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    My Best Flickr Set!


    Creating a set on flickr was a bit confusing because of how outdated the tutorial was but I was able to figure it out quickly. I chose the five best photos I had uploaded. I tried downloading a plugin to allow the set itself to be embedded on this post …

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    I must admit, I had a lot of fun doing this assignment. I got to be creative with some of the photos I took for this assignment, and I’m pretty satisfied with myself with the photos I obtained. All the photos I took were based in my room and some …

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    Beautiful Sounds of Life (Daily Create 9/27)


    Hey guys! While on my way to street hockey today, I thought to myself, hey, it’s beautiful out and there’s a lot of things going on that makes life the beautiful thing it is. I recorded some sounds from nature and other such commotions outside while on my walk towards …

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    Daily Creates for Week 4


    The daily creates this week were pretty fun I must say. I started off this week by taking a picture of a stranger, who introduced himself as Devin, and he happened to be a classmate in my Math 471 class. He gracefully accepted my request to take a picture him, …

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    Great Learning Experience


    Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad covered a lot of topics in such short amount of time. Ira Glass begins by describing the building blocks of audio, which are anecdotes and moment of reflection. Anecdotes are basically used to enlighten boring stories into something much more vibrant and interesting. Also, they …

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    Photo of Stranger (Daily Create 9/15)


    This is Devin, a classmate in my Math 471 (Real Analysis 1) class. He has been sitting next to me each class day this semester so far and I questioned myself on why I haven’t introduced myself to him yet. He told me that he loves playing ultimate frisbee, and …

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    Weekly Summary #3



    Kelsy’s blog: http://www.kelsyminnick.com/uncategorized/emojis-are-very-inspiring/#comment-30

    Ryan’s blog: http://www.thelaceman.net/uncategorized/pokemon-power/#comment-38

    Alicia’s blog: http://www.savinglifes-rugby.net/uncategorized/telling-stories-with-photos/#comment-19

    Hope’s blog: http://www.hoperacine.com/everything/the-shape-of-stories-lord-of-the-rings-storify/#comment-121

    Thomas’ blog: http://www.tmobaird.com/thoughts-and-ideas/what-is-storytelling/#comment-35

    This week was definitely interesting and at times a bit frustrating due to some of the assignments and with me trying to figure out how to accomplish some of them. However, this taught me …

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    21 Jump Street through Vonnegut’s views


    Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko are former classmates in high school who meet again at a police academy, as they both attempt to become police officers. Schmidt was a nerd in school while Jenko was a jock. They end up becoming friends at the academy as they help with each …

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    Sleep. (Daily Create 9/14)


    Me sleeping

    Sometimes, I really love

    Sleeping because it makes me feel all

    Zesty and alive when I wake up

    Scintillating I know

    Since it is one of my favorite things to do, which is


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    My Daily Routine


    This is my attempt on a lune poem, and it describes what I do routinely (not each day, but often) and that is make myself some breakfast. However it does not look as fancy as it is being presented I might add, as I am only capable of making cheesy …

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    Significance of Storytelling


    Storytelling can have a lot of different meanings according to multiple people. For me, I view storytelling as an action centralizing around one individual: the storyteller. That individual sets the tone of the entire story by introducing a bunch of significant elements that will piece the story together as the …

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    Weekly Summary #2


    Comments on other people’s blogs:

    Justin’s Blog: http://www.justinhempe.com/blog/uncategorized/say-it-like-the-peanut-butter/#comment-14

    Mike’s Blog: http://www.preservingtheelements.com/daily-create/karate-volleyball-anyone/#comment-10

    Ryan’s Blog: http://www.thelaceman.net/uncategorized/embarrassing-tech-confession/#comment-22

    Amanda’s Blog: http://www.amandamotley.com/uncategorized/gif/#comment-7

    Thomas’ Blog: http://www.tmobaird.com/uncategorized/liberating-students/#comment-11

    This week was more substantial than the previous week and I must say, it all hit at once when I saw the assignment to do list, but it was inevitable …

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    Reflection on Michael Wesch’s presentation


    After watching Michael Wesch’s lecture, I can say that I really enjoyed it, despite it’s length. I can relate to the part where he explained how students are not usually interested in lectures or just seem to not care, admittedly, because sometimes a professor can make a class not enjoyable …

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    DS106Zone Lodown 001 Podcast


    After listening to Scott Lockman’s podcast, I found that he is very informative and forward about his views of the DS106 course. My initial judgements are that he seems to be a very great person to interact with and that he wants to help the students in DS106 to succeed. …

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