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    Athletes (My People)


    To match the theme, I decided to do a slideshow comprised of pictures of professional athletes and myself I’ve met over the past few months. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to possibly play professional football and that is really heavy on my mind right now as the draft is …

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    Weekly Summary


    I was absent this week but I was told that I was assigned to the Minimalist Poster group for the class project. I was able to do the Daily Shoot assignment and it was very cool. I found myself looking at things with a photographic eye. 

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    RE: Jon


    This story was very…different. The beginning drew me in because it was humorous. I can remember being young and how adults promoted “self-love” but then some said it was an abomination. But regardless, the story took some turns that I definitely did not expect. There were some high points and …

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    Weekly Summary

    Albums Without Sound Post

    Flow Rate “It Goes On Forever”

    Design Creates

    Mona Cat
    OSU Ted
    Sprint T&T
    Autumn Splash

    Minimalism Reading and Blog Assignment

    Ghost Dad movie book cover

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    I Can Read Movies (Minimalism)


    This book cover represents the surface meaning of the movie but not exactly how the movie functioned.

    I found this book cover interesting because it actually makes the movie seem more animated, or interesting.

    I don’t believe any of William’s principles to be at play here.

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    Mona Cat (Design Create)


    This assignment was both random and hilarious.

    I first added the painting to photoshop.
    Then I searched through the Creative Commons for a specific type of cat that would fit in this picture.
    I hid the painting while I used the lasso tool to outline and erase the cat’s background.…

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    Sprint T&T (Design Create)


    If these two companies merged, I feel that maybe my iPhone signal wouldn’t be terrible.

    I found each logo and added them to photoshop.
    I used the lasso tool to remove the excess background and Sprint logo and I placed it under the AT&T logo.

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    OSU TED (Design Create)


    This picture represents Brutus trying to educate people about how amazing Michigan is because OSU sucks.

    I downloaded the TED template.
    I found a picture of Brutus.
    I used the lasso tool to outline him
    To erase his background: Select > Inverse then I used the erase tool
    Finally, I …

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    Autumn Splash (Design Create)


    When I moved to Michigan I was amazed by the way the leaves turned colors. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It took me a while to figure out that this was because they were dying. In Florida, the leaves don’t change colors the way they do here. …

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    RE: Albums Without Sound


    This album caught my attention first because of the colors: yellow and blue. But overall, it seemed very calming. If I had to guess how this album sounded, I guess that the tracks would be very soft and soothing, sort of like meditation music or something. This picture is amazing, …

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    Weekly Summary


    I finished up my radio assignments. Although brief, I really enjoyed that section. The VOX POP format was my favorite, it allowed me to put people on the spot and get their real reactions.

    I was a little skeptical about the visual portion but I found googling tutorials was very …

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    Wolverine Bumper Sticker


    I decided to chose this design assignment because I saw a “Proud Parent” sticker for a middle school. It made me wonder why I’ve never seen one for college. We deserve one. So I made one.

    I made my canvas size 1936 x 500 so that it could resemble a …

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    Re: How Images Think


    CC Flickr

    This was an interesting piece to read. I agreed with the argument being made. Images do connect people. They are a form of communication. This made me think of the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Just one picture can tell so many different stories.

    In …

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    Design Create One: Let It Out


    I’m currently in Florida and there was a tornado watch in effect. I was frustrated because I wanted good weather so I took this photo.

    I added the Gaussian Effect and set it to 5.0 by 5.0. Then I added the Wind Effect. Finally, I adjusted the Brightness to -91…
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    Audio Project: Test Anxiety


    Out of all the things I’ve experienced in school, taking tests have to be the best. To be honest, I feel like tests don’t show a student’s true ability because there’s so much anxiety behind it. This piece captures that anxiety.

    I first gathered and recorded all the sounds that…
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    Audio Project: Wining and Dining (Final)


    After the in-class workshop, it was suggested that I place the responses in a particular order.  I chose to put the girl’s response first and then the guys to follow. I felt that this showed how little guys know about what a girl really wants.

    I used garageband to edit…

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