1. crodenbo94

    first self made assignment – Decorate the rock!


    This is the first assignment that I created.  I was walking on campus one day and saw the rock.  I know people decorate it all the time but you usually have to get permission for it.  For this you don’t have to!  I wanted to make it something that relates …

  2. crodenbo94

    moooove over



    I saw this assignment and thought, “Oh man I have to do this!”  We had to make a gif of cows.  I wanted to be a little different, so I did it of baby cows — or calfs.  They are adorable that’s why!

    I went to youtube again and …

  3. crodenbo94

    DS106 background!


    For this assignment, which is 4 stars, I made my own computer background.  I was exploring with the “Paint 2″ app so there were many possibilities.  I wanted to make my simple, but also to get the point across.  I decided to have the background color as blue, because that …

  4. crodenbo94

    Vignelli’s view


    “The Vignelli Canon” was a very interesting read.  I have never really known much about graphic design.  I always thought it was just someone putting pencil to paper.  Whenever I thought of graphic design, I just thought of animators at Disney World or something.  I did not realize that there …

  5. crodenbo94

    Designing a License Plate


    For this design assignment, I made my own vanity plate.  But instead of doing it for me, I did it from the viewpoint of any character really from “The Walking Dead.”  This also happens to be my favorite tv show, so that is another reason I did it.

    This assignment …

  6. crodenbo94

    Guess the movie!




    For this assignment, I wanted to do a movie that I had just seen recently actually.  I should have seen it a while ago though because it is such a classic.  I would probably consider it one of my favorite movies now.  By now it is about 21 …

  7. crodenbo94

    First Weekly Summary


    This first week of digital storytelling was an experience.  It made me realize that yes, it is a lot of work but it can also be a lot of fun.  I think that for my first week, that I completed the assignments pretty well.  I could have been more creative.  …

  8. crodenbo94

    Photo Safari



    I did this photo scavenger hunt at my house.  I went home for the weekend and thought my house would be the best place for this.  I was only able to find 8 out of the 15 items.  It was interesting.  I honestly wasn’t sure how much I was …

  9. crodenbo94

    Silence is..


    To me,

    Silence is being able to think about anything or being able to not think about anything at all.  Silence is being almost 14,000 ft above sea level somewhere in the Rockies.  Silence is appreciating a view so beautiful, that there is nothing to think about.  Silence is almost …

  10. crodenbo94

    Common Everyday Object – Visual Assignment


    Common Everyday Object

    My common everyday object was a purple stapler.  I chose this because it was the first thing I saw on my desk that made me think, “hmm I use that almost everyday.”  So I took a picture of it!  I used my iPhone to edit it.  I …

  11. crodenbo94

    What’s in your bag?-Visual Assignment


    What’s in Your Bag?

    The contents of my bag/purse are simple.  It is because I don’t care to carry around too much throughout the day.

    They include:  (1) My wallet – that is just a given.  You need your wallet for almost everything. (2) My car keys – I mean, …

  12. crodenbo94

    Color Changer – Monroe Hall – visual assignment


    Color changer

    The picture I decided to change/edit was one I took sophomore year.  In it is Monroe Hall.  That day the skies were a beautiful blue color.  I remember that it was a surprisingly warm day for whatever month it was.

    I went through my pictures and chose this …

  13. crodenbo94

    Pet Collage! – visual assignment


    So for my second visual assignment of this week,  I decided to make a pet collage!  I thought my dog would be good for this because he is such a silly, but loving dog.  His name is Tillman.  We adopted him from the shelter when he was 6 months old.  …

  14. crodenbo94

    Current/Previous experience with photography


    I wouldn’t consider myself a professional photographer, but I do take a lot of photos.  They aren’t of anything in particular.  Just anything and everything.  I actually do take a lot of photos of my dog but who doesn’t?  I don’t have a fancy camera, I just use my iPhone.  …

  15. crodenbo94




    I’m Courtney and I am very excited about this class.  I will be a senior this upcoming school year.  I am majoring in Business Administration with a focus in marketing.  I am from Northern Virginia — Loudoun County to be exact.  However, I was born in Denver, Colorado and …

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