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    Audio Storytelling


    I decided to start week five off by completing the audio storytelling assignment. For this assignment, we were to listen to Moon Graffiti by The Truth Podcast. If I did not know about Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, I most definitely would have thought this podcast was real audio from …

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    Weekly Summary 4


    I thoroughly enjoyed the assignments for this week as I love photography, even if I am not an expert.

    First, we were to complete two readings and think about the visuals of storytelling. After the readings, we were to reflect on our experiences with storytelling and mine can be found …

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    Week 4 Daily Creates


    Below are my daily creates from week four. I did not like this week’s topics as much as I did last week, but they were still pretty easy to come up with.


    My defining moment was becoming the colorguard captain in high school as it gave me life skills …

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    Photo Blitz!


    For this assignment, I actually had time to complete two lists which are below:

    Get closer and fill the frame. Power plugs are ubiquitous. Can you make a creative photo of such a common thing? Create a photograph that illustrations connection. Take a picture of anger or something that makes…
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    Superheroes and Photography


    After reading the two articles we were assigned, I looked through little video clips and photos of different superheroes that exist today. One of the first points I noticed was lighting. Lighting seems to be a big feature throughout various forms of media presenting superheroes. First, I saw what kind …

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    Me, a Photographer?


    While I enjoy taking photos with the camera my step-father (a photographer) gave me, I would not consider myself a photographer. In fact, the most recent time I used my camera was last Fall, when I was the photographer for an event a club I am in hosted. When I …

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    Apartment 833


    For my final visual assignment, I completed the Room Tour assignment. I absolutely love moving to a new place and decorating it to make the place my own. This year, I am living in the apartment with my friends Greg and Brendan. I will admit, our apartment looks pretty girly, …

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    The Morph Mobile

    Using either pencil and paper, or digital software, create your own automobile for your own character.

    Every superhero needs their super-mobile. For my first visual assignment of the week, I decided to complete the Pimp My Ride assignment. I decided to make a super mobile for my superhero character, Morph …

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    Weekly Summary 3


    For this week, we really started working with our superhero theme for the class this semester.

    To begin the week, I decided to start with the assignments from the assignment bank as I really enjoy being able to pick and choose what we want to do. For this week, the …

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    Dear Future Morph Shadow…


    For my last assignment bank assignment this week, I decided to do the Your Hopes, Dreams, and Fears assignment. However, to relate it back to our class topic, I decided to do it on the superhero figure I created Morph Shadow as opposed to myself.

    Dear 31-year-old Morph Shadow aka …

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    My Dad, My Hero

    “Everyone has someone who they admire or who inspires them. For this assignment, write about that person and why you admire them.”

    For the assignment bank assignment, Who Inspires You, I decided to write about my father.

    I can’t say “thank you” enough to express how grateful I am …

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    Melinda J. Mogensen the Hero


    Morph Shadow was born Melinda J. Mogensen, a shy, smart, and quiet girl who grew up with her loving parents in New England. She had few friends as she was quiet, but had a best friend just next door named Sophia Fuerst.  Sophia and Melinda did everything together until she …

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    9/11…Never Forget

    “Your task for this assignment is to find a picture and write a background or short story for it. It can be a photo you took yourself or found on the internet.”

    September 11, 2001. What were the motives? Why New York City? Why us?

    These are some common questions …

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    Weekly Summary 2


    This week we really dove into the class and it was quite the adventure.

    First, we were put into groups based on the different categories of media so that we could help plot the class. It took me a very long time to think of ideas that had to do …

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    Disney Mashup!


    This week, we were asked to create an assignment for the assignment bank based on the group we were placed in. I was placed in the audio group so I decided to create an assignment revolving around music. Though I looked at the assignment bank for quite awhile, found little …

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    Mason the Kadusquidithon

    “Create a brand new animal, using animal parts from no less than 4 animals. Be creative! When you animal is designed, create an environment for it!”

    Have you ever thought about creating your own animal? Well, I have and it was back when I was in my sophomore year in …

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    Find anyhting that has something to do with an animal doing something funny. Turn it into a GIF!

    We all have pets that make funny faces, what we decide to do with them is up to us. Why not make a GIF of their funny faces?

    For this assignment, I …

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    The Fourth Law of Robots


    Who wouldn’t dream of a robot waiting on you hand and foot that just so happens to be a five-star chef? Unless of course, it malfunctions….I may or may not have been hungry when thinking of an answer to this daily create.

    The Daily Create on September 4, 2017.

    A …

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    OCs Gone Wild

    “Use photo editing software of your choice to splice pairs of pictures into single images.”

    For my first assignment from the assignment bank, I chose to do a visual assignment titled “Combophoto.” This visual represents First Year Orientation here at UMW, which is one hectic and stressful time. …

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    Weekly Summary 1


    This week was all about getting ready for the semester and exploring how to create different forms of media. We first had to make multimodal introductions, which can be found here, in my week one assignment post. We also had to share some thoughts on this semester’s theme, which …

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    Super Thoughts…


    While I am not a big fan of super hero comics and movies, I think I am a fan of the theme for this class. Because super heroes are fictional characters, it allows us to think completely outside of the box, with no parameters or expectations from the real world …

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    Week 1 Assignment


    Hello and welcome to my blog. I have embedded my various forms of greetings into this post for week one. This post includes my greeting video, my ideal super hero theme song, and a trip I took this summer.

    If I were a Super Hero, I’d like to believe this …

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    Welcome to my blog!

    Hello! My name is Courtney Hardy and I am a Senior from Hampton, Virginia. I am majoring in Psychology here at Mary Washington, and I am involved in an array of programs across campus. In my previous years of undergrad, I have served as both the Entertainment and Luminaria Chairs…

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