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    Born: Englewood, NJ

    Currently Living: Largo, Maryland

    Parents: Craig McLeod, Yeshiareg Dejene

    Countries traveled to: Eygypt, Tunisia, Ethiopia, South Africa, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Italty, UAE

    Hobbies: Sports (basketball, soccer, baseball), listening to and producing music, writing music, paper airplanes.

    Favorite Movies: Men in Black, Star Wars, Avengers, Coach Carter, …

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    #WritingAssginments #WritingTutorials1620


    Dear Diary Tutorial

    Step 1) Choose your favorite Disney villain to use their perspective for a diary entry

    Step 2) Write a diary entry fro their perspective about their day. It could related to their story in the films or fictional.


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    #WritingAssignments #WritingTutorials


    Famous Last Words Tutorial

    Step 1) Come up with a witty, one line phrase that you would say before your untimely demise.


    Step 2) Using this phrase, create a background story that led up to your fictional death and the origin of the phrase used. Be as creative and …

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    TDC Idea #1

    My first idea for a daily create is to record an animal/pet interacting with nature. This could be a pet or an animal in the backyard, even at a zoo. The point is be creative in how you record the animal, how close you are, and what …

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    Assignment Idea #1

    My first assignment idea was about creating a poster that calls for the legalisation of any injust law or doctrine within our country that people disagree with. The common examples i used for the poster were marijuana legalisation or gay marriage legalisation but the assignment can be …

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    Week 10


    Week 10 has been tough. Have not had enough time to stay on track with much of ds106 with the Divest Sit-in taking up so much time. Here’s my week summmary.




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    Meet Delia

    To Group or Not To Group, That Is The Question


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    #tdc1176 #ds106


    This daily create inspired me to write about a friend that i’ve known since freshmen. I wanted to use a personal story that shows how far a conversation with a stranger could. That it could blossom into a friendship that could last a long time.

    Talk With a Stranger

    I’ve …

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    Week 9 Summary


    This week has quite a challenge for me learning how to deal with the assignments of DS106. Let me tell you about it.

    Radio show Reflection

    I had the pleasure of listening in on some great radio shows from my fellow students. “Dinner Party at 6″ was probably one of …

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    #dailycreate #tdc1169


    Here is my video to my future self in the year 2030. I reflect on how my future self would reminisce on my life my to this point in 2015. My future self would be more mature, more responsible, and look back on this difficult period in my life as …

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    Silk Road Reflection

    I was nervous listening to my radio show live for the first time. But i was confident that my group put a lot of effort into making this project. I was excited to read the comments to see what other students had to say about it. I …

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    Dinner party at 6

    Based off of CLUE

    Sound effects are effective and clear.

    Sound of rain, opening of doors, knocking, people talking, voice recording quality varies from voice to voice.

    Mr. Shark

    Authentic thunder and lighting

    Suspenseful music

    Gunshot soundeffects




    Scary and daunting introduction

    characters sound …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week has been chock full of activities. Where to start? I guess I should go in order.

    Radio Listen

    My first post i had to listen to other students’ radio shows and reflect on what I had heard. I was very impressed with how NOIRtalks took advantage of creating …

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    #dailycreate #ds106



    This is my daily create about how music changed my life. I made a poem about how music is a struggle between the artist and himself. How he needs to overcome his own battles and demons in order to become a real artist. A real artist is someone who …

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    #DesignAssignments #DesignAssignments1407


    Carter Smith

    Character Movie Poster

    This is the movie poster i created for my character. I used the TV show “Outlaw Star” as the image of background because that show’s main character has such similar traits to that of my character Carter Smith. Both are hard-nosed gunfighters, renegades willing to …

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    #WritingAssignments #Writing Assignments1620


    Dear Diary,

    I do not know where to begin. Maybe I should start where everything went wrong. I was following this Cipriani family close, maybe too close. I had a person on the inside, a young girl, 18 years old. Her name was Maggie. She worked as a maid for …

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    Noir/Pulp book cover

    I was really inspired by this piece of artwork because I loved the dark and light contrast and it fits the bill perfectly for a noir/pulp fiction book cover or even TV series. The ominous message is being conveyed through the dark silhouette of a man …

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    Barriers to Being

    I chose this piece as inspirational because of the message this picture sends. In actuality, the picture is asking a question, are you looking out through the bars or in? It’s a simple question but it has some deep philosophical meaning to it. The outside of …

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    We’re All In This Together: A Dash of Design for Team Noirpaca

    I chose this piece of artwork simply because i admired the aesthetic qualities of the image. The fox is drawn in such a unique way that I’ve  never seen before. The brush strokes and the design patterns …

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    Firefly Minimalist Movie Poster

    I was inspired by this piece of artwork mainly because what inspires me in art are posters or images with large, bold words. I admire how the artist used a minimalist approach for a movie poster, especially since most blockbuster movie posters have so much …

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    The experience of listening to other students’ radio shows is unique for everyone because you get the opportunity to explore other people’s art and listen to the ideas they express through their radio show. For NOIRtalks, listening to their radio show was an intriguing experience. They mainly used their …

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    Week 7: #ds106 #tdc1152

    Left Hand Right Hand Written by @DanielMcLeod94 on March 5, 2015 10:28 pm

    ‘You will dribble the ball all the way down the court and back using only your weak hand.” What? I couldn’t believe what the coach was saying to us. I had never really used my left hand …

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    Week 7: #radioshowweek2


    This week my group “Neonoir” pushed even further in our progress of creating this radio show. This week my group and I started crafting the script for the radio show, including dialogue and actor blocking (movements). With this script my group was able to create the environment and character personality …

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    Week 7: Weekly Summary


    This week has truly tuckered me out! But on the bright side a lot of work was accomplished this week with my group. Here is a summary of the work I accomplished this week with my group.

    The first post was a summation of the progress my group made creating …

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    Week 7: #radioshowpromo


    This is the promo I decided to use for our radio show. Since we are modernizing noir, I wanted to put a futuristic spin on the bumper. Making the voice deep and commanding with an echo, it will catch the listener’s attention immediately and they won’t forget the impression that …

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    Week 7: Commenting






    Rawlen’s Gotta Wake Up Just Like the Rest of Us






    Here are the links for all the posts from others students that i have commented on. I felt that everyone did a great job with their posts, each post had its …

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