1. devangel426

    Say It Like the Peanut Butter


    This gif I created is from one of my all time favorite movies, Training Day, and stars Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. Now, for those who have not seen this movie, it takes place in a city where streets are overrun by drug dealers, and those who have sworn to …

  2. devangel426

    My First Daily Create


    This is me at a friend’s house and I saw an interesting hat that day and I had to take a selfie with it. I’m not really a hat person in general, but I thought I could pull off the look with this particular hat haha.…

  3. devangel426

    Weekly Summary #1


    Comments on other classmate’s blogs:

    Kailey’s Blog: http://www.kaileyck.com/ds106/twitter-and-flickr-and-soundcloud-oh-my/#comment-5

    Thomas’ Blog: http://www.tmobaird.com/uncategorized/kickin-things-off-right/#comment-3

    Kelsy’s Blog: http://www.kelsyminnick.com/uncategorized/just-wanted-to-share/#comment-1

    Rachel’s Blog: http://www.missbehavior.org/uncategorized/hello-all/#comment-12

    Ashleigh’s Blog: http://www.ashleighswall.com/first-post-2/#comment-6

    I am looking forward to not only these people’s future posts, but everybody else’s who I did not get a chance to comment or read yet.

    1) My twitter: https://twitter.com/solidsnake487

  4. devangel426

    Hello there!


    My name is Kevin Le, I am a senior at the University of Mary Washington, and currently pursuing a degree in mathematics at this school. I like to play video games, watch sports, and also a foode.

    My twitter handle is solidsnake487 and I do have another twitter I use …

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