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    DS106 Final Project: The Rise and Fall of Samuel L. Jackson, Ph. D.


    One of the most overlooked and often forgotten departments at the University of Mary Washington is the CPR department, or the Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion.  Though many students and some professors may disregard the department, none disregard its most esteemed professor: Samuel L. Jackson, Ph. D.  Professor Jackson …

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    DS106 Final Project: New Professor Wanted


    As we have seen today during our investigation of Professor Jackson, things have gone downhill for him at the University of Mary Washington.  Due to the amount of pressure and stress that Professor J. has been under, he has been forced to resign by the Dean of university.  The professor …

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    DS106 Final Project: A Conversation With Professor Jackson


    Continuing with our investigation of Professor Jackson, we get to listen in on a conversation between the professor and one of his students.  I could not find an assignment on the DS106 assignment bank that matched what I created, so I decided to make my own.  The assignment that I …

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    DS106 Final Project: Professor Samuel L. Jackson


    For my DS106 final project, I decided to tell a story in the day of life of Samuel L. Jackson, Ph. D.  Now the real Samuel L. Jackson does not actually have a doctorate, which is why my Professor Jackson does.  My Professor Jackson teaches philosophy at the University of …

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    DS106 Weeks 13 & 14 Summary

    Reflection on Mashups/Remixes

    Weeks 13 & 14 marked the third two-week unit of the semester.  In this unit, we delved into the topic of mashups and remixes.  Mashups/remixes are unique, as rather than coming up with a completely new idea, one can use the work of others as a stepping …

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    Explaining Remixes and Mashups


    As we are all aware, the topic for weeks 13 and 14 was remixes and mashups.  To help broaden the understanding of these two topics, I decided to interview my mother and discover what she knew about remixes and mashups.


    As I explain in the recording, remixes are often …

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    Daily Creates: Week 11 & 12!


    Create 1: A look out on the bay. (TDC1032)

    Create 2: A baby banana made from tape! (TDC1033)

    Create 3: The create said to “make a picture”, so I put a Bald Eagle over the Capitol Building. (TDC1036)

    Create 4: My nerdy refrigerator poem.(TDC1037)


    Create 5: If I had …

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    Daily Creates: Week 10!


    Week 10 Daily Creates are here!  I was disappointed that there were no video creates this week, as I really wanted to get some practice with video editing!


    Create 1: What is it?


    Create 2: Hung out to dry: My clothesline!


    Create 3: Spooky Color Walk.…
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    Exploring “The Dark Knight”



    This week, we were tasked with analyzing a movie of our choice.  The movie that I chose to analyze was the 2008 film The Dark Knight.

    Fun Facts About The Dark Knight

    A lot of speculation arose about Heath Ledger’s preparation for his role as the Joker after …

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