1. Danni Santana

    DS106 Final Reflection


    So the end of the semester has finally come and all that is left for me to do is my final project will be a mash up of what connects all Looney Tunes cartoons and this final reflection post. Don’t worry I will definitely keep my site even after the …

  2. Danni Santana

    Jim Groom’s Archiving Reflection Post


    Jim Groom’s talk focuses on archiving and the idea of what it means to archive. Not only that he also talks about what are the different ways to archive. To my surprise he did not say that all archiving is done online. We have been archiving in one way or …

  3. Danni Santana

    Demotivate Yourself Remixed


    Had to use original ds106 assignment demotivate yourself and remix it with what I thought fit the original assignment perfectly; remix it with the remix card “the opposer” The completion of this assignment was worth 5 stars.

    The student who’s work I used took a picture of a deer tied …

  4. Danni Santana

    An Album Cover Remixed


    This assignment was a remix assignment from ds106 worth 4 stars. The idea was to take this original assignment An Album Cover and remix it by either translating the content or adding something from a different langauge. So here’s what I did.

    The Album cover I used is from this …

  5. Danni Santana

    Movie Scenes That Changed my Life!!!


    Everyone has favorite movies and reasons for those movies being their favorite movies. This assignment let you explain using scenes from some of those movies why they impacted you the way that they did. This assignment made you think a lot not just about the movies you were going to …

  6. Danni Santana

    Video Essay- Forrest Gump


    This assignment was incredibly annoying because it took me forever to learn how to download a youtube video into a program that iMovie would let me import. When I finally did it the process from there on was painless. I ended up using a Firefox Add-on called Video Download Helper …

  7. Danni Santana

    Plinkett Review- The Vow


    This was going to be the smash hit of Valentine’s Day… Yeah right. I hated this movie. The actors in it Rachel McAdams and Channing tatum I am big fans of, but whoever wrote the script of this movie should really jump off a roof. Frankly the fact that they …

  8. Danni Santana

    1 Second is all You Need to Tell a Story


    The assignment was to tell as much of a story as you could in just one second. Since I was doing laundry I decided to tell a story of me doing laundry. Seems simple enough right. Hey! I mean if you only have one second to tell a story wouldn’t …

  9. Danni Santana

    Recording A Memory


    This assignment was simple enough. I had to record a family member or friend recalling a memory from their childhood and put it up on YouTube. I decided to use my sister and she recalled a memory about her first day of High School. Seemingly because it was the first …

  10. Danni Santana

    Framed Bad Boys II Style


    This is the original 2 minute scene from the movie Bad Boys II. It’s the Reggie Scene where Martin Lawrence’s daughter is going on her first date so naturally the father (Martin) has to scare the crap out of the date before they go out.

    This is the frame that …

  11. Danni Santana

    I’m Forest… Forest Gump


    Forest Gump is nothing short of an American classic. The lengthy yet incredible movie tells the story of the most controversial war in American History, The Vietnam War, through the eyes of an idiot. What’s so great about the film is the idea of it. Anyone could have done a …

  12. Danni Santana

    The Juice Crew 20 Minute Radio show


    My role in this 20 minute radio project was well to do a little bit of everything. We all did everything collectively. We came up with the ideas of what to talk about and then met up in the bottom floor of the York College Library to do the radio …

  13. Danni Santana

    Say it Like Peanut Butter (The Godfather)


    Anyone who has gotten the pleasure to know me knows my favorite movie is the American classic The Godfather. The scene that sticks with you when you watch the movie is the horse scene. For those who haven’t seen the movie (shame on u) the horse scene is when famous …

  14. Danni Santana

    A Montage/Collage of One of my Favorite Places


    The assignment called for me to create a montage with pictures to help describe one of my favorite places in the world. For me the choice was easy, Yankee Stadium. I was going to use pictures of the old stadium, but decided against it because although it is more historic …

  15. Danni Santana

    thebleepblog.net 2012-03-02 17:04:54


    First off let me just say that for this assignment it is way better to use Superlame than it is to use picnik or Aviary. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to even create a bubble on those sites. I would add text, but then not know …

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