1. de-norm

    One Final Story (The Story)

    Final Project – Stuck in the Gutter of Boredom

    This is yet another normal, boring day for Neil. Sitting in the gas station, sipping on something he grabbed from the back room that didn’t have a large sticker on it, and listening to the rain outside. It’s just Greenhill’s Red …

  2. de-norm

    Four Weeks Over, One To Go.

    Weekly Summary Week 4

    So we’ve reached the end of yet another week in our time here on this blog. It’s been a fun ride, I guess? Four weeks of four different mediums of representation on the digital space and four weeks of adventure. This week went by faster than …

  3. de-norm

    Reading with No Words.

    Summary of Reading Movies.

    As I began reading the article written by Roger Ebert, I felt as if this would be a pretentious person talking about movies the way English teachers talk about symbolism or metaphors. They find meaning where there is none and attempt to make a bigger deal …

  4. de-norm

    An Alien on Earth (More First Contacts)

    Comments of Week 3

    Guess who knows how to make comments on things? This little alien that is me.

    Yes, I am pretty sure this week is Mass Effect themed. I only played it once this week, and I’ve only finished the first one. (Got really scared to do the …

  5. de-norm

    The Spooky Hand on the Moon.

    Week 3 Reading – Moon Graffiti 

    As this audio journey began, I was sucked into the time of Neil and Bud, sitting right behind them on the ship in space, wondering what was wrong. Everything felt enclosed, as if I couldn’t move and really might not want to. Then, in …

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