1. @DJWernitznig

    How to do Favorite Movie Quote


    This is the second tutorial I will be doing (and its the 2nd assignment I created for the Ds106 Assignment Bank)

    Lets start out by visiting my favorite image editor, FotoFlexer. This a free online image editor. Once at the website upload the photo background that you will put …

  2. @DJWernitznig

    I am Iron Man


    This is the example for the second assignment I created for Ds106. To find the assignment I created click here

    This was the movie that introduced me to the world of super heroes. I thought it was the coolest movie I had seen yet. to be fair I was only …

  3. @DJWernitznig

    Scenes of Lasting Memory


    Original Assignment

    This assignment is my favorite since I created my first GIF files. I enjoyed using Movie Maker, which I thought was surprising. It was too difficult to choose my three favorite movie scenes of all time. After ten or so minutes I decided on my three scenes.

    The …

  4. @DJWernitznig

    Look There’s a Ghost


    I decided on Ghosts

    In the movie Ghosts, a ghost does appear (surprise). I have not seen the movie except for the ending scene. I watched the scene three times looking for different things. I was examining the angles and audio.

    I immediately noticed how the camera shoots up …

  5. @DJWernitznig

    Questions and Concerns following Week 3


    My only concerns are about next week. My guess is we’ll be tackling the visual side of storytelling. I haven’t edited anything visual since my freshman seminar class. A Videogame Canon with Professor Zach Whalen. We used Audacity too and created videos using the program Fraps. My only question is …

  6. @DJWernitznig

    Reflecting on comments and the blogs


    I went back and read all the comments left on my blog. It was mostly praise, which of course I won’t complain about. I appreciated the advice in some of the comments too. These comments were my favorite. I enjoyed visiting the other student’s blogs most. I liked seeing the …

  7. @DJWernitznig

    Short Story Reflection Summary


    I chose to do three shorter stories

    The first is about a grant writer who believe’s that’s just “it”. She goes to a leadership seminar and goes through these exercises first and receives feedback to do better. She struggles at the panel and you can tell she is not happy. …

  8. @DJWernitznig

    Reflection summary on Abumrad and Glass


    Ira Glass explains the difference between a high school paper and telling a story on audio. In highs school we have a topic sentence, followed with facts backing up whatever our point is. Audio uses two building blocks: the anecdote, and the moment of reflection. The anecdote is where everything …

  9. @DJWernitznig

    The Sounds of my Morning


    Original assignment may be found here (2.5 Stars)

    The assignment tasks you with recording different noises you her throughout the day. The noises can be whatever you want. I decided to my Sunday morning routine. First I’ll explain how I did the assignment. Using my iPhone 6, I opened up …

  10. @DJWernitznig

    Celebrity Speed Dating


    Original assignment can be found here (3 Stars)

    The assignment tasks you with convincing a celebrity to hang out with you in 30 seconds. I used the voice recording program Audacity to create this. I hit record and talked through the microphone in my laptop. I hit stop once 30 …

  11. @DJWernitznig

    It’s Good! Or Not


    Original assignment

    Klay Thompson and Steph Curry are running the fast break. Curry catches the ball, checks his form, and eyes the hoop. Thompson puts his hands up prematurely in celebration. As he throws his hands up Curry passes him the ball. Thompson, who is not ready for the pass, …

  12. @DJWernitznig

    You Talkin’ To Me?


    Original assignment (1.5 Stars)

    Fortune cookie and movie line mashup.

    I created this design using just Microsoft Word and Snipping Tool. I chose six of my favorite lines that I thought could pass as fortunes. Once I underlined the lines I used the Snipping Tool and saved the photo as …

  13. @DJWernitznig

    Lost: Dr. Oblivion


    Original assignment (2 Stars)

    I’m not sure who Dr. Oblivion is. However, this assignment was simple. Create a poster for the lost doctor.

    I used the programs FotoFlexer, Microsoft Word, and SnippIt to create this poster.

    I obtained a photo of Dr. Oblivion and uploaded it to the website fotoflexer.com …

  14. @DJWernitznig

    History rewritten on Reddit


    Original assignment

    To see what I’ve doe you’ll need to click on the photo. I changed history! The assignment asks to create a website or modify one to your liking. The only change I made were were removing the actual score above the ‘Box Score’. I also removed the original …

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