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    Daily Creates: Week 9!


    For this week’s Daily Creates, a new twist was added to the assignments: they had to tell a story.  My Daily Creates tell the story of a family’s preparations for Christmas.

    Create 1: GIF of the Earth/Earth Emojis.  In this GIF, I combined pictures of my globe with pictures of …

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    DS106 Weeks 7 & 8 Summary!

    Radio Show Summary and Reflection

    The DS106 radio show, was the meat of the assignments this week, and proved to be quite the task.  In the beginning, my group members and I were stumped as to what topic our radio show should be.  After a personal brainstorming session, I came …

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    DS106 Radio Bumper: “Where Were You When..?”


    For the DS106 radio show, each group member was tasked with creating their own radio bumper.  For my submission, I wanted to try my best to capture the essence of what I intended the show to be: a retelling of important historical events from one’s own perspective.  The first two …

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    Autotune Something: Rap Cat!


    For the audio assignment Autotune Something, we were tasked with autotuning something that was not normally autotuned.  I decided that I would autotune a cat’s meow! The inspiration for this idea came from an old Checker’s commercial that a lot of people probably remember which featured a character known …

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    Sound Scape: Amusement Park!


    I have always loved amusements parks like Disneyland or King’s Dominion since I was little.  With this audio assignment, I really tried to capture the feeling of being fully immersed in the sounds and atmosphere that you would expect to find in one of these parks.  I incorporated various sounds …

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    Picante Radio: “Where were you when…?” + My Contribution


    For our radio show “Where were you when…?”, each group member will be telling their experiences before, during, and after major events (real or fictional) throughout history.  I chose this idea as my favorite after a brainstorming session, and after pitching it to my group members we decided that …

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    DS106 Week 6 Summary


    The design assignments were definitely the most time consuming part of this week.  As a bit of a perfectionist, I spent way more time on the design assignments this week than I probably should have.  However, I feel that extra time I spent elevated the quality of what I produced.…

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    DS106 Design Safari


    The Design Safari was my favorite assignment of the week.  I came across many different examples of good and bad design elements, and decided to include my four favorites here.


    Though technically the sky is not something that can be designed per se, I was amazed at how well …

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    Daily Creates: Week 6!


    Another week means another four Daily Creates!  I got a little more hands-on with my creates for this week.

    Create 1: Water and Glass Movement.  Probably the least exciting create of the week.  Just water moving around in a glass, however, one can not deny the beauty and rhythm of …

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    The Ultimate Merger: SubHut!


    For my Ultimate Merger, I decided to combine two of America’s most prominent fast food franchises: Subway and Pizza Hut!  SubHut would function similar to Subway now…except they would deliver!  Customers could build their sandwiches online, and have them delivered to their front door in 30 minutes or less.  …

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    Design Assignment: Fast Forward!


    While browsing the Design Assignment bank I came across the Fast Forward assignment.  Immediately, I knew that I had to do this assignment.  Conveniently enough, back in April I downloaded the AgingBooth app on a whim from the iTunes app store onto my phone. The app allows the user to …

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    Breaking Bad Minimalist TV Poster!


    This assignment took me way longer to complete than it probably should have, simply because I was not very familiar with GIMP, the image manipulation software that I used to make this poster.  Once I got a grasp of the software however, making the poster became a breeze!  Breaking Bad …

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    Ds106 Week 5 Summary


    Whew, what a week!  I was never much of a photographer so having to break out my iPhone camera and take pictures was not something that I was very comfortable doing.  Despite this, I did my best to dive in and explore this new, unexplored territory that is photography.

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    Apophenia: Windmill Air Freshener


    As I was sitting at my desk working on homework, I noticed my can of air freshener and immediately realized what I was going to do for my Apophenia.  How great would it be to have a windmill that dispersed air freshener?  I thought that it would be amazing and …

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    Daily Creates: Week 5!


    For the Daily Creates this week, I tried to incorporate the photography tips in at least one of my creates.

    Create 1: Uncropped Road Sign.

    This picture implies that the mother and child in this school crossing sign are fleeing from a large dinosaur!  All three features of the picture …

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    Becoming a Better Photographer: Rule of Thirds


    The tip that I ended up using in this photo was the rule of thirds.  It is difficult to be fully conscious of this rule when taking pictures, however I managed to make it work in this picture!  The UMW campus is crawling with all kinds of furry critters, and …

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    Pimping up Flickr!


    Customizing my Flickr page this week was a pretty simple task!  Of the suggestions on the list, I went ahead and changed my Flickr url to match my blog title (The Daniel Adams Experience).  I also linked my UMW Twitter account to my Flickr!

    For the last part of the …

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    Ds106 Photoblitz!



     When I first saw the photoblitz assigment, I was a little baffled as to how I was going to accomplish some of the photo requirements!  After a little brainstorming, I came up with a few ideas and decided to give the 20-minute photoblitz a try!


    As I was …

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    Visual Assignment: Recolored lanyard!


    I chose this assignment as it seemed fairly simple but also rather unique.  Most people do not think to take pictures of ordinary, everyday objects, so I took the opportunity to do it!  I took of my school lanyard laying on my desk.  

    As I do not have any photo …

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    Splash of Color: Betta Fish!


    For my first Visual Assignment, I decided to do the Splash of Color assignment!  At first, I was unsure of how to start, but after a quick Google search I came across the Touch Color app.

    After downloading the app, I opened it up and decided I would color a …

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    Ds106 Week 4 Summary


    Well, it looks like yet another week is down!  Coming into this week I was a little apprehensive as I have never really worked with audio in the past and was worried how my assignments were going to turn out.  After diving into my first assignment I realized that it …

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