1. dluce

    Out of Sight, Out of Mind


    Ugh. Not again.

    The thought invaded my mind as I laid on my bed. Yet another fight had broken out between my parents and my adopted brother, Jake. And of course, by “my parents” I mean my dad. I doubt my mom is doing anything except observing the byplay with …

  2. dluce

    Tutorial 2 – Time Lapse


    The time lapse assignment in the video assignment bank is one I had some fun completing, and I notice that it has one tutorial already posted for it. That tutorial, however, does not cover trying to screen capture video from a computer to use in the time lapse, so that …

  3. dluce

    Tutorial 1 – How To Chipmunk Voices


    This tutorial goes over one possible way to do the Chipmunk Video Assignment, which I found incredibly entertaining when completing it myself. It’s not a very difficult assignment with the right tools.

    Before you begin, you need to have Camtasia 8 or later – I haven’t seen Camtasia 7′s interface …

  4. dluce

    The Crossroads – Daily Create #19


    The intersection was deserted as I stood there, wondering. How did I get here? One second I was eating breakfast at a diner, the next – standing. Here. In… apparently Arizona, unless that shop front was merely advertising the city. I’d seen plenty of that kind of thing before, but …

  5. dluce

    No Name Post – Weekly Summary #4


    Couldn’t really think of a good title for this blog post, so I kind of copped out. I’ll dive right into the assignments:

    TDCs – Well, I managed to just straight-up forget the daily creates six days out of seven this week – I went on a nocturnal sleep schedule, …

  6. dluce

    And My Grade Fell Down. Weekly Summary #3


    Or at least, it will soon. I spent an hour setting up software on Monday, was out of town Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, came back exhausted from travelling Friday, and then simply ran out of time on Saturday-Sunday. No excuse besides that. Got the daily create finished through mobile upload on Thursday after …

  7. dluce

    It Broke. Again. DS106 Audio Sound-Effects Story.


    We all know that moment when our computer crashes and we have to go fix it somehow. This file tells one such story. First, the computer crashes in the middle of typing. Then, the user unplugs the computer, followed by checking the inside of the case chassis – this involves …

  8. dluce

    Rushed – Daily Create #12.


    I honestly didn’t have much inspiration for this – I picked a generic quote, and drew it up in GIMP, trying to stick to the style I saw. It’s not nearly as neat as the other artist’s style, though I feel I made it similar enough, with disjointed multiple lines …

  9. dluce

    Alone. – Daily Create #10


    When I’m feeling lonely, I count myself lucky that I have a great number of positive memories to draw on to chase that feeling away. Many of these memories come from stories I read or watch, specific moments that I have an emotional attachment to, where the author or producer …

  10. dluce

    Destroyed my Coffemaker today – Daily Create #9


    The prompt said “vintage” and “old”, except that sort of thing is accomplished easily with the mentioned “cheesy sepia filter” or “black and white” imaging, so I decided to burn my image instead, using the literal burn tool in GIMP. I added a mostly-transparent yellow layer on top of the …

  11. dluce

    Through the Jungle of Technology – Design Safari


    I first went about looking for objects  with my mind on positive aspects – what works for a particular object? Or at least, what has worked for me personally? I came up with my first 2 objects this way – my main monitor (a Samsung SyncMaster T22B350) and my current …

  12. dluce

    YOUR TURN SIGNAL. USE IT. – Design Assignment #2


    This is perhaps one of my greatest pet peeves on the road – people who don’t use their turn signals. I’ve been driving for 5 years without any sort of accident happening to me or because of me, and I think at least 10% of that 100% success rate is …

  13. dluce

    Designing A New Kind of Design – TEDxPhoenix


    “An avenue to “better” is through a million, teeny tiny disruptions, whatever is sitting in front of you.”

    “…that the world is full of order that doesn’t necessarily deserve our respect.”

    Those two quotes represent what stood out most to me from this speech – the core of the idea …

  14. dluce

    Daily Create #8 – #7 Got Lost In Time


    Skipping number 7 because I honestly wasn’t able to get TDC909 working. It definitely wasn’t a 15-20min assignment, after trying to first download the Beatles video, convert it to a format that video editing software (in this case Movie Maker) would accept, trying to find images of me to stick …

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