1. Charlotte Sandy



    I need to make this dish. It combines two of my favorite foods….mac n’ cheese and bacon…could it get any better? I think not. Should I have the chance to make this I will share the foodgasm experience.

  2. Charlotte Sandy

    Daily Shoot Day 2


    This is my second photo from our two week assignment of Daily Shoot. Today we were supposed to fill the frame of a photo with a single subject.  My blue jeans were sitting in my chair unfolded and I thought ‘why not’. This is what I got.…

  3. Charlotte Sandy




    First attempt at ds106 project for Daily Shoot.  It is a banal topic but I’ve certainly been doing this over and over again since school started again. I know I’m not the only one.

  4. Charlotte Sandy

    Coolest Website


    This is the coolest mash-up site I have ever seen. A friend of mine sent it to another friend on facebook and using the wonderful creeper newsfeed that Facebook provides its users with I was able to check it out.…

  5. Charlotte Sandy

    Assignment 3


    Below is my first attempt at digital storytelling .  It is a musical slideshow of my trip two summers ago to beautiful Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I fell in love with the West from the first day.  It’s like nothing I had ever seen before or seen …

  6. Charlotte Sandy

    Not Impressed


    I have finally found the technical expertise that justifies my intense dislike for 3D movies. Don’t even get me started on 3D television….it’s called REAL LIFE people…get off your lazy buts and go live it.  Go run, play a sport, go to a concert….because there is no way that 3D …

  7. Charlotte Sandy

    Web 2.0 Storytelling


    These articles are really interesting. My mind is still spinning from everything I just read and tried to comprehend, but I know for sure that thanks to the internet and those that believe in its future that stories will never be the same again.  The whole idea that an author

  8. Charlotte Sandy

    Pokemon: College Edition


    Surprisingly accurate…fortunately UMW doesn’t have to deal with the crap of the greek system like most universities (no offense meant to those who have had good experiences with such people or if you are one).


  9. Charlotte Sandy

    The End of Paper Magazines?


    Magazines are everywhere. If there is a hobby or sport or subject or career you like there is probably a magazine for it.  Many people pick them up at the grocery store or in book stores or even have them delivered every month to their own doorstep, but what if …

  10. Charlotte Sandy

    Gardner Campbell


    My mind is blown by how little I know about the internal workings of the internet. However, instead of being overwhelmed and turning off my computer I am curious about what else I don’t know.  I understand where Mr. Campbell is coming from when he speaks about his frustration. In …

  11. Charlotte Sandy

    Best Website EVER


    I found this site on Tumblr this morning…..I NEED, not want….NEED everything from here.


    Go here and drool like I did.

  12. Charlotte Sandy

    Quite Pleased with Myself


    A friend posted onto my facebook call that she would like to hang out soon. I replied with the following statement.

    IIINNNNNGGGGGGAAAAAAA…….I am currently cutting my way out of this horrid dark jungle that the natives call “School Work”. I’d heard rumors about the local vegetation’s tenacity for quick regeneration, …

  13. Charlotte Sandy

    30 Second Story


    My name is Charlotte. I one time I was skiing and I fell and got a concussion. When I came to there were people around me and there was smoke coming from somewhere. It turns out the ski patroller who got the call about my accident drove her snow mobile …

  14. Charlotte Sandy

    Hello world!


    I finally made it work!!! I created this. This is the coolest thing EVER. Perhaps I am not as hopeless on the internet as I believed myself to be. There is hope.…

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