1. dadams4

    Daily Creates: Week 4!


    The Daily Creates this week were a little bit more tricky than the past couple of weeks!  Overall though, I am satisfied with mine turned out!

    Create 1: Visualizing a run

    This thought crosses my mind often when I am being lazy, and usually motivates me to get up and …

  2. dadams4

    My DS106 Radio Experience!


    Let me just first say that DS106 radio is a really cool idea!  I have actually encountered an online radio like this before, and I’m glad to see that it is beginning to be a growing trend.  It took me quite a few tries to get the radio station actually …

  3. dadams4

    Reverse Audio Quiz


    It took me a little while to think of a song that I liked and was fairly well known, but not incredibly easy to guess! This track was made by simply importing the music clip into Audacity, and then using the reverse effect on the song!  Now here are the …

  4. dadams4

    My First Audio Story: A Morning Walk!


    For my first audio story, I decided that I wanted to recreate the sounds that you would expect to hear on a morning walk!  I myself love early morning walk/runs, and these are some of the sounds that I hear when I am out early in the morning!

    This sound …

  5. dadams4

    About Audio Storytelling: Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad


    Glass and Abumrad make a lot of interesting points about the value of audio storytelling.  One main point that was particularly interesting was the potential for empathy with radio, something that cannot be effectively conveyed through television.  When you hear someone tell a story, your imagination creates an image of …

  6. dadams4

    Ds 106 Week Three Summary


    This week has probably taken me more time and effort than the past two weeks combined!  I tried a couple of new things this week, and hope to incorporate even more new forms of media in the coming weeks!  I am happy with the way my blog is going-I enjoy …

  7. dadams4

    Moonrise Kingdom: The Silent Film


    While browsing past DS106 projects, I came across this silent film rendition of the trailer for Moonrise Kingdom, a movie that was released back in 2012.  I actually had not heard of this movie before watching this trailer, and it was not until I researched the film that I realized …

  8. dadams4

    What Storytelling Means to Me


    To me, storytelling is sharing my experiences with those around me in any way possible.  I think of ancient cave paintings such as the ones from Lascaux France, I think of ancient Native American tribes telling tales around the fire, I think of autobiographies, biographies, novels, video blogs, songs.  The …

  9. dadams4

    “Things Fall Apart”-Vonnegut Style!


    Check out my rendition of Things Fall Apart-Vonnegut Style!

    To create this video, I used two programs.  The first was Microsoft Expression Encoder 4, which is essentially just a screen capture program and editing software.  The second, was obviously Microsoft Paint!  I simply opened up a clean paint program on …

  10. dadams4

    DS106 Week Two Summary


    Wow, I cannot believe it has been another week!

    This week’s work has undeniably been much more difficult and time-consuming than the previous week’s!  Thankfully the lectures and articles we were required to read were interesting-it made the work much more easy to bear!

    For me, the most logical task …

  11. dadams4

    My Daily Creates: Week 2!


    Create 1:  Just a funny picture that I think describes the relationship I have with my friends-fun and easygoing!

    Create 2: Rollerminton!  This would be really fun to play…Too bad no one rollerblades anymore…

    Create 3: A little cliche, but nonetheless the best and most important shield that belongs to …

  12. dadams4

    A lowdown on the LoDown


    Hello everyone!  I would like to start off by saying this is probably the first podcast I have ever listened to, likely because the topics usually have not been of much interest to me.  With that being said, I have to say Scott’s podcast was a great one to start …

  13. dadams4

    My Thoughts on Building a Cyber Infrastrucure


    This article addresses a real problem that has existed for a while in the classroom-students only focusing on getting a certain grade rather than actual learning.  Often times this is the fault of the teachers/schools themselves.  In Virginia public schools for example, the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) tests are …

  14. dadams4

    Becoming Knowledge-able


    I just want to start off by saying that Dr. Wesch is a very entertaining speaker!  He really makes me wish I could take a course with him, even though to be honest I do not have much interest in Anthropology!  That, as well as his obvious eagerness to teach …

  15. dadams4

    Hot Rod Pool Jump Gif!


    I chose to make a gif from one of the beginning scenes from one of my favorite movies of all time-Hot Rod!  It’s a rather goofy movie about young and ambitious stuntman Rod Kimble’s aspirations and struggles to become a world-renowned stuntman.  In this scene, Rod is attempting to jump …

  16. dadams4

    DS106 Week One Summary!


    Hey everyone!  The work for this course so far this week has been time-consuming, but also rather enjoyable.  I’ve had my eye on this course since the end of last semester, but finding a spot proved to be quite difficult!  Thankfully though I was able to find a spot in …

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