1. Jack Mulrey

    Moving Movie Scenes


    This assignment was surprisingly difficult.  It’s easy to think of my favorite movies, but to think of scenes that had a lasting impact is a much harder task.  The ones I chose all moved me for the same reason.  They all cast an interesting light on human nature, and they …

  2. Jack Mulrey

    Video Essay


    I was really nervous going into this assignment, as the example we saw in class was outstanding.  That said, I liked how the clip we watched focused on one element of “The Shining” rather than trying to tackle the whole movie in such a short amount of time.  I know …

  3. Jack Mulrey

    First Video Assignment: Return to the Silent Era


    This is the first movie I’ve ever made.  As such, the main challenge I faced was in learning how to edit video.  It didn’t start out so well.  I didn’t know there was a difference between Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker.  As it happens, there is a very …

  4. Jack Mulrey

    Final Project


    I was a bit slow out of the gate getting this post up, but I’ve been thinking all week about how to tackle the final project.  I took a databases class a couple of years ago that focused on web development, so I figured it would be fun to take …

  5. Jack Mulrey

    Daily Create Recap


    TDC70: Gates

    Computers are strange devices.  Perhaps unconventional, but it’s what I thought of.

    TDC69: 3 Hours to Live

    For this one I also took an unconventional approach.  I know it was supposed to be a video, but I really wanted to use icons.  The movie challenge was a blast, …

  6. Jack Mulrey

    Video Pre-production Part 1: Analyze a Movie


    When I read this assignment, I immediately thought back to high school.  In English class my senior year, we devoted all of the time after the AP exam to film studies.  This entailed the entire class analyzing several films, then doing analyses of films individually.  I still remember the films …

  7. Jack Mulrey

    Some thoughts on the radio show thus far


    I’m about to start the final push for the radio show, so I figured now is a good time to talk about what the process has been like so far.  We (I’m working with Brian and Chelsea) did most of the work on the show before break, which is not …

  8. Jack Mulrey

    Imitating Weather


    This was my second assignment submission.  The assignment is to imitate some form of weather using only your voice and things within arm’s reach of your computer (if you’re messy it makes things a lot easier).  I got the idea from when we had to add sound effects to the …

  9. Jack Mulrey

    First Submitted Assignment


    This is the first assignment I’ve created, and it was really fun to complete.  In initially I wanted to have the assignment be “write and illustrate a children’s story, then display each page in a gif,” but I decided that was a bit much.  So I settled for making a …

  10. Jack Mulrey

    Audio Daily Create Recap


    I don’t know why, but I find the audio daily creates much harder to do than the other categories.  That’s not to say I don’t like them, but rather that they seem to take longer for me to do than the other categories.

    TDC43:  The story of a place in …

  11. Jack Mulrey

    Not your car radio


    I listened to this radio show on Radiolab in order to get myself acquainted with the type of radio we’re dealing with in ds106.  Honestly, I don’t have much experience (almost none) with this type of radio.  In some ways I like that a lot.  Because this is a new …

  12. Jack Mulrey

    First Audio Assignment: Hans Gruber’s Voicemail


    For my first audio assignment I chose to do Movie Voice Machines for 3 stars.  At first I thought audio assignments would be simpler and less time consuming than design, but I could not have been more wrong.  Turns out it’s really hard to take clips from things and make …

  13. Jack Mulrey

    Design Daily Creates


    Finally time to stop putting this off and post them:

    TDC42: Somewhere I used to work.  It was pretty awesome.

    TDC41: Prized Possession

    TDC40: Someone else’s artwork

    TDC39: Dat bird angry

    TDC38: How old I feel…yeah

    TDC37: Toy in action

    TDC36: Food being served in an unconventional way

  14. Jack Mulrey

    She’s not supposed to be there


    For my last design assignment, I did “Wait, where’d that guy come from?” for 3 stars.  My cousin likes to photoshop Gaga into family photos, so I decided to take that idea and expand it to more well-known groupings.  I did this using Paint.NET.

    My first step was to find …

  15. Jack Mulrey

    If Movie Posters Told the Truth


    Clint Eastwood kind of irks me.  I like his old stuff, but Gran Torino was just too much.

    I found the original movie poster using a Google image search.  I chose one that had plenty of space after Clint’s name so I could add my 2 cents.  I also made …

  16. Jack Mulrey

    Really Reality TV


    Farm vs. Marriage

    “Planting the seed of a bad idea”

    The heroine, Flora Poste, always referred to as “Robert Poste’s child”, stays at Aunt Ada Doom’s isolated farm in the fictional village of Howling in Sussex. As is typical in a certain genre of romantic 19th-century and early 20th-century literature, …

  17. Jack Mulrey

    Second Design Assignment: 4 Icons


    I sometimes like really bad movies and books.  I recognize that they are bad, but I like them anyway.  This is an example of one.

    I found the icons at thenounproject.com and clipartfort.com.  I couldn’t figure out how to copy images from thenounproject.com (they’re in a weird format that you …

  18. Jack Mulrey

    Actual First Design Assignment: Propaganda


    This was my first real design assignment, worth 3 stars.  I’ve always liked the propaganda posters in UMW’s library, so when I saw this assignment I jumped on it.  The most difficult part of completing it was probably selecting the poster to modify.  I figured that commenting could stand to …

  19. Jack Mulrey

    Visual Daily Create Wrapup


    TDC29: Something upside down

    TDC030: Somewhere I lose things

    I used to argue that it’s an organized mess but now I’m pretty sure it’s just a mess

    TDC31: Something memorable

    Class trip! Sicily is pretty awesome.

    TDC32: Something I aspire to do

    TDC33: Confusion

    Just some exam notes, nbd

    TDC34: …

  20. Jack Mulrey

    Last Visual Assignment!


    I finished up my visual assignments with this 3-star animated gif.  Die Hard is without a doubt my favorite Christmas movie, so I decided it was the film to use.  This is a scene toward the end of the movie, and I think it sums up the relationship between Hans …

  21. Jack Mulrey

    Visual Assignment 4: Patty Pioneers


    This is my first 1-star assignment, and it was really easy.  I did learn a cool editing trick doing it though.  I started with a picture of James Gosling, the father of Java, and then pasted an already-cropped picture of a burger into a new layer on top of it.  …

  22. Jack Mulrey

    Visual Assignment 3: The Fat Cat


    I thought I’d have a go at the fat cat challenge for my third visual assignment.  It was a pretty simple 2-star project.  The hardest part for me was selecting the image to modify.  I wanted something dramatic.  After a Google image search for dramatic renaissance art left me wanting, …

  23. Jack Mulrey

    Second Visual Assignment: Parent-child Headswap


    This is my second visual assignment, worth 2 stars.  While it is not technically a parent-child headswap, I figured an adult-baby swap is close enough.  There were two parts of this assignment that made it difficult.  The first was selecting just the heads without making them look pixelated around the …

  24. Jack Mulrey

    Second Visual Assignment: Parent-Child Headswap


    This is my second visual assignment, worth 2 stars.  While it is not technically a parent-child headswap, I figured an adult-baby swap is close enough.  There were two parts of this assignment that made it difficult.  The first was selecting just the heads without making them look pixelated around the …

  25. Jack Mulrey

    Catching up on Daily Create posts part 1



    Luke and Duck Tongue Twister


    News Update


    Funky Shadow- still not sure what was making it


    Heartbreakingly Beautiful? You betcha.


    Object in Motion


    Blur! I like this one a lot.  Car keys with a cell phone camera.


    Weather report :/


    The guardian …

  26. Jack Mulrey

    Second design assignment!


    I confess, I’m doing assignments that aren’t due tomorrow as a means of putting off those that are.  At least it’s productive.  In honor of one of my favorite movies:

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