1. cogdog

    There is a Shape to The Road


    A road is a rich visual metaphor, a path, a sense of adventure, leading you someplace, openness… but in the case of Cormac McCarthy’s book, it is also one dark view of the future of our quite/unquote civilization. The tale is usually described as grim. post-apocalyptic– and the setting …

  2. cogdog

    GMU Week 2: Listening to and Looking Closely at Audio and Video

    Before you start making media, it’s worth practicing how “read” audio and video content, to get better at understanding the subtleties of great audio/video stories that are often so well integrated that we do not even notice them. This week we will introduce concepts of layering in media, and...
  3. cogdog

    Students Review DS106: Constructivist or Bust!


    This internet can be so recursive on itself. Nada Dabbagh, Professor & Director Division of Learning Technologies at George Mason University (she is the person who invited me to teach a DS106 class for GMU starting now) emailed about an ironic event in one of her classes. She has an …

  4. cogdog

    GMU Week 1: What is Story?


    Once upon a time not so long ago… or this week, there is a new course in digital storytelling. You are now in it.

    As a guide to these weekly assignments posts, they are meant to provide everything you need to do for this unit, especially important for registered students. …

  5. cogdog

    GMU EDIT 572 General Syllabus

    Note: This is a generalized version of the official course syllabus for the two sections of a class being taught Spring 2014. It is posted here as reference, and a guide for open participants who may wish to follow along. The general entry points for this course are the ...
  6. cogdog

    DS106 Introduction for GMU Students and Open Participants

    Welcome to the world of digital storytelling. For students in the Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) Program at George Mason University (GMU), this is going to likely be a very different experience from the rest of your programs. Very different. If you feel dis-oriented, then you are right...
  7. cogdog

    In Open Courses Our Glasses Remain Proportionally Empty


    public domain Wikiemdia Commons image by LuciaSofo

    You don’t [usually] pay for an open course. You don’t depend on it for a grade. You have nothing at stake except your own interest in a topic. “Failure” and “dropout” are words without meaningful meaning here.

    But we cannot help ourselves, Not …

  8. cogdog

    The GIFaChrome Experience


    The GIFaChrome Party House Band, the music genius of David Kernohan and Vivien & Rolfe

    I have no idea how to even blog what culminated today for headless ds106. Maybe it was because what was in the boxes. Trying to write this up sells it short. But one ought …

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