1. devangel426

    Part #5: Finale and Weekly Summary 15


    *I forgot that I had to do all of this in one single blog post and by the time I finished my third part of my project, it was too late. So I’m going to combine my finale (Part 5) and my weekly summary into this post, as well as …

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    Part #4: Fugitive


    As we move closer towards the end of this story, Popeye finds himself on the run and a wanted fugitive of all major federal law enforcement agencies. With this thought in mind, I thought it would be appropriate to use the “WANTED Poster” assignment as a basis for …

  3. devangel426

    Part #3: Refusal to Confront Issues/Legal Problems


    The next chapter of this adventure revolves around Popeye’s refusal in answering the world’s questions about the global crisis regarding spinach shortages. I searched into the vast areas of the assignment bank, and I finally found one that I thought was appropriate enough for my theme. It is called “…

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    Part #2: Major Problem


    In Popeye’s next part of his adventure, he encounters a major obstacle that was shaped in the form of a web assignment. How dangerous right? The web assignment that immediately came into my mind is the “Storytelling Within the Web” and revisiting this assignment provided some great creativity …

  5. devangel426

    Weekly Summary #11 and #12!


    Whew what a two weeks these have been. Despite the seemingly small workload, these video assignments were a lot more difficult and annoying than I thought. But at the same time, I had fun with some actually and it was a great learning experience as usual with each passing week …

  6. devangel426

    Conversation with Myself


    Original Assignment (5 Stars)

    Out of every single assignment I had to do for this class, this annoyed, pissed, and irritated me the most because of how much I had to do just for this assignment. I am so glad I got this over with because editing the clips I …

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    Capitals Pump Up Video!


    Original Assignment (4.5 Stars)

    For my last video assignment, I decided to do the “Sports Team Pump-Up Video”. The team I decided to use was the Washington Capitals (yes, I realized a few people have already chosen this team for their assignment, but I felt like hockey is the best …

  8. devangel426

    Family Guy Connected Clips!


    Original Assignment (4.5 Stars)

    The next video assignment I decided to work on is the “Connected Clips” one. This initially was tough for me because I had a hard time deciding what show to do that had a good amount of reoccurring themes. Then I realized the show “Family Guy” …

  9. devangel426

    Play it Backwards!


    Original Assignment (2 Stars)

    This assignment was relatively easy as well, although I did have a little trouble using iMovie and it was more complex to use than I had anticipated. I captured my video clip from my iPhone and emailed the clip to myself so I could play around …

  10. devangel426

    Vine it!


    Following suit of what I had stated for preparation for this assignment, I went ahead and started the Vine It! assignment that is worth 3 stars. It was a pretty fun and easy assignment, although Vine was a bit confusing to use at first because this is the first time …

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    Weekly Summary #10! Videos Galore


    Throughout this week, I had to learn a good amount about videos and reading movies. Thanks to Roger Ebert, I was able to obtain good knowledge on reading movies, such as left and right dominance. Other factors such as zoom also gave me insight on the significance of such actions …

  12. devangel426

    Planning for the Future


    In preparation for next week, I was tasked in finding two potential, interesting assignments I would do and plan on what steps I would take to complete these assignments, as well as look at examples of both of these assignments. Hopefully this will benefit me because I always have a …

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    My Four Daily Creates


    For my four daily creates I did this week, I wrote a post about the significance of my signature or anyone’s signature for that matter, and three picture themed daily creates, which were a washing line, food art, and trying to identify an object with the blinds shut.

    My Signature

  14. devangel426

    Genres of YouTube


    After browsing through the google document of the various genres of YouTube videos, I had a tough time of deciding which video to submit for a specific genre. However, I ended up choosing the parody genre, because I usually just go on YouTube to watch hilarious and comical videos. Therefore, …

  15. devangel426

    Further Look into Cloverfield


    The film Cloverfield was released in 2008, starring Michael Stahl-David, T.J. Miller, Odette Yustman, Lizzy Caplan, and Jessica Lucas. At the time, these actors and actresses were primarily television stars and I think this movie was the one that set them off as somewhat household names. The only award this …

  16. devangel426

    Look, Listen, and Analyze: Cloverfield


    For this assignment, I decided to analyze the army scene, where the US Military engages an unknown, huge creature that is terrorizing the city of New York. Although the movie was alright for me, this scene was awesome considering the camera work and the use of special effects. Here is …

  17. devangel426

    Summary of Radio Shows


    The radio show I was tasked to listen and evaluate was called “United Tales”. The theme of their show was “Your Tales”, with the group setting up several interviews with different people about topics relating to the season of Spring. In one particular interview, a student answered questions about Spring, …

  18. devangel426

    Weekly Summary #9!


    This week was pretty eventful, as I learned a lot from doing these web assignments. I learned how to use the X-Ray goggles, do the usual three daily creates, create an assignment, and create a tutorial. I found the X-Ray goggles pretty fun to use as I was doing the …

  19. devangel426

    Wintry Circles of the Past


    This assignment had me create a story based on the three daily creates I did throughout this week. The three I decided to end up doing were the winter drawing, the thirty circles challenge, and a free chance of one thing I would change in my past.

    What I would …

  20. devangel426

    Facebook and Twitter for… JFK!


    Original Assignment (3 Stars)

    For this assignment, I chose the historical figure of our 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Turns out, JFK seemed pretty hip to the social media scene back in the 1960’s.

    While creating the Fakebook page, I utilized wikipedia and other online pages …

  21. devangel426

    Summary of Week’s 7 and 8


    Whew what a intense two weeks these have been. Six daily creates, five audio assignments, which included the commercial and bumper for our radio show, and other things related to our radio show.

    Here are my six daily creates I had to do over this two week period. Personally, my …

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