1. @CRLunn

    Favorite Movie Quote


    I love movies, they are truly one of favorite guilty pleasures so this Design Assignment was an obvious choice for me. The prompt involved adding our favorite movie quote to an image from the movie.
    Honestly, it will be hard for me to document my process for this assignment because …

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    Contradiction Creation


    For this Design Assignment I was asked to create a “poster” with a contradictory quote on it. The first step was to find a graphic – I chose a beautiful image of the beach then I needed to add text that completely contradicted the image. Originally I considered “Animals Poop …

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    One Story/Four Logos


    This was another assignment that Professor Bond suggest we do; it asked me to to suggest a story using only 4 basic icons. I decided to use the class theme for this assignment and quickly whipped up a list of my favorite 80’s movies. I began to brainstorm icon ideas …

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    Movie Poster Assignment


    It was suggested that we complete this Design Assignment this week and I saw a great opportunity to work in the 80’s theme. I quickly Googled “80’s movies” to get the creative juices flowing before deciding on “Sixteen Candles” which is also one of my most favorite movies. I then …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    So in case you missed it another teaser trailer dropped for Stranger Things session 4 today. You can watch it here! I’m obsessed with Stranger Things because I love the 80’s music and “lingo”. I don’t have any clear ideas for a radio show just yet but I love …

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    Week 5 Summary


    This week we focused on Audio Assignments which is definitely out of my wheel house. I downloaded and played extensively with Audacity which was very user friendly and intuitive. I recorded myself a fair bit which is not something I enjoy but I faced these assignments head on in the …

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    Auditory Hell


    This was a pretty straight forward Audio Assignment: “Create YOUR worst sound ever. Take audio clips of every single sound that you hate and put them all together to make The Worst Noise Ever. ” Obviously, there is only one answer here…NAILS. ON. CHALKBOARDS. So I downloaded 3 different audio …

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    80’s Product Radio Commerical


    As I previously mentioned in my Radio Bumper post I really don’t like recording my own voice so these projects are nerve wracking for me. Despite my apprehension this was fun to work on.
    For this I assignments I was asked to make a radio commercial advertisment for a product …

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    Radio Bumper


    The purpose of this blog is to provide insight into our thought process when creating our content for this course so I suppose I should be honest, I did not enjoy this assignment. I hate recording my own voice, it’s just so cringy! But I did it and I plan …

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    Moon Graffiti & ds106 radio reflection


    This week we listened to “Moon Graffiti” and our choice of ds106 radio (I chose to tune in Thursday). Both of these stories were fascinating to listen to and the experience was only amplified by the lack of visual. Both stories were terrifying for very different reasons (the thought of …

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    All the Relaxation


    I knew I needed to do this Audio Assignment because it asked me to create my own layered relaxation sound track. I love ASMR and use a sound app to fall asleep so I really loved this challenge.
    I pondered what layered sounds I would want to hear to relax …

  12. @CRLunn

    Sound Effects Story


    Oh boy, this project was something else. Let me begin by saying I read the Audacity beginners guide but reading and doing are not the same thing for me so I had to get in there and just start poking around.
    I had an idea that I wanted implement and …

  13. @CRLunn

    Week 4 Summary


    So concludes another week is DS 106. This week we focused our efforts on photography which is something I really enjoy as I have been surrounded by it my whole life (my dad is a professional photographer). We began with the Photoblitz assignment that I admittedly did last. That was …

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    Alright, lets get right to it, below is my Photobitzer item list and then I will launch into my photographs including start and end time.

    Start time A grid pattern My boyfriend Chief Hopper – AKA a plastic object A line drawing the viewers eye A building My feet representing…
  15. @CRLunn

    That’s Not What I Expected


    This prompt involved taking a picture of an item from a strange angle or just really stinking close, to see if people can guess what it is. This is my final Visual Assignment of the week and I am not going to lie, I’m at work (don’t tell my boss) …

  16. @CRLunn

    You in Collage Form


    This was fun. and I may have got a little carried away with it. Being a feminist is a huge part of my social identity so I wanted to focus on highlighting that. I started by find a bunch of individual images (I didn’t use them all but I wanted …

  17. @CRLunn

    Concert You Want to be At


    Maybe you have noticed but I kinddddda love Cyndi Lauper so obviously if I had the opportunity to attend any concert it would be a Lauper concert. I started by finding a picture of a Cyndi Lauper concert and I decided on this one, which yes, I know is not …

  18. @CRLunn

    Who Said What


    This Visual Assignment required me to pick a photo of a secret agent, then add a quote from a different secret agent, before finally attributing the quote to a final secret agent. I saw this as a good opportunity to work in the course theme. Obviously, James Bond came to …

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    This particular assignment involved splicing a pair of pictures together to make one single image, however, I took my own artistic liberties and ran with this assignment. I decided to make my dream animal by combining my 3 favorite animals into one beautiful creature. I had to really dig deep …

  20. @CRLunn

    Week Three Summary


    Well, that’s a wrap one week 3 and I must say it’s all starting to come together. Assignments are feeling less terrifying and WordPress is actually starting to make sense. I had a great time with this weeks writing assignments but that might be because I enjoy writing and feel …

  21. @CRLunn

    Your Hopes, Dreams, and Fears


    Ahhh, another weepy writing assignment. This prompt asked me to write a letter to myself 10 years in the future which was rather emotional for me. It’s difficult to truly imagine where my life will take me in the next year so I kept my letter very vague. At the …

  22. @CRLunn

    A Pictures Worth a Thousand Words


    If you need a little pick me up I cannot stress the joy that Googling “Bad 80’s photos” will bring you. Below is what I decided to tile “Who Ya Gonna Call? Dustbusters!” This prompt involved finding a photo and giving it a description or story behind it. After finding …

  23. @CRLunn

    That Bucket List Though


    I want to begin this post by saying I tend to weep pretty easily but SHEESH. Reflecting on the struggles I have had getting to my final semester of college and the sacrifices I have made to make other people happy was tough but I am glad I took some …

  24. @CRLunn

    I’m Having an Old Friend for Dinner


    I knew almost immediately that I wanted to use this prompt as one of the “80’s Themed” writing topics because having dinner with my guest would be a dream come true.
    Originally, I thought about writing this as if I was attending dinner at her house but then realized that …

  25. @CRLunn

    Haiku About You


    Let me begin this by saying that I haven’t written a haiku since probably 5th grade and I admittedly had to Google “syllables” just to make sure I was doing this correctly. I’m not proud but 5th grade was a long time ago… But moving on my from how old …

  26. @CRLunn

    Week Two Summary


    GUYS! We made it through week two! I am so proud of us. 

    Let’s chat about this week, shall we?
    I personally cried less this week so that’s a plus. I loved looking at everyone’s Daily Creates because I was able to get a sense of each of your personalities …

  27. @CRLunn

    Assignment Bank 1


    For this particular assignment I let my squirrel-like attention span lead the way. While scrolling though the “Fanfic Assignments” when a Bob’s Burger’s writing prompt caught my attention . As Bob’s Burgers is one of my favorite shows so I couldn’t resist that particular writing activity, and really, who doesn’t …

  28. @CRLunn

    Week One Summary


    Wow, what a week. I joined the class a little late and so it has been a mad dash to get to this point but I am here. On top of joining late I am also intimidated by this course. I previously attempted to take it during a summer semester …

  29. @CRLunn

    The 80’s and Today


    Maybe it’s because I am a product of the 80’s but I think it is one of the best generations in terms of films, music, television and fashion! Fashion was often unisex, and the line of gender was beginning to blur (Grace Jones, David Bowie and Prince are just a …

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