1. dalinafoo

    Status Update 8: The man in the background


    Whoever this person is seems to be toying around. He says in order to find Groom we need to use art. But why is he on our tracks?! My guess is that we’re on a time limit. Either we find Groom first or this guy gets to us and groom …

  2. dalinafoo

    Status Update 7: The meeting


    It was all just a blur that night. My head was spinning after the performance… I don’t know what it was. Must’ve been what I ate from that Noir cuisine restaurant.. .. After I got done with the performance I met up with Sara Sparkle. We were able to break …

  3. dalinafoo

    Status Update 5: The Anonymous Note


    So we were back stage and I was getting ready for my performance.  My nerves were getting to me. I was getting sweaty hands like I usually do before my performance. We then stumble upon an anonymous note.  As if the day couldn’t get any worse! I was already running …

  4. dalinafoo

    Status Update 5:Coffee and Morning Paper


    Rose: Good morning! It’s a great day to be alive, read the morning paper, and have a good cup of mocha. All that has happened since Sara and I have been in California has been crazy. Hopefully the rest of the week will get better.  There’s always some crazy news …

  5. dalinafoo

    Status Update 4


    Rose: It’s so windy and dark out, here at the Golden Gate bridge. We meet up with. So we tell Sara’s ex, who is apparently a private investigator about what all that has been happening to us. We let him in on what’s going on and what all information we …

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    Status Update 3


    Rose: While the sun is still out, barely out, and the street lights have yet to come on, we head to dinner! We hop in the cab and like all cab drives, they’re so awkward. Sara whispers to me how creepy the cab drive looks lol. I’m getting that odd …

  7. dalinafoo

    Status Update 2


    Rose: We’re here at the hotel! It’s been a long dreadful trip. The hotel seemed like all other nice hotels. With it’s fancy elevator music and it’s welcoming sent of freshly done linen.  Around afternoon Sara and I separated and headed to our rooms. I get an odd feeling. That …

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    Comments 10


    http://alayton8.com/daily-creations/two-dailies/#comment-393 http://umwteaching4tomorrow.com/detective-longs/who-am-i/#comment-373 http://adventuresofm.org/daily-creates/bro-meo-oh-bro-meo-where-art-thou-bro-meo/#comment-352 http://heyitsleanna.com/assignments/todays-word-of-the-day-is/#comment-764 http://ds106.emilybostaph.org/blog/weekly-summary/i-was-dropped-on-my-head-as-a-baby/#comment-2037 http://kinzer.us/noir-106/turay-narrative/#comment-398 http://kinzer.us/noir-106/queen-latifah-highlights/#comment-399 http://kinzer.us/noir-106/odell-beckham/#comment-400 http://www.tylerdaig.com/Blog/weekly-summaries/week-ten-lots-of-fun/#comment-211 http://briannecomden34.com/weekly-summaries/10-is-bigger-than-9/#comment-248…

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    Comments Week 11


    Comments: http://ds106.emilybostaph.org/blog/assignment-bank/two-in-the-pink-one-in-the-stink/#comment-2036 http://www.phoenixtakesflight.com/post/daily-creates/#comment-7652 http://www.brianburnsofficial.com/daily-creates/every-damn-day/#comment-220 http://thedarktimes.chelseairizarry.org/assignments/agency-photo/#comment-197 http://www.dshargis106.com/ds106/the-past-vs-present/#comment-278 http://www.dshargis106.com/ds106/my-card/#comment-279 http://thedarktimes.chelseairizarry.org/assignments/darkening-agencys-pinterest-can-be-quite-interesting/#comment-198 http://www.dsnoir106.kassiarivera.com/blog/assignments/jones-callaway/#comment-522 http://ds106.steverechter.com/visual-assignments/movie-mashup/#comment- 155http://www.mariamk.com/assignments/design-a-license-plate/#comment-770…

  10. dalinafoo

    How It All Began


    3 stars Our group came together in the year 2013. We joined forces to make music and spread the word of love. Sara and Rose met up with the other group members through friends on social media. They saw each others talents and potential. All the group members were in …

  11. dalinafoo

    Weekly Summary #11


    The week has been getting better. Still a lot of load of work from all my classes but there seems to be less due dates. I feel like I have created a lot of things from taking part in this class. It amazes me. It’s been very creative, original, and …

  12. dalinafoo

    Character Resume


    Objective: We encourage innovation. We take responsibility for our customer’s satisfaction. We are responsible, accountable, respectful, effective, and efficient live performance Group. Make a difference in the way art is delivered to the audience.Being accountable and cheerful group. Education and Training Sara Sparkle: Institution Name: Julliard School Field of Study: …

  13. dalinafoo

    Weekly Summary #10


    This past week has been painful. So many projects and work that I can’t find time to do. My favorite daily create was making the “let me take a selfie” video. I’m looking forward to the final unit project to work with a group . I keep forgetting to do …

  14. dalinafoo

    Daily Creates week 10


    Talk to a stranger http://tdc.ds106.us/writings/so-there-i-was/ Finger print art Single colour scavenger hunt These white cars are so bright. I hate them! They make my eyes hurt because of there brightness.…

  15. dalinafoo

    Final Unit Choice


    My final unit choice will be to work in a group. I feel that any brain, that’s more than one, can produce work that’s very creative and brilliant. More minds are better than one!…

  16. dalinafoo

    Interview Questions for Character


    1. What is your name? My name is Rose King 2. What is your quest? My quest is to become a country star and make peace in the world. 3. Do you believe in God? I believe in God. I have faith and believe he is the answer to all …

  17. dalinafoo

    15 Stars of Video Assignments


    Life As An Animal (4 stars) Rose King loves tea cup pigs! She fostered one when the tiny pig was abandoned by her mother. Transformation(5 stars) Her favorite hobby is to plant flowers. She enjoys it because she sees that life is forming. She’s trying to give back to the …

  18. dalinafoo

    Weekly Summary #9


    This past week has been quite heck-tic. There’s a lot of work coming now towards the end of the semester. There’s a bunch to keep up with. More and more each week I see my character coming alive and becoming her own person. I enjoyed the rainy poem because it …

  19. dalinafoo

    Video Essay


    In the film Notorious, I chose to analyze the wine cellar scene.  I thought it was interesting as to why, in Brazil, they would have Champagne. Champagne is a product of France..I also saw that the bottle of Burgundy weren’t lying on their sides like the other bottles. It was …

  20. dalinafoo

    Final Radio Reflection


    Overall, I think in our radio we covered what we initially  wanted in terms of theme. It was hard trying to make sense of noir with our theme but I think we were able to express the noir style very clearly. I would ave liked to have had a longer …

  21. dalinafoo

    Radio Listen #2


    On Thursday the 19th I listened to Dinner Party at 6. I chose to listen to them because I saw that they were a big group. I wasn’t entirely sure what their theme was going to be just by the name of the group so I wanted to be surprised. …

  22. dalinafoo

    Favorite Actor/Actress Highlight Reel


    3 stars My favorite character is Simba. He grows up to take over. Similar to Rose King, she wants to become the next big country singer and take it to a new level. She has a new style of counry twang. Through music she wants to educate and lift the …

  23. dalinafoo

    Highlight Reels


    5 stars Her name is called Ronda Rousey. Rose King, my character, resembles her a lot. She has overcome many battles just like Rousey. My character used to have a run in with drugs  a long time ago before she found what she was meant to do. That was to …

  24. dalinafoo

    Weekly Summary #8


    Coming back from week I felt I haven’t been around for so long! Week 8 just slipped by without a notice. It was a bit rocky getting back into the routine of the assignments. Looking through all the inspirations really moved me to become inspired in some way to rethink …

  25. dalinafoo

    Different Point Of View – Same Place


    4 stars This scene shows Sara Sparkle and Rose King catching up with each other. They haven’t seen each other in 5 years.  Their emotions filled with joy when they were able to see each other and talk to one another after so long. They laughed and cried talking about …

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