1. Christian Webb

    Final Assignment


         I have evolved a great deal in fourteen weeks. Whether it is my overall length of my writing, or the content that I put into my writings I have improved. This class has changed my outlook and my landscape of writing completely. I am not trying to write for…
  2. Christian Webb



         This week I decided to chipmunk Adele. I don’t necessarily listen to her music but hey she won a lot of Grammy’s this year so I used her voice. She has a very unique voice, and it is hard to capture her pitch and raise the level. I used …

  3. Christian Webb

    Splash the Color!


          I chose this week to do splash the color. The requirement for this project is to strip all color from a certain picture then color a key point in the picture. In my picture below I chose my key point as the sky. The sky in this picture makes …

  4. Christian Webb

    Greatest Hits CD


         I chose to do my first DS106 on music and design. This project was actually a whole lot harder than it looks. I had to do a bit of researching and a lot of “musical research” which I enjoyed. My project is on The All-American Rejects, one of the …

  5. Christian Webb

    Ultimate Illusion


         Optical illusions are an amazing, and I shall do them. This assignment is using a still photo to make something super huge look palm-like using distance. The creator on DS106 used the Washington Monument as her illusion. The monument that I am using is the Houston Cole Library. I …

  6. Christian Webb



          Politics are a basic necessity to run a country. Without politics you would at its base have an anti-democratic dictatorship. From town to world level politic campaigns are happening everyday. Politics help balance the structure of government. Politics also involves a certain type of person. Politics are a major…
  7. Christian Webb



         Just to start off I would like to state that there are millions of great blogs out there. Continuing on that note I would like to point out that it is hard to find the right one to show my appreciation to. There has been a significant amount of …

  8. Christian Webb

    Writer’s Block


    Writer’s block is an occurring problem in writers. I, personally, have Writer’s block once a week. I hate when I’m set on a subject and can not gather materials on my work. Now I am researching materials on writing. I am improving on gathering materials, but not quite great at …

  9. Christian Webb

    The Wikipedia Chronicles


    Writing in a digital medium is becoming more second nature to me. I am having such a great time using Wikipedia and other sites to publish my work. My table that I finished for our Wikipedia project is one of my best works this semester. The time that I put …

  10. Christian Webb

    Going For Gold


         The class wiki is a chance for all the students. It’s a chance to show everyone in the class what you can do. I truly think our class will excell at this task. My fellow classmates are a very bright bunch. I am very intrigued by the portion I am …

  11. Christian Webb

    Class Picks Up.


         Now that we have been assigned a group project, I am ready to excel. I feel like our class group can meet our goal, and make our article meet the good article standard. It seems like, to me anyways, that our group wants to succeed in this Wiki page. …

  12. Christian Webb

    Class Goes On.


         Last week I reflected on the pros and cons of hybrid English. I believe now that I’m in my group that group work will be fun. I now get to work with two awesome classmates, and I very much look forward to our work together. I like how Mrs. …

  13. Christian Webb

    Challenges in class


         What are the challenges in hybrid English? I believe that the main challenge for most people is the technology amplitude required for the course. Not that it requires a high amplitude, it’s that it takes a basic knowledge or you will be behind. Some people have a problem on the …

  14. Christian Webb

    Writing in my life.


         Where to begin with writing? In my life it has been an outlet to express myself. I believe it is important for one’s self to express their feelings. Writing gives you a private outlet to express those feelings. Writing in my life has given me the chance to get my …

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