1. @Conner44769274

    Week 7: First Week of the Radio Show


    This week is our first week working on the radio show project. All of my assignments this week related to the radio show, and I’m happy with the progress my group and I made on on our show!

    First, I made a poster for our show. We are planning on …

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    Jelly Shoe Commercial


    For my second audio assignment this week, I created a commercial that we may use on our radio show next week. Our topic is childhood/college memories, so we decide to make our commercials relating to what stories we’re going to talk about. I won’t give too much away, but my …

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    Radio Show Bumper


    For my first audio assignment this week, I created a bumper that we can use for our upcoming radio show. Since we’ve already had a whole week dedicated to audio, I feel very comfortable working with audacity! I got my background music from freesound.org.

    Here is my finished bumper:…

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    Radio Show Poster


    This week we are focusing on assignments for our audio show! My groups show is going to be about our funny childhood stories so we’re all designing posters based on this visual assignment. Even though it’s a visual assignment we’re molding it to fit our design needs. Once everyone …

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    Week 6: Designing My Story


    This week we focused on design. I really enjoyed learning more about how design goes into almost everything. While I had fun with the assignments this week, they weren’t my favorite nor am I super proud of any of them. I’m not sure if I was just having an off …

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    The Poster of my Story


    For this assignment we are tasked with coming up with a poster we would use for our story. I decided to go more of a book cover route since I think it fit the idea of a ‘story’ better. This assignment was meant to help us think of our theme …

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    A More Interesting Comic


    The goal for this assignment was to create an animated comic book cover. I think this is a really interesting assignment because comic book covers usually already so fluid even without the animation. I’m not a big comic book junkie, but I do really enjoy Loki: Agent of Asgard. I …

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    Welcome to Fredericksburg!


    For this assignment, the goal was to create a GIF poster for your hometown. Since I’ve lived in Fredericksburg for my entire life, I created a animated poster for an iconic spot in the city: Carl’s Ice Cream. Since I’ve lived here my whole life, Carl’s has always been …

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    Much like our photoblitzer a few weeks ago, we were tasked with creating a designblitz this week! The goal was to find pieces of design that demonstrates different design principals. I found all of these in my home since we’re still in a pandemic. I realized that vinyl records actually …

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    Week 5: The Power of Sound


    This week was our audio week. I’m extremely new to audio so it was really fun to dive into something I really knew nothing about! I’ve listened to many podcasts, but I’ve never focused much on the sound being used. It’s been so interesting to learn more about sound and …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    Here are a few ideas for the radio show assignment! I’m not really tied down to anything, so this is not a comprehensive list. I’m excited to work with some of you to create the “our” portion of Y(our) story!

    1. A movie/show/whatever review

    I love talking with my friends …

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    DS106Radio Radio Bumper


    Here is the radio bumper I created for DS106radio!

    This was a fun assignment and I don’t have too much to say about it! I know a lot of radio hosts like to do super jumpy and lively bumpers, but I decided to do a more toned down and chill …

  13. @Conner44769274

    DS106Radio Tweet Along


    On Monday night our class listen to a audio drama called I Saw Myself Running. Since we’re focusing on audio and sound this week, it was interesting to listen to something where that was truly at the forefront. I listen to podcasts a lot, but I don’t really focus …

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    Don’t Buy Big Toboggans


    This assignment is pretty simple; say a tongue twister as fast as you can and overlay some background sound.

    I came into this assignment with all the confidence in the world. I thought I was good at tongue twisters, but as you can hear my first attempt was a failure. …

  15. @Conner44769274

    My Favorite Sounds


    For my this audio assignment the goal was to showcase some of your favorite sounds! I loved this assignment because I’m a big ASMR person; I use it every night to fall asleep. If you don’t know what ASMR is it’s basically someone making sounds like tapping, scratching, or whispering …

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