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    Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling – my perspective


    This week I’m reviewing another chapter by Joe Lambert in his book Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community.  In this chapter, titled Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling, he gives us an in-depth look at how to actually create a digital story, and the components that we need to consider as …

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    Radika’s Dream


    Another story about how soccer (the beautiful game) empowered someone to strive for their dreams.  This time it’s a story from Nepal.  Radika’s Dream is a moving story about a girl in Nepal who wouldn’t let her dream of playing soccer be squashed, even when she was scolded and beaten …

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    Selfie with my pet


    For my daily create I chose the Selfie With Your Pet assignment from DS106.  Not being one to take a lot of selfies, I thought it would be good to have one with my biggest fan – my dog Lizzy.  If you ever want to know what it’s like to …

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    Daily Create – Mashup Day!


    Today’s daily create is Mashup Day!

    The idea is to mashup two famous people and/or events from October 12th.

    On Oct. 12th, 1859 Emperor Norton I, the self proclaimed Emperor of the United States, issued an edict abolishing the United States Congress.

    And on Oct. 12th, 1901 Teddy Roosevelt renamed …

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    The beautiful game – We are all Daniel Cui


    Daniel Cui was a freshman goalkeeper at a high school in Hillsborough, California.  He suffered through a very difficult season where his team lost every game.  And as the goalkeeper for the team, he was often blamed for the loses.  After the final loss of the season, someone posted a …

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    Response – Music remix and DIY Podcasting


    Sound is all around us, and it may be the format that is the most accessible to us as teachers, designers, and students.  With the technologies available to us today we have opportunities to create and use sound in our lives that we could barely imagine years ago.  The two …

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    Daily Create – The ocean at the end of my backyard…


    Legend had it that “someone” actually challenged the bull and broke his leg in a hole as he ran away.  Surely it must have been the end of that “someone”.

    But here we were, intrepid adventurers climbing through the fence to the wide open west that was our neighbor’s land.  …

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