1. confusedeasily

    The end is here!!


    Back in Week 3 I was talking about what storytelling was to me. I think that I knew some of what storytelling was but not the whole thing, I had a lot of the right ideas in my mind but none of them really were fully there. I think that …

  2. confusedeasily

    Poca Who?


    Hello, my name is Pocahontas and I have something to say, Disney got my story all wrong first of all I do not stay back in lame old America but I went to England with John Smith because we were so much in love. I would do anything for him …

  3. confusedeasily

    Anger Pocahontas


    I made Pocahontas get mad and it was the easiest thing. i just got a picture of her with a straight face and then mad her get redder and redder in different layers of GIMP and turned it into a GIF nothing really hard there.

  4. confusedeasily

    Is it truee *tear* *tear*


    In had to make John Smith die in my story I know it was sad but it had to be done to bcause I needed to put emphasis on the story line. For this I took a still picture of John Smith when he got injured in Pocahontas and I …

  5. confusedeasily

    A baby so real


    Babies are so cute so I made Pocahontas and John Smith have a baby together by morphing their faces together.  The website that I used, because I am not familiar with making a baby and what features to put together, made it simple I just had to add a photo …

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    Pinning is my world


    I am normally on Pinterest 24/7 and it has not gotten any slower from there I am always on it looking for new thing to find. Therefore I thought that incorporating my final project with something that I love to do was a must. I made a list of some …

  7. confusedeasily

    For the Remix


    For the Remix assignment I wanted to go with the more novelist approach where for m the picture you should gather that he is a writer. I wanted to keep half of his face normal so the viewer could know what he looked like and then on the other half …

  8. confusedeasily

    Learning Proper Remixing


    Also I wanted to share that copyright for companies last for 100 years. I also learned in the everything is a remix part 1 and 3 that everything that we hear in today’s music is probably already taken from someone before. I also learned that people’s ideas are not there …

  9. confusedeasily

    Miley Cyrus

    I did the assignment Actor Transformation I did Miley Cyrus and I wanted to show how her singing changed form something that kids want to here and to something that would make kids want to run away. I used the Bone song from Hannah Montana the show and then I…
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    Recycle and remake


    For the recycle the objects from before I found it very difficult because at first I did not know what to do or what type of story line I should go with. So therefore I just went on and downloaded everything I could possibly find. Until I got to a …

  11. confusedeasily

    Remix Your Vacation


    For the remix your vacation with the Popcorn maker first let me tell you that the Popcorn maker was being very difficult with me and my computer because every time I would try to rewind and replay a part it will still go from where it was. I think it …

  12. confusedeasily

    Final Project planning


    For my final project I was thinking on doing a remake of a Disney classic movie, I do not think that I should call it a classic movie though because I do not think it would end up like that. For my character I am going to pick Pocahontas because …

  13. confusedeasily

    Foley at its best!


    For the foley sounds I picked the ones I thought went best with my theme which was just enough not too much and not too little. For the first thirty seconds I took krisavball08 because I like that she added the lion breathing and I thought that was a nice …

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    I just watch the beginning of the Movie Awards and Rebel was hosting it (Fat Amy form Pitch Perfect) and then it hit me for my last thing I am going to do something with her in it. My public service announcement is about herpes because it is a sexual …

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    The assignment inanimate motion is what I like to call clay-mation without the clay. This was by far the hardest to do just because I could not get these rubber person thingy to stand up -_- I must say if I do this again I would not have used that …

  16. confusedeasily

    That’s so 2013


    That’s 70s show I do not know how you did it but you guys deserves a round of applause  HAHA honestly that is the only thing I have to say about this assignment and what I did with my friends. I was laughing the entire time. I got something in …

  17. confusedeasily

    I will change for no one ever


    I love myself but I am that weird child that loves animals from under the sea and loves to eat them too. I know that sounds weird but its like they taste good what am I supposed to do? Exactly! Well I think that my I am me video has …

  18. confusedeasily

    Lip syncing


    I love to sing but I do not think that I have the best voice in the world so I love to lip sync but every time I do it I get wayyyyyyy to into it. To keep myself from being embarrassed by myself I forced my friend to do …

  19. confusedeasily

    Psycho horror film


    When I was looking through the video assignments I saw this and was hesitant because I do not watch scary movies like at all, but I was reading these out loud in my friends’ room and they were like it would be extremely fun so I decided why not. So …

  20. confusedeasily

    Week Dix (10 in french)


    In this week learning about how to read movies I learned a lot. I leaned that there is more to movies that just pointing and shooting the camera. I learned how to use MPEG Streamclip but all I know how to do is trim and put clips together.  Not that …

  21. confusedeasily

    YouTube genres


    The YouTube video I found is something that I already knew it is by this couple that vlogs everyday and they like to pull pranks on each other but this time they pulled it on people in public I thought it was really funny. I put this video under the …

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