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    Final Project Analysis



    In my original post, I vaguely described what exactly I was going to tell. UNC basketball has been a big part of my life for a while. I thought it would be a good final project to include my love for the Tar Heels explain why I think the …

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    Create Your Own Smartphone App


    The third assignment I made is called “Create Your Own Smartphone App.” Ignoring the typo in the description (whoops!) the assignment entail coming up with your dream smartphone app and illustrating what it would do.

    Funny enough, Bud Light already came out with a commercial of my dream app. Check …

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    Reenact A Viral Video


    I love a good viral video. I also love being one of the first to see it (maybe even before it goes viral) so that I can show my friends. So I created an assignment called “Reenact A Viral Video”. Pretty self explanatory, but a lot of fun.

    For my …

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    Share A Dream


    The second assignment I created came about from a crazy dream I had just the other day. It’s amazing to me how these dreams can sometimes seem so real. I love hearing other peoples crazy dreams, so here is mine:


    My dream started off with me in the bedroom …

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    One Archetype, Five Movies (Remix)


    My final assignment for this week’s remix was “One Archetype, Five Movies” that incorporates country. They call it “Countrify it” and I did just that. I felt that it was only fitting that I use westerns for this since we’re talking about country. So the Archetype is Cowboy, and the …

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    If Movie Posters Could Tell The Truth (Remix)


    My second remix assignment was taking the “If movie posters could tell the truth” and translating it into another language to change it’s meaning. It took me a while to decide on a movie that would be interesting enough to translate, but sure enough I found probably the best choice. …

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    The Contest That Nobody Can Win (Remix)


    For my first remix assignment, I had to take the assignment from “The contest that nobody could win” to incorporate some cheesy element. On deciding the material for the contest, I thought of all the cheesy songs I could use. As seems to be a trend in my assignments, I …

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    Animated Music Video


    The title basically explains the whole assignment for you. As a topic, I chose my favorite cartoon I watched growing up. My brother and I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and probably had every single toy that was every made for the series. For the music I chose “Aerodynamic” …

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    Screen Capture Story


    This assignment gave me the freedom to tell a story of something I do on my computer all the time. One thing I’ve always used my computer for is checking my account balances. Online banking is incredibly easy now, however sometimes I forget to check my account balance all the …

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    Watching Movies With the Stereo On


    This happens to me a lot. I’ll be listening to music on my computer with the TV muted in the background, and when I look up at the TV, the music I’m will reflect what’s going on in the program/commercial. For this assignment I reached into my bag of favorite …

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    One Archetype, Five Movies, Five Seconds


    As you can probably guess by the title, this assignment involved gathering five one-second scenes from movies that represented a common archetype. One of my favorite characters in movies are the awkward geeks that add to the comedy of the film. So for this assignment, I gathered scenes from movies …

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    Movie Trailer Mashup


    Movie Trailer Mashup is a video assignment that involves incorporating clips from a different movie into the trailer of another movie to change the meaning or tone of the original. After some long thought I decided to do a sports themed movie. I always enjoyed watching to football film The …

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    DS106 Final Project


    I’m a little late on deciding what to do for my final project in DS106, but I hadn’t come up with any good ideas until now. One of my biggest passions is UNC Basketball. Growing up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I wan never deprived of my favorite sports team. …

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    This Week’s Daily Creates (3/19-3/25)



    TDC (3-21-12) Make a photo that emphasizes something yellow.




    TDC (3-24-12) Some trees show enormous soul. Find a photograph of that tree.

    A tree with soul


    TDC (3-25-12) Create a self-portrait, without your face, that identifies you.

    Self Portrait

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    Return to the Silent Era


    This assignment was probably the best one I did this week. Last week I had decided on using the True Grit trailer and turning it into a silent, old-fashioned movie. But since that was already being done, I decided to use Cinderella Man, which as you might have guessed from …

  17. Devin Lert

    Redub the Audio


    Redub the Audio is a fun assignment where I get to do a voice-over of any movie scene of my choosing. I chose Jurassic Park, which was one of my favorite childhood movies growing up. I decided to keep the Jurassic Park theme music but did a voice over of …

  18. Devin Lert

    Video Essay – The Dark Knight


    For my Video Essay, I decided to change which movie I used for my analysis. Last time I used The Graduate, which is still one of my favorites. However seeing as I have many favorite movies, I decided to switch it up and use Batman: The Dark Knight. I apologize …

  19. Devin Lert

    Play by Play


    This week I recorded the audio for the Play by Play assignment of El Duque’s web gem. The hardest part about this assignment was probably having to act surprised by the play, even though I knew it was coming. After having to do their job for less than a minute, …

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    Play by Play


    Play by Play is an assignment in which we are supposed to narrate a play in sports as if we were the broadcast announcers. We have the freedom to pick any sports play, funny, famous, or just plain amazing. For this assignment I picked one that was all three. Orlando …

  21. Devin Lert

    Return to the Silent Era


    For this assignment I will be transforming the trailer for True Grit into its Silent Era form. For this I will obviously cancel out the noise, and then also add features such as grayscale and other effects to make it fit the period. I think True Grit fits perfectly with …

  22. Devin Lert

    Analyze a Movie: The Graduate


    For this week’s assignment we are supposed to analyze one of our favorite movie and discuss how it represents the qualities of a compelling movie. There were several movies that I had considered using for this assignment, such as The Godfather or Forest Gump, but I finally decided to go …

  23. Devin Lert

    Radio Group Update


    This week and last our group has been working towards creating a 30 minutes radio program called “Groovy Movie Review Crew.” The topic for our show, if you couldn’t guess from the title, is movie reviews along with mock interviews with actors from recently released movies.


    Thursday (2.23.12):

    Today …

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    The Contest Nobody Could Win


    “The Contest Nobody Can Win” is an assignment created by procsilas that involves taking short, one second segments of songs and mixing them together. Then it is up to the viewers to guess what the six songs are. Here is a selection that rap and hip-hop fans should like. So …

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