1. Melonie

    Final Assessment


                The course learning goals that I have made the most progress in are supporting my thesis, and effective consideration of my role as a writer.

    I had some difficulty supporting my thesis. At first, I wasn’t fully developing my ideas that support it. In my blog post 4, EH
  2. Melonie

    Deserted Island

     Below are pictures of the 3 things I will bring with me to stay on a deserted island for week. I would bring a tent because I most definitely will need shelter from the weather, bugs, and predators. The tent will provide shade from the sun and shelter from the…
  3. Melonie

    ESSAY?! NOOO!!


             True or false easy, multiple choice a piece of cake, matching cool, and then I notice there’s an essay part at the end of the test that throws me a curve ball. Have this ever happened to you?  If not, aren’t you lucky. Anyhow, back to
  4. Melonie



                Sometimes, I can’t find the words to say, out loud, how I feel or what I think. This has led me to notice that it is easier and better for me to write down what I think and feel first, than to say it and things get left out,…
  5. Melonie



    From the first time I heard a poem by Maya Angelou to now, I have been intrigued by Angelou’s writings. She is truly a gifted writer. Her poems can tell a story like no other. They are filled with her pain, happiness, strengths, weaknesses, sacrifices, vulnerabilities, sass, humor, honesty, and
  6. Melonie

    My Problem With Research Papers

        I am really dreading this 10-12 page research paper that I will have to start soon. I love to write but research papers bore me. . I have to come with a topic, thesis statement, construct the body of the paper, conclusion, and a bibliography. The research part isn’t…
  7. Melonie

    How The Enviroment Effect My Writing

              Rain, sunshine, freezing, warm, and snow are different environmental happenings that effect my writing. Certain weather brings out the best in me and in my writings.             When it rains, I have notice, I seem to write about love and relationships. It’s something about the rain that bring out the…
  8. Melonie


                 Non-stop, up and down, loopy loop, and spiral is the kind of roller coaster ride I have been on for the past two weeks. Since I started blogging for this class, I also have started back writing on my free time. It couldn’t have happen at a better time.…
  9. Melonie

    What Makes Me Write The Things I Do?

                Meeting me, one might assume that I am a very quiet person. It will tickle my friends to hear someone call me that. I am not a quiet person, but what I am is an observer. When meeting people for the first time, I observe their behavior and listen
  10. Melonie



                The rule outlined by Vonnegut ” How to Write with Style” that will be hardest for me to follow is rule 4, “Have the Guts To Cut”. I have noticed that I tend to go over board in details. I sometimes write as if my reader is not the brightest …

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