1. @courthardy2018

    Dream Master Bedroom


    Ever since I was introduced to Pinterest, I have been HOOKED. When I saw the Create Your Dream Room assignment in the bank, I was so excited to complete it. Because I use Pinterest religiously, this assignment was fairly easy, other than the thought process that went into it as …

  2. @courthardy2018

    Morph Shadow’s Finsta


    To kick off Web Storytelling Week, I started with the Create a Finsta assignment from the bank. To relate it to our class, and because I did not want to create a Finsta for myself that I’d never use, I created one for Morph Shadow, as it is her secret …

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    Weekly Summary 8


    This week in ds106, we were to finalize our radio show that we have been working on for the last few weeks. I am glad that this week also was Fall Break, as it gave me more time to focus on completing the show.

    In order to complete our show, …

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    Sweet n Sour Progess


    This week, we were to complete our radio show that we have been working on with other classmates. Last week we focused on creating the smaller bits and pieces of our show, while this week, we worked on the larger components.

    To get our radio show close to being finalized, …

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    Weekly Summary 7


    For week 7, we started working in groups on our radio shows. I am in a group with Kelsey, Olivia, and Katelyn and we created a google doc to begin planning our radio show Sweet n Sour. As a part of planning our radio show, we had to complete 10 …

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    Sweet n Sour Progress


    As we near the end of week 7, here is an update on our radio show Sweet n Sour:

    Our radio show is going to revolve around stories about each of our characters we have created for the class. Each story will be followed by a commercial and bumper before …

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    Sweet n Sour Mixtape


    Because we are doing some audio assignments as well as working on our radio show, I decided to throw together a mixtape for an assignment from the assignment bank. For the mixtape, I put together the soundtracks and sounds created during audio week from my group’s character using SoundCloud.  …

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    Sweet n Sour Radio Logo


    For our radio show, each member of my group chose an image they were going to create. I chose to create a logo for the show. To create my logo, I looked up free photos of microphones and found the one pictured in the final product. Then, I looked up …

  9. @courthardy2018

    Sweet n Sour Radio Ad


    For the next two weeks, we are working on our radio show in groups. As a part of it, I have been tasked with creating an ad to play during our show.

    To create my ad, I used an online voice recorder as I currently have no voice from being …

  10. @courthardy2018

    Weekly Summary 6


    This week was design week and for the most part, I thoroughly enjoyed the assignments.

    To begin the week, I started with a reflection on The Vignelli Canon. In my reflection, I basically wrote about what I found interesting in the reading, as well as how I agreed with some …

  11. @courthardy2018

    Design Blitz!


    This week, we were asked to complete a design blitz, much like the photo blitz from the past, using properties of design. To complete the blitz, I took photos of various signs from the Office of Student Involvement and Mercer Hall.

    First, is a sign that represents color
    I chose …

  12. @courthardy2018

    Super Logos


    For the Create a Logo assignment, I was to create a logo that was simple yet detailed. To complete this task, I decided to create a logo for my character because every superhero deserves a logo and I have yet to give her one!

    First, I looked up some …

  13. @courthardy2018

    Morph Shadow’s Super Tattoo


    This week, I decided to complete the Super Tattoo assignment as a part of design week. However, instead of creating a tattoo that describes me as it states in the description of the assignment, I created one for my character Morph Shadow. Morph Shadow’s tattoo is very subtle and simple, …

  14. @courthardy2018

    Reflective Designs


    I decided to start design week off with reading The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli. To begin his booklet, he explains the most important principles of design to him; semantic, syntactic and pragmatic. Semantics to Vignelli is the meaning behind the design. I think this is important as when artists …

  15. @courthardy2018

    Weekly Summary 5


    This week in ds106 was audio week and boy what a week it was. Of all weeks, I found this week to be the hardest one yet. It took me a long time to adjust to using Audacity and I still don’t completely have it figured out, but I am …

  16. @courthardy2018

    Week 5 Daily Creates


    Below my daily creates are embedded. I think my favorite daily create of this week was the “take tall pictures” one because it gave me the opportunity to use a photo I already have of a giraffe. What is more accurate for a “tall” picture than a giraffe?

    Two fears, …

  17. @courthardy2018

    Morph Shadow’s Soundtrack


    For audio week, one of our assignments was to come up with an introduction for our characters. This was pretty hard for me to come up with as I could not get the Powerpuff Girls Introduction out of my head. All I could think about was relating Morph Shadow to …

  18. @courthardy2018

    Radio Brain Dump


    In preparation for the radio show I and my future group will be doing here are some ideas I have for it:

    Talk about everyone’s favorite superheroes and why there is such an appeal for them Maybe look into superheroes that are not so well known and talk about why…
  19. @courthardy2018

    Super Bumper


    This week, we were tasked with creating a radio bumper for the DS106 radio station. In doing so, we were to use Audacity to make our bumper and then upload it to SoundCloud to be shared. I actually had a harder time downloading my bumper than I did creating my …

  20. @courthardy2018

    DS106 Super Radio


    Today (Monday, September 25th) I tuned into the DS106 radio station and participated in the live tweet-along. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect out of the show but it was more interesting than I thought it was going to be. When it first started, I felt like it …

  21. @courthardy2018

    Morph Shadow’s Mixtape


    For my first assignment bank choice of week five, I decided to complete the “Mixtape” assignment. All I had to do was come up of a mixtape of any type of my own. However, because of the theme of our class, I decided to make a mixtape for my Superhero, …

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