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    “Ear Rape is a term used to define distorted or very loud sound clips or songs that pop out on YouTube or flash videos, generally screamersYouTube poops or montage parodies, even it is generally being included as jumpscare on screamers, it can be also intended to be annoying …

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    CHILL! just relax


    For this assignment I wanted to grab sounds from my favorite environment and throw them together to create a short little playlist that is peaceful and easy to listen to and fall asleep too. I grabbed and compiled my sounds and songs into Audacity and mixed them all together to …

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    Listen closely…


    I jumped on to this train a little late but I had a lot of fun running through everything and everyone’s comments. This is a great way to build community and get together on a common ground. My twitter wasn’t poppin too much this time around but I’m sure and …

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    I don’t have a ton of ideas for a radio show but if I were to create on I’d like it to be a little different than all the others. Not open with dumb trivia questions. Maybe talk about some interesting news that others don’t discuss but keep it fun …

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    Bump to the Bumper


    This assignment was actually super fun especially because I want to start getting into this field a little bit more and exploring options, but for this assignment all I did was record my voice with a little clip of what we’re tuning into and then I found a track royalty …

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    Weekly Sum….uhhhh


    Not sure if we have a weekly summary for today (02/19/21) But all I found was to complete this form for who’s posts I liked the most! I’ll give a quick recap just in case though! We had quite a few assignments this week starting with the blog post about …

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    Alright, that was pretty fun. I love challenges like this because they force the person taking the pictures to think on their feet and I think you can get a more genuine picture sometimes because of this. This took me 13 minutes to do and I definitely have my own …

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    The Pinch!


    For this assignment we had to recreate a scene from a favorite movie of ours This scene is from the movie The Maze Runner, before thomas runs into the maze. I absolutely love this movie and I did not do this scene justice! I used a trash can and …

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    This assignment was to place a celebrity somewhere where they don’t belong. I wanted to make a silhouette of jackson sliding but couldn’t find anything like that on the internet. So I went with one of him celebrating and asked myself “what would that look like if he was off …

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    Collage? Message?


    This assignment asked us to create a message using collages or multiple images and I really like Orange Juice and its benefits so here goes nothing. There wasn’t much of a thought process here. I just liked the idea of a college and creating what I wanted to create.

    See! …

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    For this post I’ve chosen to evaluate two of the pictures I’ve taken fairly recently. Here we will be looking to evaluate;

    – selection
    – contrast
    – perspective
    – depth
    – balance
    – moment
    – lighting
    – foreground/background

    Obviously these photos will not look as good as they do from …

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    All About Visuals


    I just recently started trying to develop my skills in photography, coming from doing and enjoying videography mostly. But thus far I have really enjoyed it and it’s incredible how much one can accomplish and provoke from a single photo. This assignment is just the beginning, but here I can …

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    Anotha One Down!


    week 3 (2/8-2/12)

    Yet another week goes by and there are more stories to write! This week was an interesting twist on digital storytelling because we used all words believe it or not! I enjoy things that are more so on the photo and video side of things but this …

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    Today!.. In a Cafe!


    This assignment is probably going to be the toughest this week because I’m not the best poet but I wanted to give it a shot and the image looks interesting so this is my best poem using this image–>

    Sitting in this open room
    I ponder what life could be…

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    Dear me.


    Dear me,

    I hope all is well and that you are continuing to follow your passions, I know it hasn’t been easy and that greed and hate can fill your mind so quickly, but don’t let that take away from all the good you have done. 10 years went by …

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    Bring it in!


    There’s a lot to unpack in those readings and videos one and two, but I think linking them to my story makes for an interesting post! Personally I’ve always really liked the types of videos we had to watch because they open the eye to a new and interesting …

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    The Story Ain’t Ova Yet


    02/05/2021 (week 2)

    This week has been pretty crazy for me, I’m currently a part of the Army Reserves and we have been on mission in DC since January 6th and they just let the college guys get home for school so I have been dealing with that and a …

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    B-ROLL? Waaa?


    B-Roll in the film industry is used for secondary shots, shots that tie in a nice touch to the main story, shots that add a little extra dynamic. It’s a fun concept and I’ve done a few projects like this, so I thought this could be fun! I wasn’t really …

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    Me, myself, and I


    This assignment immediately caught my eye, because of the intricacy of it all! I’ve always wanted to do something in this domain and this was my chance.

    I look a different approach to this project than what is posted in the official Assignment description page. I wanted to create multiples …

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    Weekly Summery (1/25 – 1/29)


    Week one didn’t have much going on, but I absolutely loved seeing everyone else’s posts and what they had to talk about, it’s pretty cool seeing how different everyone views the world around them. This week was obviously getting everyone acclimated to their new classes and for some getting used …

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    Mine and Maybe Yours


    This was certainly an interesting theme to ponder upon for the first week of class. I feel that this could go into a lot of detail, but then again maybe that’s it’s intended purpose. I can’t say I’ve been through a whole lot or suffered tremendously in life because I …

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