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    Week 4: Smile for the Camera


    Week four is complete! This has probably been my favorite week so far. I really enjoyed diving a little deeper into the world of photography and photo editing. Like I said in one of my assignments this week, I haven’t been able to be as creative as I’d like to …

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    Pumpkin Head


    For this assignment I’ve returned back to trusty Firealpaca to do some photo editing! The goal of this assignment was to take a black and white photo and restore the color back to something in it. I’ve always liked photos that use this kind of technique. I think it’s a …

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    For this assignment, we were tasked with taking seven specific photos in 20 minutes using the photoblitzer website.

    I had a lot of fun with this assignment! I liked how open the prompts were but were still restrictive enough that I wasn’t at a loss on what to photograph. It …

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    Photographs and Y(Our) Story


    This week we are focusing entirely on photography! Photography is something I have very little experience in, however it’s something I’ve always wanted to get better at. Since it’s so easy to take photos nowadays with phones, I take them all the time, but its never been anything I’m particularly …

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    Week 3: Writing, Writing, Writing


    For this week, we focused completely on writing. I’m glad we got the section I was least excited about out of the way as soon as possible. Writing is not something I particularly enjoy, however this week wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! The prompts helped a …

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    How Can Fantasy be Incorporated Into Y(Our) Story?


    Miyazaki films are some of my favorite movies, particularly Spirited Away. The film follows Chihiro and her journey trapped in a world of spirits. I actually haven’t seen this movie in several years, so I went back and rewatched it for this assignment. I was a little worried that the …

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    Dude, How do you Feel?


    For my last assignment I chose one that has you write about how a certain song makes you feel. I chose this assignment because music has always been a big part of my life and I love sharing my favorite music with others!

    I decided to focus on the song …

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    What’s in a Name


    My name is Conner
    My name sounds like a boys name
    I don’t really mind

    For this writing assignment, we had to make a haiku about ourselves. I decided to focus on my name because I think it’s pretty unique. I have a traditionally ‘masculine’ name and because of …

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    Alphabet Soup


    Anyone buying cats doesn’t ever feel glum. Having inside, joyful kittens like my numerous obedient pets quells rage. Sounds they utter vocalize with xylophones. You’re Zen.

    For this writing assignment, the objective was to create a story with each letter of each word following the alphabet. I will say, …

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    Hades – The Game That Keeps Giving


    Hades is a rogue-like developed and published by Supergiant Games. It follows the main character, Zagreus, as he tries to escape the underworld and introduces tons of characters and story lines so that almost each time you play the game, you get different voice lines or advancements to the story. …

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    Tell it/Tweet it


    My birthday was this weekend on the sixth! I am officially 22 and I don’t have to deal with cashiers telling me “Oh, you’re 21!” anymore when I buy alcohol. It was a pretty relaxing birthday, I made sure to get all my homework done on Friday so that I …

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    Week 2: The Sequel


    And just like that, week two is complete! I am starting to understand what Professor Bond was talking about when he said this course is going to require a lot of time. I am glad it’s at least an interesting class that’s taking up so much of my time, it …

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    Thoughts on Theme: 2


    I’ve come back to talk about our class theme after reading everyone’s thoughts and ideas about it and after completing the assignments for week 2 of ds106. You can read my initial thoughts here. I really enjoyed seeing what everyone else had to say about “What’s Y(our) Story” and …

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    Gifs are the Way


    The third and final assignment I chose was the TV show gifs from the animatedGIF assignments. This one was the most time consuming assignment out of the three, but it was pretty easy and an enjoyable experience. This assignment also relates to our theme as well since I was able …

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