhelming. I enjoyed getting to customize my blog and playing around with different themes and I learned …

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