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    Step 1: Pick an image that includes an object in a place. ( The objects I’ll be using are the people) Step 2: Pick a place you want your object to be in. Step 3: Pick an item you want to include with the object. Now let’s begin t he …

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    Step 1: Pick a movie poster with an animal on it Step 2: Pick an image editing software that allows you to rotate, move, blur, and mesh images. Step 3: Select an area on the animal you want to appear moving .(i.e. like a fin on a shark or a …

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    Final Reflection/Summary Post:14 &15


    My final reflection post. It has been a long semester. A semester that just seem to keep dragging on ! I finally finishes all my exams but I’m still working on ds106. This past weeks I worked on the Black widow agency. I felt that they built a good case …

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    Tell A Joke!


    “Knock Knock!” “Who’s there?” “Who!” “Who Who?” “Owl.” I decided to create a daily create asking the audience to tell a joke.  I feel that so often we are so busy with our lives that we lose fun in what we’re doing. We either over work ourselves and lose humor …

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    New black widow: Evidence reveal 8


    When we got back to maggie’s hosue we found the dog and cat hurdled up together. They knew that this will be the end of the. So we took them down to the animal station and  arrested them for hindering evidence. We were okay with what black widow did in …

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    New black widow: evidence reveal 7


    After further investigating back widow agency email. We were able to find an email from Daphne and Meodreds evil twin stating to send her off to Japan. So we flew to japan and we found that Meodred was at the hello kitty cafe locked up. We were able to send …

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    New black widow: evidence reveal 6


    After interviewing NoirCat, they were able to see that noircat was upset. She was upset because she felt neglected from the ds106 community in which Maggie is apart of. That dog that was seen with Maggie comes to find out that they were working along side each other to make …

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    New black widow: evidence reveal 5


    I looks as though the black widow agency has been fault and leaving behind a lot of clues. We were able to see that their anonymous tip wasn’t so anonymous. After going through black widows email I was able to uncover that the black widow agency has been speaking with …

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    New Black Widow: evidence reveal 4


    In evidence 5 the black widow agency were able to find soft paws that were left behind They were able to trace this back to noirCat as seen in the photo for having the same soft paws.  What the didn’t realize was that if you zoomed out you could see …

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    New black widow:evidence reveal 3


    In their fourth evidence discovery they were abe to uncover a tag left behind. They also went to the abandoned house further escaping the disappearance of meodred. They then went to cat’s closet on caroline st to find that NoirCat had ran off through the kitty door before they were …

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    New BlackWidow: evidence reveal 2


    In evidence three the black widow agency investigates groom and daphnes home. In the home they were able to find  a black box surrounded by other gaming equipment. They believe it was used to deactivate the microchip.   How could this be so?! Black widow agency didn’t have a keen …

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    New BlackWidow : evidence 1 reveal


    In the first case the black widow agency was able to recover a note. The note allowed them to see that meodred wasn’t hiding from Maggie but instead catnapped! In the second evidence they interviewed Daphne.  i didn’t understand how this could be when I literally saw Daphne leaving from …

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    Comments Week 13


    http://www.dsnoir106.kassiarivera.com/blog/assignments/visual/final-update-im-done/#comment-769 http://www.thejota.com/ds106/dear-die-ary/#comment-18906 http://landonepp.com/character/dear-diary-we-almost-died/ http://ds106.kendallparker.com/ds106/and-thats-a-wrap/#comment-708 http://kelsroach.com/weekly-summary/if-we-arrest-groom-does-that-give-us-a-free-pass-for-the-rest-of-the-semester/#comment-607 http://mboleis.com/weekly-summaries/we-should-have-called-our-agency-mystery-inc-and-gotten-a-dog-named-scooby-doo/#comment-773 https://stirruptrouble.wordpress.com/2015/04/19/journal-entry-2/comment-page-1/#comment-12 http://trysoccer29.com/writing-assignments/visual/love-at-first-shot/#comment-832 http://janellegelino.com/sebastian-crane/closing-the-case-of-the-missing-noir-cat/#comment-1515 http://3lilangels.us/weekly-summary-post/13-unlucky-for-some-not-all/#comment-378…

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    Are we there yet?


    While editing images for my case, I thought it’d be a great idea to make this an assignment. I took an existing images of these fellow people.…

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    Weekly Summary #13


    Yay! It was my birthday today. I celebrated it with my husband and daughter. That was the highlight of my day. After I got back from church I went straight into finishing up the case. It took all day and them some. Since this case has been going on my …

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    SparKling Closed a Case


    Groom and Misha both lived in CA at when they were a part of a Mafia Group. Groom got Mish arrested and sent to prison. While Misha was in prison Groom moved to Virginia and got married. After Misha got out of jail he planned his attack towards Groom.  Misha …

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    Status Update 16: We found the Groomster!


    The day was getting darker. We got back to Virginia after we arrested Misha. So we gathered all our evidence and tried to connect the dots… So here was what we came up with: The mental case was Misha. Groom corrupted the mafia’s plan and got Misha sent to jail …

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    Status Update 15: Misha meets Sara


    Before I went back to the dressing room I was in the restroom next door. I heard a voice coming from Sara’s dressing room that I wasn’t voice I was familiar with. So I went back to the dressing room and saw that it was Misha! He was wearing some …

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    Status Update 14: The Mental Case


    Flash back from the day Rose was reading the newspaper. She came across the article of a mental case who got released from jail. Comes to find that Misha was the mental case that was released from ail. Even though he was released on good behavior he was still harmful …

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    Status Update 13: All the clues


    We were able to gather up the clues to sit down and point out what was going on with what and why. Sara noticed an important detail n the letter to Groom. There was a wing at the top of the letter that must signify something. Then there was the …

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    Rose King’s favorite hobby is to plant flowers. She enjoys it because she sees that life is forming. She’s trying to give back to the world as well. Her music and her moto is tell spread love and passionate emotion. She spreads love and emotion through her music.. Another way …

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    Status Update 12: Casino Royale


    We got to the casino in Barona, California. It was quite a lovely place. Right now we’re here eating at their buffet! Apparently, Sara had an ex-lover who used to work here. Seriously, what is up with all these ex-boyfriends of hers!? We took the deck of cards to her …

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    Status Update 11:Made from Casino


    We met with the investigator after being contacted by groom via twitter. So far we know that Groom was apart of the mafia. Misha is in on our case (but why?! we still aren’t sure why?!) balloons mean something we have to us art noir is the place comments will …

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    Status Update 10: Where is Groom?


    We have some fortunate news. Groom is still alive. Groom was able to get a hold of us via twitter the other day. We have to get everyone to believe us otherwise finding Groom will have no hope! Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to tell us where he is because it’s …

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    Life As An Animal (4 stars)


    Rose King loves tea cup pigs! She fostered one when the tiny pig was abandoned by her mother. Rose took great care of them and takes pictures of them from time to time. She had a day off from her performance and took pictures of them. They start their day …

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    Status Update 9: The Groomster


    Status update 9 By this time we’re back in Los Angeles, California..After finding the man in the background Sara and I head to Groom’s mother’s house to find more clues. As we approach the house we see his mother out gardening. We walk towards and she welcomes us in her …

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    Visual Assignement: From Place to Place


    In the photo example I took an image of my daughter and placed her under the sea. I did this because it reminded me of when she used to be inside my tummy swimming around. So I took an existing image of her and an image under the water and …

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    Weekly Summary #12


    This week has been alright. There are a ton of projects and labs left to do and there’s only two weeks left of school. I just can’t wait to be done for the semester so I can finally have a break. I can’t believe my baby is almost 4 months! …

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    Comments Week 12


    http://ds106.kendallparker.com/ds106/we-are-off-and-running/#comment-587 http://alayton8.com/black-widow-agency/collecting-the-evidence/#comment-413 http://www.saharalkhelaifi.com/ds106/assignments/the-man-in-the-background-7/#comment-887 http://julaszakovits.com/uncategorized/i-dont-know-jack/#comment-694 http://noir106.marthaburtis.net/uncategorized/my-sweet-grandma/#comment-667…

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