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    We had to remix a website and mess around with the text for this assignment.  Had a lot of fun with it.  Was going to mess up the Duke athletics website but it was too hard to mess around with and I couldn’t find the things I wanted for it …

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    Alter Ego


    I used a character from The Fellowship of the Ring as my alter ego character in comments this week.  He wasn’t mentioned in the movie so I figured people wouldn;t know anything about him and I could do whatever I wanted with it.  The character was simple enough and I …

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    Digital Dynamite Radio Show


    I was assigned to listen to the Digital Dynamite show this week and make comments/suggestions on their show.  Not sure how to link the individual thing, but you can scroll down and find it.

    I thought this show was pretty well done, with all individual parts coming into a reasonably …

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    Weekly Summary 7 and 8


    Dear God, where do I start?  It’s been a while since I had to do all this and put everything together.  Just did my daily creates so I’ll start there I guess.

    The first thing I did was make an origami Lizard out of a post-it note.  The original instruction …

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    Twilight Zone Bumper


    We had to make a bumper for our radio show.  Since our theme is the twilight zone, I used the theme song from it.  I loaded that into audacity, lowered the amplification so it wasn’t so loud and dominating, and recorded my voice into audacity using the record feature.  …

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    You Lose**


    For this Assignment, we had to take little clips of songs and put them into one little clip.  There’s six.  I’ll let you guess what they are.

    I literally picked 6 random songs out of my iTunes and loaded them into Audacity.  Copied and pasted less than a second …

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    Welcome to Goodburger…**


    I did this assignment in Audacity.  We had to record ourselves making a very specific order at McDonald’s.

    This really required no work at all.  I just wrote down some things I would order from McDonald’s (including the late night menu) and read them off…  You can decide what voice …

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    Not So Silent Chaplin


    For this assignment, we had to make a Foley sound for a Charlie Chaplin video.  For all of you that don’t know what a Foley sound is, here’s a video on it.

    And here’s a link to the video that we were assigned to make the sounds for:

    Being that …

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    Weekly Summary 6


    Lots of things this week.  Design was lots of fun and we did lots of things that were very… pleasant.  I’ve had some experience with design before, doing various things with Gimp like designing my logo for our school lacrosse team.

    Lots of challenging things and lots of fun stuff.  …

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    Design Blitz


    During this week we had to go around and take pictures of elements of design.  Here’s what I got.

    This was my example for color.  There are many colors in the photo, but the red of the cup instantly draws attention to itself.

    I took this picture the morning after …

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    Disney World


    Joe Flacco got lost on his way to Disney World.

    For this Assignment, we had to insert someone into a picture where they don’t belong.  Since Joe Flacco was Superbowl MVP, he was supposed to go to Disney World for a parade afterwards.  Instead I made him get lost …

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    For this assignment, we had to make a minimalist design that reflected a movie or tv show.  Instead of doing exactly that, I chose to do video games.  The first one I did was Mario.  Here it is.

    I did this all in Gimp.  First I took a picture …

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    This Class is Propaganda


    So this assignment was literally propaganda.  I had to redesign a WWII poster to propogate our class.  Now, everyone has seen the craze of Keep Calm and Chive On, Keep Calm and Shop On, Keep Calm and Drink Coffee, etc.  Now what most people don’t know is that that the …

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    For this assignment, we had to take pictures of some different things within 20 minutes.  Here’s the start.

    Alex Morgan, in case you were wondering.  Take note of the battery as well.

    I had a candle on the table to keep the stink out of the room.  The lights and …

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    Best of Flickr (So Far)


    So I made a best of flickr set on flickr as assigned.  I chose these photos off of the basis of thinking they’re the best.

    The lighter photo with the color splash was really cool.  There’s a lot you could say about the lighter.  And then with the porches blocked …

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    Online Sketching


    For this assignment we had to turn a photograph into a sketch.  Here’s what I ended up with.

    I had an app on my phone called Picture Effects Magic that has various filters to change the picture.  I used the lighter picture again because it was an interesting photo.  Then …

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    Switching the Mood


    This was a tough assignment.  We were supposed to edit a picture to change the mood of the photo.  Here’s my attempt.

    The one on the right was the before picture.  To change the photo, I messed around with the contrast, hue, etc.  I’m not really sure how I …

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    Who Said That?


    So this assignment was to take 3 pieces–a quote, a picture, and a name–and mix them all together.  You can read more about it here.

    This was my final product.  I couldn’t decide what to do for a while and ended up deciding on a Zoolander quote because it’s …

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    Color Splash with Gimp


    This one was cool.  I ended up just stumbling across this assignment even though it was one of the suggested ones for the week.

    Really not that hard to do.  Took me a little time to think of something to take a picture of and then thinking of a good …

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    Weekly Summary 4


    Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, this was an enlightening week in ds106.  Definitely had some opinions changed about a couple things.  I thought that the audio thing was going to be the hardest, most annoying process about all of this, especially because of my voice, but that was completely untrue.  This …

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    Listening to Stories


    I’m not really sure what my reaction to this was.  I listened to Radiolab’s piece on “Words” and I felt cheated.  An odd reaction to a piece of radio, but it was just odd to me.  I’m not used to listening to radio in this manner, and by …

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    Listening to ds106 Radio


    Well I tried… That’s about all there is to it.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get onto ds106 radio during a live show this week–as far as I could tell.  I tried to get on three times, at various times of day, all week, but was unsuccessful.  I think I …

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